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Girl Talk : Education in USA, Life and Personality Changes (Video)

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How do you think the interview will be when two girls talk about education, life, parents and career? It’s sort of fireworks.

I have published two previous interviews with Spoorthy Baddam (Student at University of Texas at Tyler).

Both the interview was focused more about education. This interview is lot different and unique in several ways.

She talks topics that are specific to girls : parents, marriage, life, cooking and you probably don’t see such videos or topics in other medias or blogs.

Watch Full Program Below


If you are looking to learn and transform yourself just like Spoorthy,  Check out programs, degrees and courses at University of Texas at Tyler

She attributes her transformation from being a pampered kid to independent woman to lessons and experience from University of Texas at Tyler.

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Raghuram SukumarGirl Talk : Education in USA, Life and Personality Changes (Video)