Student Visa to USA – Approved with GRE 980

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hi friends, today i got my F1 visa, itz happened very cool. My interviewed was done in conter12, don’t be in belief that particular counter will have rejections, itz purely your luck and based on your confidence levels. Also try to go in formal dress, be professional in your appearance and behave professionally after entering into consulate. It may helpful to you. My student visa interview experience went like this…

US Student Visa Interview

ME: hi sir, good morning. how are you doing today?
VO:gd mng, good. what abt you?

ME: i m doing great sir, thak you.

VO: why do you want to go to US?

ME: To pursue my masters degree in computers.

VO: To which university you want to go?

VO:What is your GRE?
ME:980 sir.

VO:Any backlogs?
ME:Yeah 3backlogs.

VO:what is ur u.g percentage?
ME:65.24% sir.

VO:Ok fine, you get the visa.
ME:Thankyou sir.

He doesn’t check any document even my markslist also, you must confident, then you will surely get your visa.

Hey guys please not that, you should be confident on you and you must show your confidence levels in your voice. Be cool and feel that,”i can get the visa, i am right person to get it”. like that increase confidence levels.

Above experience shared by Rajesh via comments.

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