Following 5 Statement of Purpose samples were used by students who applied for Graduate school admission in US universities. You can find original version of Statement of purpose sent by them for review. Also, at end of this article, find out  how to your SOP reviewed for free SOP.

I have hand picked 5 sample statement of purpose to show well written SOP to copied SOP. Its easy to identify which SOP is copied, self-written SOP one of best SOP. I have attached a Poll below this article, you can download the SOP, read them and vote for the best sample SOP.

Bellow you can download free Statement of Purpose Samples for 5 different degree programs

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Community Development
  3. Computer Science
  4. SOP for Pharmacy/Chemistry
  5. SOP for Production Engineering

In addition, you can click here for 15 more Sample SOPs for Computer Science, Biotechnology, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical engineering.

Download Statement of Purpose

  1. Sample SOP Biotechnology
  2. Sample SOP Community and Development
  3. Sample SOP Computer Science
  4. Sample SOP Pharmacy_Chemistry
  5. Sample SOP Production Engineering

Vote for Best SOP

Pick the best SOP considering following conditions

  1. SOP Clarity
  2. Unique and original
  3. Conveys the message with impact


  • padma latha

    i am latha studying B.Tech 4th year in the branch of E.C.E. i want to apply for M.Eng in “wireless networks, positioning and RFID” in singapore. Could any one Please mail me the sample SOP.
    thank you very much in advance.

  • VSR

    Hi..I completed Bachelors in Dentistry in India and would like to do MS in information systems…how can I write my sop as I have complete different background..

  • Ashwini

    Hi, I have done my btech in ECE, and wants to apply for MIS in USA, So, Iwant SOP for MIS program, Managment infomation systems. Can you pls mail me sample formates.

  • Praveen Kumar

    I would like to do my M.S in Industrial Engineering at USA. I need to write the SOP. Can anyone help me to write that?????

  • Surajit Ghosh

    Can any one tell if whether I can have two persons to sponsor me?For example My dad and uncle together has enough money to show during VISA,but none of them has that much cash of their own.So can I tell the VISA people both my uncle and dad are sponsoring me?Please reply as soon as possible.

  • sai pavani

    I request you to provide a sample S.O.P for studying MS in healthcare management and MBA in pharmacuiticalscience

  • shrunal tembhurne

    hello…. sir,i am applying for filmmaking program in usa,could help me with my sop..?

  • shima jalili


  • sakshi

    i m applying for M.S. biotechnology. could you pls mail me
    a S.O.P. for it??

  • Zaheer Masood

    I appeared in GRE Exam in mid of May,2010. My scores in Verbal were 480, 710 in Quantative. In quantative section the Big GRE book published by ets containing 27 original test papers administrated in 1991, was quite helpfull.

  • Rashed Alam Bhuiyan

    I request you to provide a sample SOP for studying MA in political Science in a canadian university.

  • mahmood

    please i just need soeme help for the gradutae studies as SOP for the Linguistics Department .i do not how to write it .

    thank you so much

  • Abhijeet Kale

    Can anyone help me with SOP for Ph.D application to Geography, Thank you in Advance

  • kiran kumar goud

    hai im kiran i need sample reference letter. iam working in agrotech company in QA dept since last 2 years, i want sample reference letter as our company needs letter format. so plz help me out. i have done MSc in microbiology i want to pursue my masters in molecular biology at OSLO UNIVERSITY

  • Sarthak


    I really appriciate the efforts. But I request Mr HSB to inform the students about the word limitation of SOPs. Most of universities have word limit of 500 words. So Mr HSB you have done good job, but please mention about it too.

  • pegah




    Hi, this is murali doing final year b.e in e.c.e i am yet to start my final year project, i have some quaries regarding which field to select, i have wrote my gre and got 980 marks, could u guide my which field is good and which has many job opportunits when i complete my master after 2 yrs. since my final year project should be related to my master degree i have ask u. i am waiting for ur reply. thank u in advance for your guidence.

  • SS

    The SOPs above are all okayish. But as someone who has been on both sides of the application process, I have to add a comment. The above SOPs are very "typical" of students from India. The tone in which these letters are written is actually funny to most American faculty. Notice the element of melodrama in the SOP for CS: expressions like "thirsting for technology", talking about perseverance and the greatness of knowledge, etc etc. The language is similar to that of a person describing a religious practice. This is understandable for students from our culture, since we tend to see acquiring knowledge as a form of worship. For instance, most Indian kids will not step on a book.

    But you have to understand that this is not how Americans see it. Americans see an education in very practical terms. This is not at all to say that Americans see it only in terms of money, NO! Ambition is also a practical goal. There are many kids who want to do research because they want to satisfy their curiosity and ambition. Those are also practical goals.

    In short, I would suggest SOPs should express career goals succintly and clearly. Do not indulge in rhetoric. It makes Americans think you have nothing to say or are lying to hide something. You need to understand that there is a gap in the perception of learning in India and America.

    It is a bit ironic for me to make this comment, since my own SOP was more or less like the ones above and full of rhetoric too. That is, of course, because I also come out of the exact same background as most aspirants on this website. But, having understood a bit more of how things work in American universities I hope I can offer some useful advice to others.

    • Ram

      I fully agree and very well summed up. Yes we tend to write in a melodramatic way rather than in simple business language.

    • shruti

      hi SS,

      thanks for sharing. I am a prospective student of journalism and re-aaplying to Medill school of Journalism this year (I was waitlisted last year).

      Will it be possible for you to take a look at my SOP. If you are busy and wont be able to do it, it will still be fine .

      Thanks anyways…


    • Nitin

      So True!

      I just checked out the CS SOP, its probably a guide to how not to write an SOP! Wish I could catch hold of my own SOP (which was much worse than the one posted here) so that I could show it to prospective applicants and tell them how not to write an SOP!

  • nandakishore


    sop is good

    but can it be more than one page??? please clear my doubt

  • Jake

    Hey HSB,

    I have a question… What would happen if i register for the GRE general test and didnot show up on the test date (there was an emergency it was too late to cancel and i did not go)…

    So what will be mentioned in my future score report when i take GRE again later.

    Or will it be mentioned at all.

    PS: Nice informative blog you got here. Good work.

    • karhtick

      @ Jake

      No it is not an issue. It would not show up anywhere only you would not get any refund. Scores are reported after taking test and after accepting the test but before you can see scores. all the best

      • Jake

        So unlike taking the test and then cancelling, this (not having taken the test at all) will not even show up on the report, right….?
        Thanks man

  • bc nigam


    thanks for the lot of good advices,

    Can somebody tell me the weigtage and importance of English essay and arument analysis in GRE score?

    Thanks and best wishes for all.


  • Umank

    nice examples HSB :)
    Keep up the good work… btw i liked the CS SOP the best.. it was too long though

  • Gourish

    I feel there is a bit of imbalance between "what i know" and "what i can make of what i know" in both the SOPs of Biotech n Comp science (My opinion :) ) .

    How should a strong SOP be? There is no definite answer i guess apart from balancing everything on 2 pages of word document.

    SOP for Production Engg seems more balanced and quite candid and diaphanous.

    SOP for pharma seems to be nearing SOP – Prod Engg.

    All in all a good post HSB. I ll make good use of it. Thanks. :)

  • Mrigank vinay sharma


    Thanks a lot for the SOPs. I was personally interested in the SOP for Biotechnology. I would be really grateful to you if you could provide me more info on the course that the person who wrote the SOP undertook. I am extremely interested in doing a course which includes Biotech, MIS and Supply chain. It would really help me make a wise decision! Thanks a lot. Just the name of the course and the Uni wud b great thanks!

  • Hari Krishna

    Hey HSB thanks for the examples.

    But I have a silly doubt…

    For what is the statement of purpose a.k.a SOP?

    • Hari Krishna

      Could anyone clear my doubt please!!!!!!!!!