Study in USA vs Canada ( Jobs to Salary) – Interview with Sri Harsha

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I have to admit here. This is one the BEST Interviews I ever recorded here  at Happy Schools. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life. Please spend an hour watching this interview.

Sri Harsha was an average student back in India. He had potential but average.  But, he had the right attitude and outlook towards life. Attitude combined with Effort can produce magical results. That’s what you are going to see here.

In the previous article How to avoid painful experiences as a student, I wrote about taking tough courses are better than “A” grade from an easy course. He’s overcame challenges,  he felt inferior among the talented classmates, but he did a few things that elevated his skills, knowledge and potential. In the end, he had multiple job offers for a Software Engineer. Plus, he was from an Electrical Engineering background.

You don’t come across an International student (or Indian Student) who study in Canada and USA. On top of that, they would have to objectively explain the pros and cons of both countries. He did not study in America, but he applied to universities in USA.

In today’s video post, you are going to learn several things about Studying, Living and Working in Canada from Sri Harsha, who applied to Universities in Canada and the USA.

You may or may not remember him, but he was the first video interview guest – How to Study for GRE Test in the history of Happy Schools. That was back in 2012. Since then he has come a long way in his life and career. So, how far has he come?

  • Completed Masters in one of the top universities in Canada
  • Received Multiple Job offers in Canada after his Masters Degree
  • Currently living and working in Toronto

Watch the Full Interview Below

This interview is 76 Minutes. We covered several topics:

  • Student life in Canada
  • Visa application process in Canada
  • Why Harsha applied to Canada and the USA (list of universities)
  • Student life at University of Waterloo
  • How he handled the highest standard of education that he’s not used to
  • Job opportunities and student cost of living
  • His Salary as Software Engineer
  • How to grow and develop as a student
  • Why he didn’t work part time jobs



  1. Hi,

    Excellent interview

    Just an FYI. In the video, I believe Harsha revealed something he did not want to but it hasn’t been edited out, thought I will bring that to your notice.


  2. Thanks Happy Schools for sharing. I was interested to hear whole 76 minutes video, but was not able to find “sign-up” button as it is required you mentioned.
    Please help guys!

    Thanks in advance

    1. Author

      I just checked. It’s visible in the same page (above). Try reloading the page.

  3. Thanks for the lovely interview! I enjoyed it a lot! It is so great to see Harsha’s progress, and I am sure many students will be inspired by this talk to move study abroad to USA or Canada. Although, these two countries are neighbors, they are pretty different, and for many young people it could be very hard to decide where they want to study. Here, it is very helpful to learn from someone’s else experience. So, thank you, guys, for sharing your thoughts!

  4. can we apply to canada even if my history of arrears is 13?
    (Cleared on time along with my fellow classmates)

    please resond.. i would really like to apply to canada..
    i’m in the application stage to apply to usa

    my profile
    10 – 94
    12 – 80
    B.E-CSE-Anna University – 6.9

    Gre- 294 (quant -154)
    IELTS- 7.5
    listening -9
    writing – 6.5
    speaking – 7.5
    reading – 7.5

    Thanks 😀

    1. Author

      STOP posting your profile! Behave like a student applying for Graduate School, not a high school.

  5. I was interested in watching the full 76 minutes video, but was not able to sign up because it gave an error that my email could not be subscribed. It had an option of authenticating using ReCaptcha but that also wasnt working, nevertheless.

    Please help and fix!


  6. This is so inspiring. Motivates me to prepare for GRE and start applying for unversities soon. I’m a PhD aspirant. 🙂

    1. Author

      YEs it’s an inspiring interview and one of the best interviews I have ever done here.

  7. Hi bro,I want to apply to canadian universities.I am a Btech CSE graduate,currently working in TCS(1 year). And I have a GRE score of 293 and a IELTS score 6.5 ,my UG score is 6.3. Can you suggest me some good universities where I stand a chance of getting admitted. Thank You.

  8. Great Video,
    Just want to know in which field of Computer Science Harsha did his specialisation?


  9. Hello Raghu,


    Can you please name those books (along with name of authors) mentioned in video by Sri Harsha.

    Thank You.

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