hi friends, today i got my F1 visa, itz happened very cool. My interviewed was done in conter12, don’t be in belief that particular counter will have rejections, itz purely your luck and based on your confidence levels. Also try to go in formal dress, be professional in your appearance and behave professionally after entering into consulate. It may helpful to you. My student visa interview experience went like this…

US Student Visa Interview

ME: hi sir, good morning. how are you doing today?
VO:gd mng, good. what abt you?

ME: i m doing great sir, thak you.

VO: why do you want to go to US?

ME: To pursue my masters degree in computers.

VO: To which university you want to go?

VO:What is your GRE?
ME:980 sir.

VO:Any backlogs?
ME:Yeah 3backlogs.

VO:what is ur u.g percentage?
ME:65.24% sir.

VO:Ok fine, you get the visa.
ME:Thankyou sir.

He doesn’t check any document even my markslist also, you must confident, then you will surely get your visa.

Hey guys please not that, you should be confident on you and you must show your confidence levels in your voice. Be cool and feel that,”i can get the visa, i am right person to get it”. like that increase confidence levels.

Above experience shared by Rajesh via comments.

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  • John

    Please, could anyone tell me the meaning of this backlogs the VO often asks? I would think it means : disadvantages in your studies.. but am not sure . could any one tell me more.?Thanks

  • Anisha Kamble

    I’m happy to read that you got into a decent university with 980. Gives me hope :D Out of curiosity, what was the breakup of your GRE score? I’m interested in the quant score specifically, since it’s important for me too but I didn’t get a good score.

  • Ashish

    its extremely great…..best of luck and have a nice trip…

  • rocky

    oooooo holy shit, u got d visa only because of ur aggregate, but am having 58% agg with 6 baklogs, 92 toefl, 1020 gre….not knowing wat should i answer

  • Ashmi

    Respected sir/mam
    i am really interested in your bolgs.Plz can you post some blogs of mumbai consultants?plz it is really necessary.

    Thank you,
    yours’ sincerely.
    Ashmi Desai.

  • yash

    my gre score is 980 (q-660 v-320) what are chances of getting better universities depending on work expirence and wat r chances of getting visa on same score

  • Vignesh

    I am currently working in Cognizant Technology Solutions , so during my Visa interview do I need to specify that incase they ask me what have i been doing for one year?


    my my ! lucky chap..

  • asif


    SIR, I need usa study visa but i am matric. i wish usa b.ed education. i am pakistani my contect no. 03086188136…….

  • Ankitha

    hii.. i got very less in gre ie., 680 and my toefl is 97 and btech in cse is 67.72. (b/c i hv only one) and X 78.9 and 12th 84.5 and i got a i20 frm north western polytechnic universityand my frnds are saying dat for NPU visa rate is less.. and am applied only 1 university.. my visa date feb 28th.. is any problem occurs bacause of very less score in GRE??? or is any problem occurs because of applying for 1 university??? or because of NPU.. is my visa rejects.. pls pls help me.. how i have to prepare???

  • Sarfaaraz

    Guys..Im writing GRE in April n my TOEFL date is on 5th february..May I apply for Fall 2011.

    My academics X-80%


    Engg CSE-75%

    Do reply guys..

  • gayathri

    awesome . . congrats . . ALL THE BEST! :)

  • sheik ghouse pasha

    to rajesh,i also applied to california state university is
    there any chances of getting scholarship?did u get

  • Madhur

    Hello everyone!
    I would be very thankful if my profile would be evaluated for the following universities for MS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE (DATABASE RELATED RESEARCH). CAN I GET GOOD SCHOLARSHIP
    GRE-1340(QUANT-770, VERBAL-570) AWA-3.0

    Carnegie Mellon


    Georgia Institute of Technology

    University of California, BERKLEY

    University of California, Irvine

    University of California, davis

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    North Carolina State University

    University of South California.

    cornell university

    university of wisconson, madisson

    Michigan State Univ

    Ohio State Univ

    Purdue University

    I stand 8th in a class of 45 odd. Of course I will be writing a couple of research papers in the coming semester. These papers will be relevent to my field of database. i hav written one research paper in data mining which was selected in one of the IEEE conferences.

    • boman avong

      Hello Madhur, You have a very good profile.My problem is
      your choice of schools,most of your choice of schools are really on
      the high side.Why not try some other schools that entry
      requirements are not too high,you might be a king there and you
      will surprised you will get funding there too.One thing I will tell
      you is that different schools read your profile differently,so good
      scores may not only be what an admission committee is interested
      for funding.Try some other safety schools,that will increase your
      chances of admission and also funding,don't forget you are
      competing with students from around the world and they all want to
      get into those top schools you are selecting.Good luck.


    dat's bullcrap."talking about confidence" .this successful
    candidate does'not even know how to write ,i wonder how he replied
    to the VO's questions. you are a lucky guy Mr..good luck with your
    american dream

    • boman avong

      Hello HSB, Rajesh congrats on your visa.There is no
      yardstick used to issue an F1 visa by any vo.But what HSB is trying
      to say is that please and please do not be found wanting by a
      vo,cover your own ends,do your homework,be prepared to answer any
      question that will be asked reasonably and just let the God you
      serve be on your side,preparation really helps,never assume that
      you will be lucky there is no such thing as that in the dictionary
      of visa issuance,prepare and prepare well.

  • Rajkamal


    Thats…. Thats what I call a blind luck. Well,it seems like it's too good to be true but anyway…. Congrats! happy flying :)