Usually students who are not sure if they can apply for Fall, ask this question similar to below by Aditya.

Aditya – Do u think it is a good idea to apply in Spring ? I have read ur articles on “Difference in Fall Or Spring” and “Graduate Admission Fall or Spring” . But some of my seniors told me that students who come in Spring are not considered for internships as it is necessary to complete 9 months in USA to get summer internships . And hence, Fall students have an edge over Spring students. Is this true ?

Article Aditya is referring to are

Summer Internship in CPT

Generally universities allow students to apply for internship after completing 2 semesters, or in some case 18 credits. But, there will be difference between schools, but mostly 18 credits. So, lets consider 2 cases when students is starting the semester

  1. Attending School from Fall Semester (Aug/Sep)
  2. Attending School from Spring Semester (Jan)

Attending School – Fall Semester

So, you start the school in Fall 2011  and register for 9 credits

  • Fall 2011 – 9 Credits (or 3 courses)
  • Spring 2012 – 9 Credit (or 3 courses)

After yo have completed 2 semesters, as per F1 Visa rules, for CPT, you are eligible to do internship starting Summer 2012.

You be go for internship from May 2012 to Aug 2012.

Thats called Sumemer Internship. So, what your Senior said is right, but there is more to it.

Attending School – Spring Semester

If you start your attending university from Jan 2012

  • Spring 2012 – 9 Credits (or 3 courses)
  • Fall 2012 – 9 Credit (or 3 courses)

You will become eligible to apply for internship from Spring 2013, after completing 18 credits.

Which is better – Spring or Fall Semester?

Having said the difference between 2 semesters, know comes the part, you might not be aware of and that could be the reason you are hesitant to apply for Spring.  Considering the above situation, you might ask

I would be able to apply for internship only after 1.5 years in Summer 2011 ( Spring 2010, Summer 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011)?

Well, that’s not true. You have used the word Summer Internship, which is offered by companies only during summer term, I can understand the concern. But, the fact is you can apply for internship even for Spring and Fall semesters.

Internships is not something you can apply only during summer. Companies will hire interns throughout the year.  You can work as an intern using CPT for 364 days. but, universities have restrictions on how many days you can work as intern.

But, other than that, if school is admitting students for Spring semester, go ahead and apply for Spring semester.


  • vishal

    I am planning to pursue MS in petroleum engineering from US. Applying for Spring 2014. I am a recent graduate petroleum engineer with BE degree from Pune university. My degree score is 64.47% and overall aggregate is 60.05% that comes under “first class” category just next to Distinction. I graduated in 2012 and for some reason could not apply for fall 2013. Is my decision right for spring regarding placements, scholarships, internships campus activities and good universities? or only fall is good for this course? I am currently appearing for GRE.

  • antarpreet

    Please help out people
    is it true that the number of universities decrease in spring session than the number of univ in fall session
    the good univ only have intake during the fall session only

    please help me please ..the clock is ticking for me here

  • Priya

    Hi, Could you please provide information on pathway programs? Are they beneficial for international students? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  • Vikash

    Can anybody suggest me a good university in USA where admission would still be possible for fall 2012 or january 2013?

  • Rajat Gupta

    Hello ,
    I am Rajat Gupta currently working with HCL Technologies Noida from the last 1 year 6 months and a graduate from JAYPEE UNIVERSITY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SHIMLA in IT(with 8.3 CGPA).I want to ask regarding the intake – fall 2012 or may be spring 2013 admissions for the Masters from US in Networking Security or Embedded System.
    As indulging with the hectic schedule of my job i can not make GRE Exam till now.
    So please suggest me if i go for GRE in March2012 can it help for me to get into the course for the above specified intakes.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks for the kind concern.

    • Olive

      Hi Rajat,
      Hw r u? May I know whether you have given GRE this yr or not? If yes then kindly share your experience of changed GRE pattern. Also kindly share your e-mail id so that I can get in touch base with you regarding HCL also.

  • Santosh Rijal

    I have completed B.E. in Mechanical and have plan to study Master in Engineering. Recently i am doing the GRE course and I am planning to give GRE exam on Jan. last week or Feb. first week. I would like to get admission on fall 2012. Is it possible for me to get scholarship on such situation?
    Please, help me !

    Thank You !

  • Sreenadh

    Sir, my name is sreenadh.i’m studying final year.i’ve registered your website since 2 months.i have not yet registered for the gre exam.i wish to write the exam in february 2011.i would like to have an admission during fall it possible for me to get into my dream i late for fall.should i need to go with spring 2012.please help me sir.

  • teesha sharma

    Hi ,
    im teesha from india .. i have completed my engineering course till my 3rd year and dropped out of college for some personal reasons .. now im willing to complete my 4th year abroad .. can you please help me how to head futher ..
    thank you

  • gowthami

    hi sir ,
    i have taken my gre once scored 960 and planning to take once again frm ECE background with acedemics 71%. ,planning for spring 2013
    when should i apply for the universities in order to fly for spring.Im intrested in telecommunication engineering ,need to know how are the job oppurtunities for telecom engineeering

  • Mohammed Feroz Ali

    This is Mohammed Feroz Ali,I have already applied to 2 universities of USA those are California State University,northridge and the other one is University Of Gannon ,I hold a Gre score of about 870(quants=560,verbal=310) with IELTS score as 6.0 bands ,I hold an Academic record in my Graduation in Engineering from ELECTRICAL ENGINEEERING as 71% with one histroy of backlog through out my academics, So I have one request with you is that Am I eligible to get scholarship in this Spring 2012 intake and what is the procedure to get the scholarship in the above mentioned universities .Kindly let me know the details to the query .Thank you.

  • naveen

    i am naveen.i have registered to your website i.e since 10 days.i wish to write my GRE exam in the first week of feb 2012.will i be able to apply for fall session 2012?i haven’t filled any application form ,no registration and no fix date is dere till i late for fall session 2012.please reply me and what steps should i follow to fill the form.Please explain me in detail from begining.i am in great trouble,sir pls pls pls help me

  • Kaustubh

    The information you gave is important but i would be thankful if you elaborate more on Fall Vs Spring taking courses offered topic in consideration.

  • sunder

    i would like to know the universities in US offering masters in pharmacy for spring 2012,
    as i came to know all the universities do not offer the masters program in spring..
    please help me out!!

  • kaderiya,balram

    hey , i wanna to knw when does applications starts and ends for phd in physics for spring ….

  • shonak

    hi i am applying for the spring session in 2011.i hav done my btech completed in 2010.but due to my 6th sem did not get my result came 1 year i was not able to do job.will it hamper my chance of getting a usa visa

  • Sivaramakrishna


  • ashok

    hi sir
    i have completed third year engineering and iam in final year now…i want to immediately leave to us in fall 2012 after college..please guide me ..iam writing my gre on oct 12th 2011 and have yet to register for toefl…

  • Avinash

    I am takinn GRE new pattern in August this year and i want to apply for spring 2012
    is it possible ??????
    Plz reply URGENT

  • anvesha

    i want to apply for M.A Economics in U.S but I have a 3 yr course B.A(Hons.) economics course whereas the U.S graduate schools ask fpr a 4 yr course. pls let me know what i can do to make up to it.
    Also I’d like to apply for assistantship. What has to be done for that?
    pls do reply asap

  • Ashutosh

    Hi, I have a gre score of 1300 (Quant: 680). I want to apply for an MS in Mechanical Engg. My Undergrad agg. is 62%. TOEFL 103. Will my quant score prove very much detrimental for getting an admission to an Engg. course?

  • haritha

    hie! i am planning to give my GRE in December 2011 n want to apply for FALL 2012…is it possible??will the dates be okay to meet the deadlines???
    Please reply ASAP!!! URGENT!!
    Thank you

    • Ranjith

      if you are planning for fall 2012.first make sure which universities you are applying….compare your profile with universities requirement such as gre,toefl,school,graduation marks…..take as early as possible …atleast by oct.. so that scores will be reported by dec 1…..if your plan to take by dec …scores will be reported 15-20 days from exam… that there are chances of missing your dream university

  • Bulbul

    I am in final of n I have just decided that I will give GRE this year only so that I can take admission in August 2012.
    Can u pls tell me when should I give the exam : november mid or october end ???so that I can apply in universities for 2012 session and i can also get ample amount of time for studies.

  • girish

    hello HSB
    I completed my B.Pharm in 2010 currently doing project assistant, planning to MS
    I wish to take gre in sep 2011 and teofl in nov
    I want to go for fall 2012 would these dates be sufficient to attend the fall session
    pls guide me to fall 2012

  • SatishKumarSaini

    I have done B.Pharmacy and also written GRE on 21th April 2011 with 1040(verbal-450,quant-590) and going to take TOEFL on 9th July 2011. I want to apply for sring 2012 to do MS in Pharmacology from US. I have three paper presentation and sports certificates ,going to work in an NGO after taking TOEFL.Will these certificates be useful to get admission? Am I able to apply for spring 2012? Will I be able to get some type of funding aids? Please, help me…

  • harsha

    I am giving my GRE exam in August 2011 and want to apply for SPRING 2012.
    Is it possible?
    I would be giving GRE according to the new sylabbus.
    ..Is this date enough for applying and meet the deadline Of spring 2012…

    • VAMSI

      If you take your exam in August, scores will be sent in November and it will become too late to apply for spring 2012. For further details. log on to ETS website.

  • Ruby

    I want to give exam in August 2011 and want to apply for FALL 2012.
    Is it possible?
    I would be giving GRE according to the new sylabbus.
    Please reply asap.

  • irshad


    I am planning for spring 2012 .I m looking for masters program in electrical engineering.I have taken dates for GRE on July 4 th.Is this date enough for applying and meet the deadline for spring 2012…

    Plz reply….

  • prathyusha

    i completed my biotechnology in 2010….wanna do ms….i have given my gre test in november but unfortunately i got low score…..want to write again ….planing to write on march….i want to do ms in universities which are nearer to california….when to apply and how much score have to get

    • Abhishek

      Hi Prathyusha,

      I also ve got low GRE and i hav applied for spring 2012 intake.let me know what is your GRE score…hav u decided ur course f so wat???? wat was your GRE score??? if u say them i could help u….

  • sudipta


    i am an in rural development (awaiting result, 8.77 GPA till last sem)

    Aspiring PhD in developmental studies/social welfare in good USA univ.

    wil b taking GRE, TOEFL by august 2011.

    what are my chances for spring 2012? or shud i wait till fall 2012?

    plz help..

  • harsh

    Aspiring: phd in biosciences.
    TOEFL: on 19th dec..
    Wat r my chances for fall 2011?

  • deepali

    hiii,deepali here…am pursuing ma final year in information technology. Actually i hav booked my GRE slot on jan 15th 2011. Is there any possibility of applying univ's in fall 2011? Generally what would be the deadline for admissions? i juz wanted to go in fall2011. Can anyone please suggest me out….

  • nirmal

    M going to appear for 12th boards and m willing to get ma admission done in states,i have not yet appeared for ACT,TOEFL because of 12th exams i'l give them in may o june,n i'l apply for admsn ,so is it possible for me to get my admsn done in fall 2011

    if not is it posble to get admsn in spring2012?

  • Darkhorse


    i must congratulate for the work u guys are doing.

    I had an query. I am in B.E 4th year doing my computer engineering and i hav given my GRE with a score of 1280. Right nw i m preparing for TOEFL. My question is wen should i take my toefl test. Also, i m confused between whether to opt for MS in Computer science(US) or MS in management-type courses like management in information systems,information science,etc.(US) ?….

  • krnth

    i am planing to apply for fall 2011 . what will be the last date for applyng. jan or dec for most univ in us?

  • Vamshi

    Sir,im studying my btech finalyear,branch gre score is 1230.what is meant by internship?in which month i have to apply for universities in us.can i get scholarship,my btech aggregate till now is much scholarship is given at most by the universities.when will schools open for fall??

  • meadhini chandrashek


    First place Regards on this site of yours…ideal help…thanks.

    I am an Occupational therapist, planning MS.OT. in Spring 2012.

    Want to know when is it perfect to give GRE and TOEFL keeping in mind the eligibility for financial aids too. When to apply with all the score ready?

    It will be greatful to receive suggestions on this regard.

    Thanks and Regards


  • Chhavi

    I’d like to apply to US universities for the spring session for MS in Biology or Microbiology. I have already given my GRE (scored 1420)and TOEFL(yet to get the result). Could you pls tell me which universities I can apply to.

  • Abhijit Wadagole

    Hi guys,

    I am just one of those guys who has by chance got to know about Happy Schools Blog and am blown away and addicted to it… damn u r doing an awesome job…..

    BTW to people who are like me having the American Dream in their eyes the moment if u decide to go for the Spring Admissions get ready to have those dreams shattered to bits and pieces…

    Am not saying that there is no hope.. There is .. but the hope is damn bleak… Consider this .. Tried to apply for so many colleges and unfortunately a lot of them have stopped giving spring Admissions playing the lack-of-Funds or giving-admissions-only-to-Americans .. Got a GRE score of 1370 Toefl of 111 B.E. Mech with 62% from Mumbai University and still have to now aim for lower colleges ….. This is damn frustrating…. but still keeping my hopes up.. hey is there any guy/gal going for Spring 2011 out here???

  • Vignesh Dhakshinamoo

    Your write-ups are very very useful. In short, HSB is the Bible !

    Thank you. I suppose you are an Indian Grad ;-)

  • Nitish

    Hi!!! Is MS in Electronics good or MS in Engineering management good?

    I am more interested in management side? what are the good univ for such programs????

  • mmf

    hi sir, i am doing my right now in final year. i have more no back locks. is there any danger @the time of admission

    • BALAJI

      your backlogs play a role in admission.however,if you clear all of them before your final semester,you have a better chance.anyhow pl try to get good scores in you gre and submit a sound sop to improve your chances of admit in ranked universities.

    • vaibhav

      it doesn't matter just concentrate on your studies and start preparing for GRE and TOEFL and take them before Aug 2011 as the format is going to change (i do not know for good or for bad ) i'm advising to take the standardized test as on the internet and in books you may get lots of information and some techniques which are prepared by the students or by some prep classes but one thing is for sure you have to work hard for getting a decent GRE score i.e. above 1400

      TIP: as you are in last year you and your friends may be preparing for placement test conducted by company the GRE preparation will definitely give you double advantage.

  • Devesh Bajpai

    I am a student of btech 3rd year (Computer Science & Engg) I'll be completing the btech course in june 2012. I plan to write the GRE in feburary 2012. Will it be feasible for me to get admitted in the winter semester in 2012? Please I need urgent reply!

    • BALAJI

      It is better to write GRE by Oct/ Nov' 2011. You can apply to the universities before Jan' 2012. This will help you to meet the deadlines for scholarship.

      With best wishes, Balaji.

  • ashish kumar

    hello sir

    I want to go for phd in financial mathematics in US university. I am currently doing MSc financial mathematics from heriotwatt/university of edinburgh(joint programme). I also hold MSc mathematics from Chennai MAthematical Institute India. My current course ends on 20th august 2010. I want to apply for spring semester. Can you give me the list of US university who are offering admissions at this time for phd financial mathematics. My marks are 56% BSc mathematics, 8.38 CGPA MSc mathematics and in my current course I have lot of grade A on my transcript and may end up with total percentage of 70+. I have 4 strong recommendation in my favour. 3 from university of edinburgh and 1 from institute of mathematical sciences india. what are my chances to get in a good university. when should i take gre if I am planning for admissions in spring term.

    hope to hear from u soon


    • BALAJI

      It is difficult to go for Spring 2011, as you have not taken GRE yet. Best thing would be to take GRE and try to get more than 1200 and TOEFL score of 100 and above. Then apply for Fall 2011. with best wishes, Balaji

  • pranitha


    i have completed my n now i waana do masters in us especially universities nearby boaston n wen should i give the gre n toefel plz give the information regarding n unversities

    • BALAJI

      You take up GRE and TOEFL before Oct' 2010 and apply for Fall 2011 admissions in good universities near Boston area. With best wishes, Balaji

  • narayan

    Hi friend
    Everyday I am seeing this’s very helpful for us…
    I have Engineering Degree (BE ECE) & passed out is 2005 with 58 % marks & 10+ backlogs…But from 2006 on words i am working in IT firm as Software engineer..
    Now i am going to write GRE & TOEFEL next month ending.
    I heard most of them TOP Universities are deadlines Sep 1st week..
    SO if i write GRE & TOFEL Exams in AUG & hope gre & tofel well …what are the universities i will get….

    IS I am applicable for F1 Visa now…because 5 years of GAP is there b/w education and JOB..if possible what type of universities have to apply & how much visa success rate for me……….please help me

    • BALAJI

      Try to complete GRE & TOEFL before Oct/ Nov' 2011 and get good scores. This offset your poor academic performance. Apply for Fall 2011. Prepare well for the visa and you may succeed. With best wishes, Balaji

  • pranitha


    i finished my bioengg and intend to go to us for spring 2010 but have confusion regarding the mph or mha courses offering there can u please tell me which course is good and having future prospects and difference between them

    • BALAJI

      Have you already finished your GRE/ TOEFL ? Then you can apply for Spring 2011. MHA is prefered for better job prospects. MPH jobs are government oriented and they may prefer US citizens than non-residents for these positions. With best wishes, Balaji..

  • sainath

    which is the best season to join is it fall or spring .Can i have better courses in spring .actually i am pursuing my btech in electrical and electronics . is this branch demandful in us

    • BALAJI

      EEE is a good branch. If you complete your MS from a reputed university, jobs will be easy. If you are finishing your course by April, suggest you apply for Fall semester. With best wishes, Balaji

    • vaibhav

      please read happy school blogs and mind you nobody can give you direct answer to your query…… you need read through happy school blog , i'm sure you will get the answer.

      also i'm sure you wont go to a person for advice who has not studied engineering or any good professional stuff and running a consultancy.

  • sainath

    hiii this is sainath actually i wanna appear for my gre exam in november 2010 then when can i get my admission in university .Is it fall or spring .please tell me about difference between fall and spring.spring mean when can we join and the same to fall . please guide me to this

    • BALAJI

      You can apply for Fall semester since you plan to write GRE only in Nov'. With best wishes, Balaji

  • sushma


    am 2010 passed out graduate.i am planning to go for MS in spring2011 and i just started my gre coaching and will be giving my gre in the 2nd week of Aug2010 and toufel with in 1st week of sept2010.will i be eligible to get scholarship by the date i finish with my applications etc.. from a reputed university.I dont want to waste one year .thank u

    • BALAJI

      Hope you have completed your GRE and TOEFL. Immediately start your application process to avail the scholarship (before the deadline). With best wishes, Balaji..

  • CB

    I have a change of heart and am trying to get into graduate school for the Fall as I was told I will not get scholarships for the Spring. As an International student and a mom, I am in need of scholarships to help me offset the tuition cost. My question is, if I have gotten my letters of recommendation for the Fall and have missed the deadlines, can I still use them for the Spring application or do I need new ones?

    • BALAJI

      You need to get fresh Recos if the dates are mentioned in the letter. Nowadays scholarships are not freely available. You can apply before the scholarship deadline and try your luck. With best wishes, Balaji..

  • Mittu


    am 2010 passed out graduate.i am planning to go for MS in spring2011 and i just started my gre coaching and will be giving my gre in the 1st week of Aug2010 and toufel with in 1st week of sept2010.will i be eligible to get scholarship by the date i finish with my applications etc.. from a reputed university.If i apply for fall2011, one year will be wasted does it matter during VISA processing.plz suggest me in detailed manner…my future is dependent on your suggestion…thank you

  • Mittu


    am 2010 passed out graduate.i am planning to go for spring2011 and i just started my gre coaching and will be giving my gre in the 1st week of Aug2010 and toufel with in 1st week of sept2010.will i be eligible to get scholarship by the date i finish with my applications etc.. from a reputed university.If i apply for fall2011, one year will be wasted does it matter during VISA processing.plz suggest me in detailed manner…my future is dependent on your suggestion…thank you

  • anjani

    i booked slot 4 gre on july 5,planing to 4 spring2011.what percent of chances to get admissions in reputed schools…wen should i apply for i20,and aids.Am planning to write toefl in jul last week….wil my plan work out?….help me out..plz

  • shahi

    my application deadline for the fall session is Jan 31st 2011, can I take GRE n TOEFL exams now itself in June month like? I came to know that for GRE Subject test I have to take in fall only that is in October…so will there be a case that we have to take exams recently like?help me out…

  • Sandeep hosangadi

    My name is Sandeep,I am 2009 passed out from VTU in computer science, I have no job experience till now. I dont know when is better to do MS in CS whether fall 2011 or spring 2011.when will be more feasible to get internships ?? will my wasted years matters there ?? please guide me regarding this

    • HSB

      It doesn't matter when you go for MS (Fall or Spring) to get internship.

  • arun


    I want to apply for admission in MS programme 2011.I still need to give my GRE and start applying for the course. What are the deadlines if I wish to apply for spring 2011 semester?

    Please guide me on this.

    Thanks !

    - arun

  • Philo

    i have apply to a school in usa and my intention is to go and study accounting bout when my i20 has been brought to me it indicates accounting technology/ bo

    so i would like to know what is the difference between


  • juvenile

    I have graduated in aug 2009 with B.E in E&Tc.I would like to apply for fall 2011 for MS in Information systems or information management.During my engineering i received 2 drops and my GPA is below 3.0.
    I do not want to go to just any schools but a good one,not the top schools but atleast the top 100 or 150.
    I have been contacting a few schools and they say that my toefl score is good (103/120) and that i should contact them after i take GRE.
    Is there anyway i can compensate for my low GPA to get an admission into a good school?(B.E=58%)pune university.
    After i take my GRE in the months on aug 2010 i will look for a job n work untill next year fall.I do not have any work ex since 2009 that i graduated.
    Will i have to show work ex if i apply in fall 2011 ??
    I would really want to get through Northeastern University in Boston

  • vidu

    hi sir,i am presently pursuing a management degree in mumbai and will be graduating next yr.i plan to pursue a masters degree in finance from usa but i do not have any kind of financial suggest is v.imp for me to go.thanks sir

  • ajinkya

    I M A btech final yr student ….I will apply for the spring session …
    i m worried abt the scholarships

  • Rida

    i m doing ma final year n i would like to know if i write GRE n Toefl after ma finals ie after May around Aug or sep would i be able to get admission in Spring???Also do u have links to colleges with MBA courses/hospital management offered in US. i REally cant decide when to tke GRE n where to search for colleges Help

  • Saurabh Malhotra

    I am giving my GRE on 5th April 2010 and am planning to write TOEFL within a month after GRE i.e. by May 2010. I have 3.5 yrs of work exp and want to pursue my MS – CS from US, at earliest when I can I get admission is some reputed US Univ?

    • Usman

      Mr. Surabh malhotra

      If ur looking for fall then its better to apply some universities now,
      without GRE and TOEFL,then after that u have 2 submit your score reviews through ETS.
      Refer some university links and check their deadlines.

      All the best

  • addprs

    is there any much difference in applying for spring 2011 than for fall 2010 ? is it better to apply in spring than in fall

  • Abhishek

    hi,am final year student..till now i doesnt appear 4 gre/toefl… am planning to take d exam in d mid it d right time 4 me 2 write d exam coz am going to apply 4 spring 2011..i heard from most of my friends dat there are less admits in spring than am gonna take my admission in any of the university and can furthur transfer to better universities in d later semisters?Am i right in doing dis..pls help..i will waste my year if going 2 appear 4 fall going to finish last semister of my engineering by may/june 2010..plz help

    • Usman

      Hai Abhishek

      March is the right time 2 take both tests. but ur looking for spring so there is no need 2 take tests earlier, u have more time.

      In my opinion, Fall 2010 is better for u, dont waste ur time.
      suppose if ur changing ur platform(ECE 2 CS or ……..)then u can take some gap to undergone some courses here

      All the best

  • shreya

    hi sir i am in final year Btech , civil engineering at NIT. i want to ask if i can apply for fall 2010 if i write gre in jan 2010. if am not able to apply for fall2010 can i apply for fall 2011 with the score i would get in jan 2010. sir please reply to my query.

    thank you

  • priya

    i m a BSc biotechnology 3rd year student i m interested in doing my masters from us . i haven't yet given tofel and gre . My graduation will b completing in may 2010 than only i will b able to prepare 4 gre ………i m bit confused i dont want to waste my year so i want to apply 4 the spring semester ………..can i prepare in may – june and apply 4 the course later in aug-sept. …i also need to apply 4 scholarship. time 4 applying and giving exam is very short i have heard that there should b a difference of year or so in applying and giving gre ……wat shall i do

  • Aks


    At course level there won't be much difference in spring and fall semester, but the research done by me has shown the there are less admits in spring semester in comparison to fall semester. I am trying for CS or CE but have found very few colleges taking in for spring (2010).

    So, I would recommend target fall if time is not very expensive.


    • HSB

      @Aks –
      Less Admits in Spring Compared to Fall – That is true, since most students graduate in April/May time frame and they move on to Fall Grad program or find a job.
      Spring 2010 is just 2 months away and if you are searching for Universities now, you are going to find very less schools unless you are applying as domestic student. If you take Top 100 Universities, over 90 of them will have Spring Intakes with varying deadlines.

      • Saptarsi Das

        @hsb:You said yourself that there's no difference in spring and fall..i am very confused:so many people are so many different things,i mean is it impossible to go get a good scholarship in a good college in spring??????

        • HSB

          I came to US for Spring semester and I know what I'm talking about.

  • pavani

    hello sir,

    i had My GRE score, 1150(quant 730, verbal 420)..and yet to appear for TOEFL… i have a hectic schedule for this October and im unable to spend time for preparation even.. so i have to plan for TOEFL after dis November,including the preparation. how many days will it take for preparation??

    i think it is not possible to apply for spring with this plan. but i heard there is a chance that we can post our TOEFL score later and just we have to inform the scheduled date, when we are going to take the exam, now. is it so?? plz let me know this.

  • sindhuj

    sir,i would like to do my ms in when should i appear for gre exam?????plz help me sir

  • shiva

    now i am doing doing my b-tech final year.till now i did not write the gre exam.if iam planning for spring 2011 when should i take the gre exam and what are the chances of getting visa for spring semister

  • Harshada

    Hello Sir,

    I have retaken my gre exam and got a lower score this time1120(Q-630 and verbal- 490). My previous score was 1150(Q-730 and verbal-420).which score will the schools consider? I want to apply for Phd. Will this score be sufficient to get admitted to cell and molecular biology in Florida State University?


  • Avinash

    I am taking my GRE on september 29 2009, intending to go for Spring 2010. Is it really possible to get admissions for Spring 2010? As i have heard its too late now for spring 2010 and should target summer 2010.

    Can any one let me know any link where in I can confirm the deadlines of universities for sending applications.

    I searched on USNEWS.Com but couldnt find a consolidated list of dates.

    Any help in this regard will be really helpful.


    • HSB

      Avinash – There is no single place where you can find university deadlines. You have to go to every single school page and find the deadlines. There will be some schools where you can apply for Spring. If it's getting delayed, apply for Summer.

    • Franklyn Koroma

      please tell me when I can apply for admission to a community college in the USA for spring semester

  • piyush

    sir…would it really not be a problem CAREER WISE if i choose SPRING 2011 over FALL 2010???i have just finist my 3rd yr engg from mumbai univ with 53.5% aggr….would that be an issue when apply for admission to FALL 2010 if i work hard and do well in my GRE & TOEFL????

  • Sindhu

    Hello Sir,

    I have completed my engineering course.. and I have a plan of going for higher studies now or then.. but some advised me not to go now as its a tough period there… so can please help from where can i Start…

  • Alok Prabhat

    after gaining some work ex in india(2-3)years in reputed mnc's(Wipro,tcs,infy,etc), are there courses in MS(CSC) which can be completed in a year like UK.. how much work ex matters in obtaining a job or summer internships after the masters..

    anyways you r doing a great job yaar..

  • Parthiv


    u r doing a great job. Carry on…

    1 thing I would like to mention that, a very reputed uni In Penn has clearly stated in application instructions that to apply in Fall rather than for Spring(due to admin concerns & more opp.)! I won't disclose the name here bt trust me I have read this by my own eyes!

    I wish, u throw some light on this issue.pls let me know if u want more info abt this.