What is Sufficient GRE Score to get Admission and Aid?

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One of frequently asked questions by prospective students applying for admission to Graduate programs in United States – What is Sufficient GRE Score to get Admission and some financial aid?

Comment 1 : I’m planning to study in US for Fall 2011 semester. My percentage till date is 67%. I want to know how much GRE Score is sufficient to get admission in best universities in US with full aid. My parents cannot afford to pay lot of money.

Comment 2 : Hi, I would like to inquire whether a GRE score of 840 (460 Q and 380V) is really sufficient for admission to Us university for Master Public health fields. My Undergrad CGPA= 4.0/5.0, work experience in the field is 5years and academic percentage is 75

Comment 3 : GRE score : 1180 ( Q:790 V:390 AWA: 3.5 ) I’m basically aiming for an admit in a decent university for 2011 spring admit ( Electrical Engineering, with specialization in wireless/DSP ). I’m not suppose to resign my job till September 2010, so not in a position to apply for the coming fall. Also my extra curricular activities are good, my doubt is that will this GRE score be sufficient to apply for a decent universities like ASU, UFL, Minnesota ( twin cities ), else would you ask me to retake the GRE?

Sufficient GRE Score

Three different comments, but underlying question is the same – What is considered to be sufficient GRE test score to get admission.  Before you read the rest of the article, go through Academics = GRE + Mark sheet + Percentage (GPA).

People who wrote above 3 comments have different approach towards problem solving.

  • Comment 1 – Lacking Initiative
  • Comment 2 – Moderate problem solver
  • Comment 3 – Better then above 2 (not the best)

I will let you decide which category you belong.

Anyways, when preparing for exams in High School (say in 12th) you tend to put your best possible effort to score high percentage marks. Even though you will be aware of how much you were scoring consistently in review tests just before final exams. Based on how much score you get in finals, you decide on the course, degree and college

Same scenario applies to getting admission to graduate programs using GRE Scores. You don’t have to set target GRE score below 1600. Do your best to score how much you can with your skill level. End of the day, you must be true to yourself.

I put in 100% of my effort during GRE Prep, whatever maybe the final GRE Score. You should never have a shadow of doubt that,  if I had spent  little longer or used different study guide, I could have scored more.

Don’t set target even before you take GRE Exam. After your exam, do your home work, understand U.S. university selection process and improve your knowledge about admission process.

GRE Score you get will be sufficient enough to get admission. Quality of education you get from Universities greatly depends on your credentials. You will be not  be spending  less while studying  at universities that accept students with low GRE score.

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