Shortest Student Visa Interview – Ph.D in EEE, Spring 2012, Chennai

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Hi All.

I am (Gangadharan) from Chennai and I had my VISA interview today 5.12.2011 morning 10.45.

Be sure to be there at least one hour before.

I was there by 9.50 and was standing in the queue.

At exactly 10.45 I was allowed after initial security checks and was given my token number and got a seat.

Then I went to my VO who was there standing.

I thought the VISA interview will be in seated sessions but everybody is standing towards the counter and answering the questions.Though a surprise for me!!!

Here comes my play in VISA interview

VO : Good Morning, How are you
Me: Good Morning Madam, I am fine. How are u ?

VO: Yeah I am fine…(She types something in the PC and asked me to wait for sometime (30 secs))..So why are you going to US
ME: I am going to do my PhD in electrical engineering in University of New Mexico

VO : Can I have your documents, please ?
Me : Yes (I gave the docs)

VO : Who is going to fund you studies ?
Me : I am funded by the scholarship from the dept of ECE in University of New Mexico

VO: Your VISA is approved and you will get it within 5 days. We welcome you to United States.
Me: Thank you maam..Thank you ..Bye

It was less than 2 mins and was over.

Guys & Girls just maintain eye contact and that’s it. Speak confidently.You are there :)

All the Best for your VISA :)


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