Sample Statement of Purpose for U.S. Universities and Graduate Programs

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You can find sample statements of purpose (SOP) for U.S. universities for several graduate degree programs.

A statement of purpose is a most important element in your entire application package to graduate school.

When crafting your SOP for college admission, it’s always better to be original with your ideas and reflect your personality.

It’s difficult to write an SOP, but if you can refer to a few sample statements of purpose, you can use them as references to write a statement of purpose of your own. However, don’t copy the SOP of others.

Length of an SOP: Check the admission requirements.  If the length is not specified, then write one to two pages of SOP.

It should reflect the following:

  • What kind of person you are
  • Will you be able to work with them
  • How can you contribute to the goals of the school
  • Your research potential.

So, make sure you get get your SOP well-written, one that reflects your true self.

Write your sample SOP for graduate school admission as a medium to express

  • Your personality
  • Why you want to study Master’s degree
  • Research Experience and Research Interests
  • Community Service and Volunteer Services preformed
  • Leadership and Communications Skills
  • Events and inspirations in your personal life

Sample Statement of Purpose

  1. Sample SOP – Biochemistry and Pharmacy
  2. Sample SOP – Bioinformatics
  3. Sample SOP – Computer Science

Computer Science and Computer Engineering

  1. Sample SOP for Computer Science – 1
  2. Sample SOP for Computer Science – 2
  3. Sample SOP for Computer Science – 3
  4. Sample SOP for Computer Science – 4
  5. Sample SOP for Computer Engineering

Biological Sciences

Biochemistry and Pharmacy

Bioinformatics SOP

Bio-Engineering Samples

MS biotechnology SOP Sample

  1. Sample SOP for Biotechnology
  2. College Admission Personal Statement Biotechnology
  3. Biotechnology sample personal statement
  4. College Application Essay (SOP) Molecular Biology
  5. Sample Personal Statement Biotechnology and Genetics

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



You can get access to more sample SOPs for Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science from the post, Sample SOPs.

Examples of SOPs listed are collected from actual students who are currently in U.S. universities.

Tips on writing great SOPs from Professor


  1. Charlotte Medina

    Thank you for sharing such diversified samples! Not so easy to find good samples for such majors. I saw that these samples are from the students already enrolled into colleges.. This is great!

  2. Raza

    Hy ,I did my Bsc Electrical Engineering,now want to persue my masters in ELectrical Power Systems/ Energy Systems .can any one share best Sop ,i’ll be thankfull to him/her

  3. Jen

    Please send me a SOP for Masters in Political Science and Masters in International Affairs.

  4. Richard

    pls i need SOP for masters in physics(mathematical n theoretical physics)

  5. mzkhan2000

    This is right site all information you need for higher education in USA. Suppose SOP, that was new term for me, and now later on it becomes so much clear to me. I am really grateful to this site.

    Can I have a standardized SOP for Computer Science PhD degree.

    1. HSB Counselor

      You can go through the sample SOPs shared above. There can not be a standardized SOP. You have to write the SOP for originality of thought process. Also no two persons can have same interests and experiences. SOP is an important document. Spend a good time over it.
      Fell free to seek any sort of suggestions on the same!

  6. m.sunil


  7. Ala' T. Obaidat


    I did Degree in B.SC in structural engineering from Al-mustansiriyah University in Baghdad .also i did degree in MSc from Jordan University of Science and Technology in Jordan .I am applying to do PHD in Structural engineering. I need SOP in this stream. If any one can help me appreciate.

    Thank you

    1. HSB Counselor

      You can check the collection of sample SoPs in the post above. You will get a fair idea to prepare your own SoP. Idealy you should talk about your academic experiences so far, reason behind choosing a particular University and program. As you plan to apply for PhD, talk about the faculty members who influenced you the most in the department you are applying to. Do discuss about any research projects conducted so far.

  8. amartya sanyal

    hello everyone,I did my B.Pharm from R.G.U.H.S Bangalore from vivekananda college of pharmacy.I need to get the official transcript for my U.S admissions.I am at present at kolkata doing my masters.I have to take the trancript from university or college.pls help me out

    1. HSB Counselor

      It is ideally your University providing you official transcripts. Official transcripts in India need to be signed by the registrar of the University.
      This makes them official and you usually get your transcripts in sealed envelopes.

  9. Kanika

    Sir,could u pls send me a sample SOP for global business operations(held at srcc). I urgently need it.

  10. Jonayed

    I will apply for PhD in environmental Science; i Need a SOP of that kind. Would you help me?


  11. Sample Statement of Purpose


    I did Degree in B.SC in computer science and post graduation in M.B.A. I am applying to do masters in computers science. I need SOP in this stream. If any one can help me appreciate.

    Thank you

  12. fatima

    i need sop for admission in masters of physiology ..please help me..

  13. Ramesh

    I’m applying for the Masters in social health and counselling in Australia and I need the best SOP. help me plz

  14. Aderinto Stephen Opeyemi

    Kudos to you guys. Please send me an SOP in drug discovery,organic chemistry and a corresponding research proposal. Thank you.

  15. Aderinto Stephen Opeyemi

    Kudos to you guys! Please send me an SOP in MSc organic chemistry:drug discovery and a corresponding research proposal. Thank you.

  16. Noran


    I need sample SOP for Exercise Science and Sports Studies..

    Appreciate it,

  17. Shah Nawaz

    Can some one help me in preparing SOP for Ph.D study related to Web applications.

  18. Haider

    i want to prepare my statement of purpose for PhD in civil engineering.
    i need help and guidance in this order
    thank you very much

  19. Joe ishola

    Pls, i need samples of sop for public health masters in uk universities

  20. Nagaraj Kumar

    I am a under graduate of Pharmacy looking for MBA in Health Care. So I am looking for SOP of MBA for Health Care Management.
    Please do me the favour.

    with Regards,
    M. Nagaraj Kumar

  21. moses asagbo

    please i need you to help write me a SOP for occupational health and safety for post graduate study. Thanks and i hope to read from you soon.

  22. arunima

    please send me statement of purpose sample for masters in public health

    1. Lorena

      I’m also interested in the sop for masters in public health. Did you receive it and can you please share?

  23. setareh

    hi…could you please send me a sample of SOP letter for food science and technology?thank u very much….

  24. Kareem

    Actually , I have been thinking too much about the SOP , and I’m really looking for help because I will study Radiation therapy and I don’t know how to start with it, Could u send me SOP please !!


    I am applying for M.A Intrnational Development, i need statement of purpose and it is urgent.
    could you pls. write me one. I hold BS Economics.
    thank you

  26. mike narula

    i’m looking for SoP for Master’s in International Business, if someone knows/have it – pls send me for the same, thank you.

  27. Sammy

    Jumbo, i read Bachelor of Management Studies from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and want samples of SOP in Supply Chain Management and Procurement for an immediate application. Asante!

  28. Ugwu chigozie

    Please, i am applying for Msc Computer Science at the University of Manitoba Canada.

    I read Computer Science /Statistics at University of Nigeria Nsukka(4yrs course) and i have worked for more than 2years in Banking Industry.
    Please can you help me with SOP and its urgent please.

    Thanks always .

  29. Ugwu chigozie

    Please, i am applying for Msc Computer Science at the University of Manitoba Canada.

    I read Computer Science /Statistics at University of Nigeria Nsukka(4yrs course)
    Please can you help me with SOP and its urgent please.

    Thanks always

    1. masom

      Please, I am applying for PHD Physics at the University of Manitoba Canada.

      I read Physics /Solid state at University of Tehran and i have worked for more than 9years in Education ministry of Iran
      Please can you help me with SOP and its urgent please.

      Thanks always .

  30. Victor Junior

    I urgently need an SOP to apply for Msc of International Development and management.
    If somone send it to me, I would really appreciate it much.

  31. akon

    I got verbal-140 & quant-154………. is there any problem having current backlog with 68% til 3-2 ???????????

  32. IRONSA

    I urgently need an SOP to apply for Msc of International Development and management or MSC in MASTER IN DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS AND INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION. If somone send it to me, I would really appreciate it

  33. ocean

    I am applying for PHD medical physics program , please send me some sample SOP for Medical physics

    Thank you

  34. Petro_SOP

    Kindly share some Statement of Purpose related to Petroleum Engineering and some letter of recommendation.

    Thanks a lot.

  35. madhura

    please can you give some sample sops for phd in food technology, probiotics, genetics,molecular biology. and please suggest me some good answer to question which is quite obvious that why i have preferred phd and not ms in usa.

  36. Paroma Datta

    Hi HSB,

    Will it be possible for you to share sample SOPs for PhD applicants as well. I am going to apply to the Electrical and Computer Science Departments in most colleges.

  37. abiola

    Am a graduate of physics/electronics, working with Ericsson, in project department .Am about applying for graduate certificate in project management, i will be very happy if i can get a comprehensive statement of purpose.
    a urgent reply concerning this request.
    thanks in anticipation

  38. rejoy thomas

    please send samples of SOP for MS-chemistry or MS integrated Ph.D-chemistry.

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