Sample Statement of Purpose for U.S. Universities and Graduate Programs

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You can find sample statements of purpose (SOP) for U.S. universities for several graduate degree programs.

A statement of purpose is a most important element in your entire application package to graduate school.

When crafting your SOP for college admission, it’s always better to be original with your ideas and reflect your personality.

It’s difficult to write an SOP, but if you can refer to a few sample statements of purpose, you can use them as references to write a statement of purpose of your own. However, don’t copy the SOP of others.

Length of an SOP: Check the admission requirements.  If the length is not specified, then write one to two pages of SOP.

It should reflect the following:

  • What kind of person you are
  • Will you be able to work with them
  • How can you contribute to the goals of the school
  • Your research potential.

So, make sure you get get your SOP well-written, one that reflects your true self.

Write your sample SOP for graduate school admission as a medium to express

  • Your personality
  • Why you want to study Master’s degree
  • Research Experience and Research Interests
  • Community Service and Volunteer Services preformed
  • Leadership and Communications Skills
  • Events and inspirations in your personal life

Sample Statement of Purpose

  1. Sample SOP – Biochemistry and Pharmacy
  2. Sample SOP – Bioinformatics
  3. Sample SOP – Computer Science

Computer Science and Computer Engineering

  1. Sample SOP for Computer Science – 1
  2. Sample SOP for Computer Science – 2
  3. Sample SOP for Computer Science – 3
  4. Sample SOP for Computer Science – 4
  5. Sample SOP for Computer Engineering

Biological Sciences

Biochemistry and Pharmacy

Bioinformatics SOP

Bio-Engineering Samples

MS biotechnology SOP Sample

  1. Sample SOP for Biotechnology
  2. College Admission Personal Statement Biotechnology
  3. Biotechnology sample personal statement
  4. College Application Essay (SOP) Molecular Biology
  5. Sample Personal Statement Biotechnology and Genetics

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



You can get access to more sample SOPs for Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science from the post, Sample SOPs.

Examples of SOPs listed are collected from actual students who are currently in U.S. universities.

Tips on writing great SOPs from Professor


  1. Please send me a SOP for Masters in Political Science and Masters in International Affairs.

  2. Hy ,I did my Bsc Electrical Engineering,now want to persue my masters in ELectrical Power Systems/ Energy Systems .can any one share best Sop ,i’ll be thankfull to him/her

  3. Thank you for sharing such diversified samples! Not so easy to find good samples for such majors. I saw that these samples are from the students already enrolled into colleges.. This is great!

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