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Raghuram Sukumar Study in Germany

phd germany scholarshipI live in Germany so I have gathered some good information for the students who are planning to come here to study in masters or for PhD. Since I am a PhD student so I will focus more on PhD opportunities.

Basically finding a fully funded PhD position is quite a difficult task even in the case if you are an exceptionally good student but finding a supervisor who can supervise you is bit easier. You can search the universities’ website to find the Professor matching your research interest.

Next step is to contact him and to prove your conviction- why are you interested in doing PhD and what skills/knowledge you already have. If the professor is interested- he/she shall reply quickly, Germans are fairly good in that!

Next step is to find sources of funding. You can discuss this with your Professor if he/she can provide you some monthly stipend from the project in which you will be working.

If not, he/she will ask you to find some other scholarships/fellowships either from DAAD/German research councils or from your country.

Finding scholarship is a time taking procedure but be patient and don’t loose hope.

Its always better to come in a foreign country with a scholarship or fellowship as this will keep you relieve from financial burdens and keep you focused totally on your work.

If you have a scholarship/fellowship, visa is free and processing is fast- according to law, embassy has to give visa within 3 working days to the research scholars.

Work Culture in Germany

About the work culture here, people are very friendly, polite and very kind specially for the Indians because of our culture and moral values.

Most of the people can speak English as in schools they have to learn English as a compulsory language just like India.

Infact, if you have some basic German skills its an added advantage in case if you go to the market or in small shops where people have some difficulty in speaking English.

Overall, no doubt Germany is the best country to study in, specially in non-english speaking world. German universities have very high standards and fees is almost negligible.

Best Wishes to the aspirants. Rohit Dhakarey.

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