Graduate school admission in Spring semester, you must have read my previous post on different types of questions and ideas among graduate students.

If you haven’t read Spring semester admission in Graduate School, I strongly suggest to read that before continuing reading this. Previous post will give an overview of what this article is about.

I had so many emails from students applying for Spring semester to post this article ASAP. I still haven’t completed the college short-listing part. Also, I’m planning to run small quiz in future posts, that will create awareness about Graduate School admission process.

Fall vs Spring Semester

You can find answers to the following questions in this article

  • Is it ok to apply for College Admission in Spring
  • What about admission chances?
  • What are the chances of getting Visa?
  • When can I apply for Internships?
  • Will I be eligible for Summer Internships?
  • Will Spring students considered for Scholarships and Aid?

Is it ok to apply for College Admission in Spring ?

Yes, it’s absolutely ok to apply for graduate schools in Spring semester.

What are pros and cons in applying for graduate school in Spring

  • Pros : None
  • Cons : None

What about universities acceptance rates?

Universities usually have a limit to maximum number of students they can admit. And that limit is usually based on the resources universities have. Resources in universities mean – number of professors ( to maintain student to professor ratio), physical class room size to accommodate students, lab facilities ( some biotech labs in small schools can accommodate only few number of students). Also, how much profit colleges are willing to make. If they need more profits, some schools can give accept more students. Much more factors comes into play. But, all those above factors doesn’t affect much or play major role in deciding to apply for Spring vs Fall semester for college.

Chances of getting Student Visa?

That’s completely not in our hands. We don’t know how much visa quota they  for each countries or any other information. I would say you stand the same chance to get visa for Fall, Spring or Summer. If you are confident and have capacity, you will get visa.

When can I apply for Internships?

Rules and eligibility for International students to apply for Internships vary between schools. but, majority of schools will allow students to go for internships only after completing 2 semesters of study or some schools after completion of 18 credits. So, if you go in Spring, you will be eligible to go for internship from Spring next year. So, that doesn’t make difference between Fall and Spring admission. Something to note here, you can go for internship even during Fall or Spring semester, not just Summer.

Will Spring students considered for Scholarships and Aid?

I have talked about getting admission with scholarship in several of my posts.

So, the idea behind is simple. If you have High GRE you will get admission and chances are more get admission with scholarship if you contact the professors during the admission process.

So, this rules out the myth, students will never get scholarship for college admission during spring semester.

Now you must be clear and with all doubts explained, those applying for graduate schools during Spring, you have same chance and resources that every student will have who apply for college in Fall semester.

Now, let me answer other ‘interesting’ ideas students had about college admission in Spring semester

Myth 1: Courses are tough in Spring

Nope, that’s wrong.

Myth 2: Less Internship and job opportunities

Nope, that’s not right, every student stand the same chance to get jobs and internships as Fall semester students.

Myth 3: Less chances to get aid and part-time jobs

Again that’s not right. Students do graduate and move on and its cycle. None stays in school studying for many years.

Myth 4: Visa’s are first come first served basis

If you have right qualification, you will get visa.

Myth 5: Less intake in spring, so not many courses will be offered

If not many courses will offered, what about students who are still in school from Fall semester. Number of students enroll in Fall is more than spring, so obviously they have to take classes. Number of students in Spring has got nothing to do with courses in spring semester in graduate school.

Myth 6: Getting internships will be easier

Generally more internships will be available in Summer, but considering Technology background, internships will be available round the year.

Myth 7:  It will be difficult to find place to stay

Finding a place to stay shouldn’t be any problem. There will be always a place to stay. Students gradate in Spring and finding an apartment to stay is no big issue. Usually college students find place to stay in 1-2 weeks of arrival in U.S.

  • siddartha


    i completed my ielts exam.. and i was get 6.0 band scored… and i got 280 gre score with 56% in my graduation… can i get admission in usa average universities for this fall intake 2013 … and am i elegible for to get the visa with profile..
    pls suggest me sir….

  • Prachi

    Sir, i had appeared for GRE in march 2012 and got a score of 304(quant-155, verbal-149, AWM- 4.0) and planning to give toefl in August, and I’m planning to apply for Spring 2012… is it a good option? or should I wait till fall 2013?

  • Prasanna

    Very optimistic .. but not the reality

  • Prasanna

    It is a very optimistic post …. But not the case in reality ..

  • Pappu

    hai sir
    i had a question for u , Actually im preparing for GRE and TOFEL(2012)
    i may complete them by april(2012) first week , I had a brother in US he asked me to send my score cards for applying for admission .can i get admission for this fall semester (2012)?????

  • kistubalu

    hi, i have lost two times in hyderabad consulate can i apply for mumbai/delhi for 3rd chance any one pls guide me and also experience of any in this regard

  • Preeti


    Thanks a lot for the valuable information.
    Some of the people I spoke to said that it is not possible to get assistantship if we apply for spring. Is that true?


    I wish to know that when should i take my GRE exams if I am planning to apply for Phd in the fall semester of 2012 or spring semester of 2013.Please suggest.I am a 1st year Msc student and my degree will finish by august 2012.

    Thank you

  • Ashok

    We students really look up to and have great respect to the happy school blog team
    I have a question…I had originally planned to apply for fall 12 but I have not done any should I wait till I complete some good project and apply in spring 2013 for good universities or apply early and join for fall 2012… I will take my gre on oct 12 ..please awaiting your guidance..i have now completed sixth semester,and in a vtu college

  • pavan kulkarni


    My GRE score is 1060 (Q: 570 ; V : 490) and TOEFL 85 (writing : 26; reading/listening : 26; speaking : 18), 10th : 73.33%, 12th : 83.33% ; BE (Comp Sci) : 60.20% .

    Im planning to apply for Spring 2012…

    I would want to know if I’ll get an admit into UTD or UTA.

    Which other universities would you suggest ?

  • manasa

    can anyone please tell me when is the right time to apply for spring semister(2011)…

  • biren

    dear sir,

    i read your earlier post that really made me satisfied to apply for spring,I am applying for spring semester for 2012.will u please suggest me some us university that mostly intake international students for spring semester.

  • Arindam das

    Can anyone please update me on the names of those universities that accept spring admissions to MS programmes in Computer Sc.???

  • gursimranjit

    i have decided to take Gre in december.I want to apply for fall 2011.Will i be late to get admission to top universities?

  • rahul

    i wanr to join ms programe in fall 2011,so when shall i give gre exam and toefl exam? will it be late if i take it in january 2011?

  • jankipandya

    Hello sir,

    I have completed my B.Pharm in April-2010 and want to apply for spring-2011 for MS in Pharmaceutical sciences.Can you giva me a complete list of application deadlines of US universities especially LONG ISLAND UNI.,STEVENS,NJIT,FIT.Pls do reply fast.


    Janki Pandya.

  • mohammed abdul siddi

    sir,as iam applyn fr spring2011,i wann knw dat wat is da deadline for most of the u s univs,n wat is da xct time 2 write gre,as im in preparation now ,i planned 2 write it nxt mnth by kpng in my mnd da deadlines of da universities,as i hv 2 write toefl as well im in confusion wen 2 take it.plz help me.

  • sushma

    Hi Do you have more info on spring 2011 ? About the financial aid and all that stuff? Please let me know if they reduce the financial aid in spring

  • rs

    Hi sir..

    i have applied for fall-2010 for 4 univ. Got rejects from three of them n one is left over.

    applied for univ. of kansas

    univ. of sciences,philadelphia

    univ. of toledo

    campbell university

    Got rejects from the frist three.

    My profile …GRE 1150 (v-440 . Q-710)

    TOEFL (82) I wote toefl three times got vexed n giv it an another chance

    SO am planninng to apply for two more univ. for FALL this year and also aply for SPRING 2011

    So is it a wise decision…??

    reply me soon

    • Parth Desai

      Hey man i dont know who u are but i really wanna ask some question because i am also applying for Spring 2011 and i have some query and man you are doing well i have lost my fall chance and now applying for Spring. Hey man can u plzz Help. that when i should apply or send my whole file to university.

  • Ani

    Hello sir,

    I had applied for MS Fall-10. However the university has granted me admit for Spring-11. I have other admits for Fall-10. Irrespective of the univ, I shall be completing my MS in April-2012 as the univ offering admission in Spring has a 3-sem course whereas those offering admit in Fall-10 have a 4-sem duration.

    I wanted to know whether Spring admits are considered of inferior quality by the placement/recruting companies ? If yes should I opt for the Fall-10 admits? (Obvious as it seems, the Spring admit is from a high ranked univ. as compared to others !)

  • vj

    hi sir,
    I have done B.Tech- Biomedical Instrumentation and Engineering from India. I have given my GRE but unfortunately my score is 930/1600-verbal-300; Quants-630; AWA-3. My TOEFL score is 82/120-W-25; R-17; L-20; S-20.
    I would like to know
    -if there is some opportunities for Biomedical engineers in US or Singapore.
    -Should I retake my GRE and TOEFL???
    -Should i try for spring,summer or fall intake, which is advisable.
    Thank you!!!

  • deepthi

    Dear Sir,

    I appreciate the effort you are putting for providing valuable information.Each and every post is very useful.

    As per my advisor,while doing internships in the fall semester i have to be enrolled in one face to face class to maintain F1 status.This restricts me not to apply for internships outside of houston.I have few questions regarding this:

    1)Is this university specific rule or immigration rule?is this same for every university?

    2)Is there any alternative to convince my advisor like if i get approval from department chair?

    Waiting for your Reply!!



    • HSB

      ooks like its University specific rule. Check wit your International office to see what they have to say. University will require to enroll for 1 Internship Credit course (usually), not face to face class. IO will issue I-20 with CPT so you can work in different location.

  • Eleis Jarra


    Am thinking about applying to a good engineering university in the spring of 2011. Could you kindly get me some of those engineering schools that i can apply to.



  • Adway


    I took the GRE on the 28th of Jan'10. I got a score of 1360 (verbal 610,math 750). I have an inclination to pursue environmental engineering. I plan to apply for the Jan'11 intake. Please suggest a few good universities and the prospects in env eng. Thank you.

  • sailesh

    Very useful page, Gave answers to lot of my questions. I was dejected after getting low GRE score (Q690,V380) and was wondering how would i apply for fall. But i think i will retake the exam once more and try for spring later.

  • Divya

    hello sir

    I am in my final yr graduation and will complete it by april 2010. I am planning to give my GMAT in the end of february 2010. can u please tell me when should i apply for MBA. either fall 2010 or spring 2011. I think all the deadlines must have been over for fall 2010 and am left to apply for spring 2011. Can u please guide me as i am very confused.


  • tanu


    i am in final yr biotech and plan to apply for us college in spring 2011 . what is the right time to give gre for that and will the no of colleges that will offer courses be less than that in fall 2010..

  • shan

    Can I get a centralised Data of Deadlines for Application to US Universities. I am unable to find one.

  • Arun

    Thanks for the enlightening article. I just want to know this. For people who apply for spring intake & have graduated from their UG institutions just 6 months back, is it necessary to show some job experience during visa interview? Will the visa officer ask what I have been doing the past 6 months? I understand this is not asked for people who join grad school in fall immediately after graduating…

  • ravi shanker


    i want to apply for college admission in spring2010 .so when it will be right time for me to take gre exam

  • soumya kanta mohanty

    Dear Sir Actually I planned for fall 2010.As its already october i think I am too late.So I am planning for spring 2011.Plz tell me what will be the suitable time to write GRE for spring 2011?And I will also get more than 3 years of experience for spring 2011.Will the experience of around 4 years help me to get a good college??

    • ajay

      dear sir

      I am doing my final year BE ( i have planned to take my GRE oct 2009 , but was not able to .and i cannot be taking till dec 1st week because of my semesters .

      when do i take GRE for spring 2011 intake .??

      is it advisable spring 2011 .??

  • Mayank saini

    Hi Sir

    First of all hatsoff to you .. Your post are so prespicious , and informative.Thanks for clarifying most of my doubts , but still left one :)

    What is the lastest possible time that wud be appropriate to take GRE for the fall 2010??

    As i am into my prepration , and beleive it would take 2 more months .Can i take GRE in mid /late of oct or dec start ,and even though sucessfully meet deadline? I want to fix a date soon please help me

  • Himant


    Thanks for enlightening post.

    But, I have still one doubt about summer internship.

    There must be difference , in case of Fall admits and Spring admits, in duration in which students are allowed to do internship. Won't that duration effect spring admits?

    • HSB

      You can work as an intern after completing 2 semesters ( Spring and Fall – if you join in Spring) or Fall and Spring ( if you join in Fall).

      • sushma

        hi Can you please give me more information about this? Is it risky to go for spring ?

        • Prasanna

          it is risky .. if u r very smart atleast u ll get a mediocre offer

  • rashmi

    sir im planning 2 take ma gre in sep.. will it be 2 late to apply 4 fall 2010?

    • HSB

      Nope, it will not be late. How much score are you getting in practice tests?

  • nuts

    Hi, I wanted to know the general closure of dates by universities for Spring admissions, for PhD courses. Thank you.

  • erum

    i'm so grateful to you for posting this article..i have so many things to do this semester that its hard for me to apply before the deadlines are up…so was planning to join in spring..

  • piyush

    what is the minimum aggr of my engg course that wud be sufficient for me 2 get admission in a good university???

  • k. rajendar



  • sravan

    thank u