Students F1 Visa Rejected Twice for Spring 2012. What Can I Do?

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Following F1 Visa interview experience is shared by Pavan (for Spring 2012).

Background: I have just finished bachelor of engineering in electronics and communication and have 62% with two backlogs which are cleared. I have a toefl of 98.
My Academy if New York Film Academy and I am going there for Master of Fine Arts.

First F1  Visa Interview was on Sept 26th, 2011 for Spring 2012 semester.

US Student Visa Interview

Me: Good Morning, Sir (With a smile)
VO: Good Morning, pass the documents please (Without a smile)

VO: Which school are you going to?
Me: New York Film Academy at LA

VO: What course are you going to?
ME: Master of Fine Arts
(VO types something for a while, few seconds)

Vo: Why did you select this school?
ME: Told three reasons out of which one I guess was a mistake, (I said the location California attracted me)

VO: Oh! Okay. If you wanna do Master of Finance, why did you apply to a film school?
(Doesnt look at my face at all, types something on the system)
Me: Sorry!!(Confused, my facial expression had already changed from smiley to an irritated face i guess, i dont actually remember)

VO: If you wanna do Master of Finance, why dint you apply to a Business School?
ME: Oh! Its Master of Fine Arts Sir, Fine Arts

VO: Oh!! Got it!! Got it! Okay!
(Looks at my face for 2 or 3 seconds and again Types something)

Vo: So have u acted before?
Me: Yes sir, I have been performing with a theater group for a long time now.

Vo: When does your school start?
Me: 12th of next month Sir

Vo: When did you complete you degree?
Me: One month back Sir, Actually two months back.

Vo: How much percentage have you got?
Me: 62% Sir

Vo: You have got only 62% here, what makes you think you will do well in US?
Me: Sir, I am very passionate about the craft sir, I am sure I will do well.

Vo: Sir, I do no think you are eligible for the non immigrant visa, please take your documents?
Me: Thank You, Sir and left

Second Student Visa Interview

This was the second interview on 7th of October

Me: Good morning, Sir (with a big smile again)
Vo: Good morning, Pass your documents

Me: Yeah, here you go sir..

Vo: So, Have you got US visa before?
Me: I had applied ten days ago and I was denied Sir.
(I was already nervous cos I wanted this so much and I think it was seen in my face)

Vo: Okay!! So, New York Film Academy? Right!!
Me: Exactly Sir!!

(This guy was looking very interested and staring at my face through the answers that I gave)

VO: So, who’s funding your education?
Me: My father Sir!
(I could have told my brother is also funding because he has a Minerals Firm)

VO: What does your dad do?
Me: He works for a Minister Sir

VO: What’s his post?
Me: He works as Official Assistant

VO: What’s his salary?
Me: 3.6 Lacs Sir. (We have a property that gives us a rent of 1 lac per year but I did not include this cos I did not have the rent agreement and the property was in my mom’s name)

VO: So, your I-20 shows $37k per year, I dont think he will be able to pay?
Me: Sir, He has made other arrangements. 5 Lacs comes from his PF and commutation, another 5 lacs comes from a part of his investment returns(I made mistakes here, I looked like I was trying to recall an answer), another 5 lacs comes from the loan. For the second year, We will be getting another 5 lacs from the investment, another 5 lacs will be liquidating the gold that we have, and 5 more lacs from loan.( I forgot to mention I have totally $10k Tuition Grant and I could have simple said 15lacs is in Savings Bank instead of all this)

VO: So, let me see? Your bachelor is in Engineering, Why are you switching over from engi to FIne Arts?
Me: Through my engi years, I started participating in the creative field and I started loving what I did. And then I started involving more and more in creative fields which made me incline towards Fine Arts more and hence there came a day when I was supposed to decide whether to go for a stable career or to go for something I love, and I decided to go for something that I loved the most.

VO: (Types something) I’m really sorry to give you this sheet sir, because your funds were not quite satisfying for me and I think you are short on funds.
Me: Sir, I have enough proof to show I have funds

Vo: No, its not entirely that, just go through this and I recommend you to wait for a while and see if your circumstances changes and then you are always welcomed to re apply

Me: Sir, does the school gives me extension, because it starts in 5 days?
Vo: I dont know much about the school. You will have to contact the school for that and see.

Me: Thank You, Sir. and I left

I looked a bit nervous I guess through out the interview because this was my second interview. In the first, I was not nervous but had I guess made an irritated face.
So, What can be done guys, anyone can help me out. I have already paid first sem tuition fee and will be asking for a refund in a couple of days. So, is it worth to give it a shot again guys or just quit. How will the third interview be? Will it be tougher and will they scrutinize every point of mine.

My agent had told me to be upto the point but I did not follow what ever she told. She took my interview but since i knew her, I was normal and more confident.

I came across this site recently. I guess I would have done well if I knew this site and had read the actual Visa Experiences. Anyway, please help me out and thank you HSB. Nice place to share our experiences.

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