This is how my interview went on 12th May in Hyderabad consulate,

me – Good morning..
v.o – Good morning

V.O – What is the purpose of your visit to US?
me – To pursue Master of Business Administration

VO -What is your Gmat score?
me – I don’t have a gmat score but i have a toefl score

vo – Toefl is to assess your english speaking skills..for mba you need a gmat score..
me – I got admission in XXXX University and it doesn’t need a gmat score. And also I have a work experience of 5 years.

VO- …why did u opt for XXX university?
me – XXX is a reputed univ.. it has competent faculty..multicultural student base..useful educational programs.. it offers practical training…( he interrupted me ..)

vo- what is your college fee?
me- its around 16000$

vo – who is sponsoring your education?
me- my parents

vo- what do ur parents do?
me – my father is a central government employee and my mother is home maker

vo- how many universities did u apply for?
me- i have applied for XXX univ..

vo- only one univ..?
me- I sent my toefl scores to 4 universities..( interrupts)

vo- and you have applied for only one univ..
me- yes..i got good feedback from my seniors abt this univ..
while i was answering … he took a paper and checked an option on the paper, and put it in the passport and gave back my passport saying that your visa has been disapproved.

I have two options with me …I am from Hyderabad Consular District
Apply for another appointment from Mumbai or Chennai by May 27th..My college starts on June 4th..
Give my GMAT and apply for next semester.

Which is the best option…what changes do u suggest?

Visa Chances

Chances of getting visa next time will also be tough. 2 possible reasons

  • Application to one university
  • No GMAT

This is second F1 Visa interview experience where visa was rejected when student applies to only one university.

  • Abhishek

    Hey Mate – After reading your the post, I personally found a lot of reasons for the rejection. You have nearly 5 years experience, please utilize it as your asset. Any good university around the world needs GMAT for the Management courses. You say that you have applied to only XXX, and have send the TOEFL to 4 universities. Please be clear, and tell the truth. A lie can damage your chances of getting the VISA. Also, I really doubt the choice of your university, the XXX, can be the next Tri Valley University. Just as you, I am too an Experienced lad with 5 years of experience, and planning for higher studies. However, my approach has been completely different. If you wish, you can share your profile, and we can zero down on at least 15 universities which are better than the XXX university.

    The above are just my thoughts based on the article you have posted. Anything has been written to offend you. :)

    Abhishekk – [email protected]

    • Abhishek

      The above are just my thoughts based on the article you have posted. *******Nothing has been written to offend you.

      Apologies, nothing is meant to offend you :))))

  • sq115

    If you’re going to a good university, they would require for you to send those scores. The fact that they didn’t means it’s not a good university and the visa officer will certainly know this. Nonetheless, you can always try your luck.

  • Pallav

    After the TriValley Univ fiasco, VOs would tend to ensure students are not joining fraudulent a way, they are protecting you from losing your precious $16K by going to a shady school that could be closed down..B-Schools should be asking for the GMAT score, and omoniyi Onifade points out, should be asking for “high” tuition fees. The kind of fees you seem to be quoting seem to be applicable only to in-state admits to State Universities. IMHO, no State University in the US would waive off a GMAT score, and you for sure are not a US citizen, leave alone an in-state resident. Lastly, never ever say that you are going to be exposed to practical trainings.

  • omoniyi Onifade

    Sorry for your rejection
    Possible reasons are;

    1. No GMAT score. Any MBA school that does not require GMAT score will seem substandard.
    2. Aplication to one school. It shows that you applied to this school only because GMAT was not required.
    3. Low School fee. The school fees is low compared to other business schools

    Thank you.

  • Hari Veturi

    What is this? Is there a line of rejections for visa in Hyderabad? I am scared now! I need to talk to VO's tomm. :-| Its nerve cracking.

  • Jessica

    I am called Nelson Adeson , I am in Cameroon – Douala , I have admission into Dallas Baptist University to study Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Fall Semester 2011 , I had my admission without Toef , what are my chancing of getting a Visa , Dallas Baptist University is a Christian University and i wish to know how i can answer the Visa Officer if i am been ask the below question :

    1..Why do you choose a Christian University .
    2..Why do you choose to study Computer Science .
    3..Why do you choose Dallas Baptist University .
    4..Why did you not take Toef .

    -Is they a disadvantages of session universities Visa obtaining at the Embassy
    - Is computer Science really a bad major to take to the embassy
    Thanks ,

    • Pranay

      1. It is very unlikely that the Visa officer will ask you the first question. The question is very religious in nature and could possibly be considered inappropriate in any sort of interview setting.

      2. Computer science is not a bad major or a good major. The fact is that if you don’t know why you picked it then you probably shouldn’t be pursuing it. Be honest and tell them why you picked that major. If you were really interested in something that made you pick it, bring that fact out.

      3. Why did you choose the university? Again, this question doesn’t have standardized answer like any other. Tell them your criteria honestly. When I got into my visa I told them that my school gave me the most scholarship of any schools I was admitted into. And it was all good because that was the real reason and I was honest with it.

      4. Are you from a native English speaking country? If so, tell that you feel you would be good without TOEFL. or may be you didn’t have enough time or whatever the heck is the reason.

      The point is to be honest. If you make up answers then you will have to make up some more to cover things you make up. Be honest with your situation and if it doesn’t work out (i.e. you don’t get your visa in the first time) then kindly ask the officer what were the shortcoming of your application and how you can fix those.

  • Ravikanth

    Does a gmat score increase his chances?

  • Awes

    I guess, he have been caught of lying. Firstly, he pretended to applied to only one university. Suddenly in the next answer he confirms of sending TOEFL score to 4 university.

    • kishore

      I think anybody who writes TOEFL sends the scores for free to 4 universities. So looks like there is no lying.

      Why does the consulate want students to waste money to apply for more univ. even though they get admission from the univ. of their best choice. ?

      • sq115

        Because a genuine student always keeps his/her options open.