One of frequently asked questions by prospective students applying for admission to Graduate programs in United States – What is Sufficient GRE Score to get Admission and some financial aid?

Comment 1 : I’m planning to study in US for Fall 2011 semester. My percentage till date is 67%. I want to know how much GRE Score is sufficient to get admission in best universities in US with full aid. My parents cannot afford to pay lot of money.

Comment 2 : Hi, I would like to inquire whether a GRE score of 840 (460 Q and 380V) is really sufficient for admission to Us university for Master Public health fields. My Undergrad CGPA= 4.0/5.0, work experience in the field is 5years and academic percentage is 75

Comment 3 : GRE score : 1180 ( Q:790 V:390 AWA: 3.5 ) I’m basically aiming for an admit in a decent university for 2011 spring admit ( Electrical Engineering, with specialization in wireless/DSP ). I’m not suppose to resign my job till September 2010, so not in a position to apply for the coming fall. Also my extra curricular activities are good, my doubt is that will this GRE score be sufficient to apply for a decent universities like ASU, UFL, Minnesota ( twin cities ), else would you ask me to retake the GRE?

Sufficient GRE Score

Three different comments, but underlying question is the same – What is considered to be sufficient GRE test score to get admission.  Before you read the rest of the article, go through Academics = GRE + Mark sheet + Percentage (GPA).

People who wrote above 3 comments have different approach towards problem solving.

  • Comment 1 – Lacking Initiative
  • Comment 2 – Moderate problem solver
  • Comment 3 – Better then above 2 (not the best)

I will let you decide which category you belong.

Anyways, when preparing for exams in High School (say in 12th) you tend to put your best possible effort to score high percentage marks. Even though you will be aware of how much you were scoring consistently in review tests just before final exams. Based on how much score you get in finals, you decide on the course, degree and college

Same scenario applies to getting admission to graduate programs using GRE Scores. You don’t have to set target GRE score below 1600. Do your best to score how much you can with your skill level. End of the day, you must be true to yourself.

I put in 100% of my effort during GRE Prep, whatever maybe the final GRE Score. You should never have a shadow of doubt that,  if I had spent  little longer or used different study guide, I could have scored more.

Don’t set target even before you take GRE Exam. After your exam, do your home work, understand U.S. university selection process and improve your knowledge about admission process.

GRE Score you get will be sufficient enough to get admission. Quality of education you get from Universities greatly depends on your credentials. You will be not  be spending  less while studying  at universities that accept students with low GRE score.



  1. i have given my tofel exam and got a decent score 113/120 in oct 2010 and wanted to apply for unva univ (univ of northern verginia) as our seniers and cousins are studing in univ of northern verginia which accepts only tofel score. so only i have not given the gre exam. as it is not a requirement of that particular univ and the mba program also is of my interest of specialisation and one of my senior is doing same course in same univ .he recommended that particular univ me to come and coz i always wanted to do my mba in pharmaceutical management course .and that to be it is having branch in NY where i always wanted to be in america and fee structure is also of my feasibility range.i plan to apply for unva but the problem is that i have seen the visa expereince of the students for unva visas most of the times have been rejected saying some reason or other so what would you recommend me and guide me to do for getting a visa to be approved. plz help me out dre ,iam a b.pharm under graduate with a 74% in academics and having 1 year work expereince in same feild

  2. im pursuing my 4th year in chennai. i would like to do MS in biomedical engineering in either US or Germany. What should be the minimum score in GRE to get admission in best universities and to achieve scholarship.

  3. Hi,

    is there any average score difference b/w the spring intake and fall intake,i m planning for minnesota,i have not taken my GRE,gunno take t n March,i would like to know whether GRE score wil have some effect on the admission in Fall /Spring?

  4. i scored 1200 in gre exam (750-Q,450-V).is there chance of getting admission in electrical engineering with scholarship???

  5. Hello Sir!!

    I have taken GRE last week and scored 1220(730(Q),490(V)). I planned to take the test again could you please suggest me when to take the next test. I have not yet taken TOFEL exam. Could you please suggest me when to take both of the exams. I wan't to apply for fall 2011 so could you please suggest when would be the appropriate time for applying. Any help is appreciated.

  6. hi, i m krunal patel i completed my b.d.s in india.i want to study mph in us so how many score is required to get addmission.

  7. hello, i am Rammohan,

    I have done my BE in mech, at present working as a marine engineer ( presently 2nd assis. Engr) in Maersk Line for 6 years. I want to do Masters in Petrochemical/petroleum engineering in US. i have not given my GRE yet. my BE aggregate is 74% overall in 8 semesters. how can i get a seat in US for my masters , how much should be the score in GRE for gettin a seat with scholarship.what is the duration of the course in US/UK.

    Kindly advice

  8. hi,i am planning for spring 2011,i got my gre score less 890 q-640,v-290,my acads are gud like btech:73%,inter 85%, i eligible to get gud universities with my xpecting toefl score between 80-100,please if am i eligible to it list me some gud colleges .i want to do masters in electronics .please list colleges in newjersy

  9. i have GRE Score 1100 with Analytical Writing Score 3.0. Can i apply for PhD in Agronomy/Plant Breeding in US Universities?. Is analytical writing score 3.0 is acceptable for admision in PhD?. Kindly reply me

  10. dear sir,

    i am preparing for gre for second time and wanted apply for spring, i did my gradution in mechanical so please suggest me how much should be my G.R.E score and TOEFL score to get into top 50 university's in US and wanted do masters in mechanical. please reply fast sir

  11. hi.. My GRE score is 1300(quants 710, verbal 590) and i m doing my B.E mech final year. I have an aggregate of 86%. I would like to pursue my M.S in Thermal And Fluids.Ive applied to the following univ: 1.TEXAS A&M 2.VIRGINIA TECH 3. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA 4. UNIV OF MINNESOTA. Wat are my chances? Kindly reply.

  12. iam having 40 backlogs will i get visa for fall 2011.i completed my b tech in 2010 and iam doin job.My GRE score is 1100 and toefl 90. please do reply for me

  13. Hey Folks, problem !! already applied to 5 UNIZ for fall 2010,got one I20 so far.

    written the Gre twice in 2 months without prep.

    First gre score – 730

    Second gre score – 890

    toefl -90

    UG aggregate – 78 %

    good sop and lors

    have some computer courses certificates

    good co-curricular and extra-curricular activities


    well,here is my problem.i am currently waiting I20 from my most preferable UNI.i would schedule for the VISA intervw the day i got it.i want to ask all you smart people about my VISA CHANCES !!! will i get a FI VISA with the above said credentials. i know the GRE scores are low but i have seen people getting through with scores touching 800 as well. kindly encourage and i shall not forget you.

  14. hi my name is bharatpayguyde i want to do phd in usa, plz tell me about criteria and funding for study in us for phd. thank u

  15. @Manoj: It seems you have got some first hand information regarding the scholarships in University of Texas, Dallas. On the face of it it looks authentic since universities do generally take performance in semesters in mind while deciding about the scholarships, but you must understand that since these are limited you will have to work very hard and put up a strong fight for it.

  16. hai,
    I got I 20 from U Of Texas, Dallas, I prefer to attend this school, but I have not recieved any kind of aid from the school, some of ppl studying there sais that, they will sponser some aid from the next semester basing on the previous sem performance, is that true?? does this happen at all??

  17. On what basis does a student get financial aid. Are the scholarships based on GRE score or like the admission, they are based on the whole set of credentials you send to the respective universities.
    Are there any external sources of scholarships apart from the university scholarships?

  18. hai,
    I got I 20 from U OF Texas, Dallas and U Of North Texas. Both of these universities didn't give me aid or assistantships, which university should I prefer so that there is a chance of getting aid even frm the next semester???

    • @ manoj,
      i think you never read the article posted for guys just like you. u have come so far and got admit and to choose between 2 schools you have asked for opinion. i am not sure who helped with your application process. why dont you research yourself. go the univ website, search the department and professors working there, their profile, their research and which one you like. and find some contact information from there like students working in lab and ask about research involved there with your liking and better fits you so that u can end up doing research there and increase the chance of getting financial assistantship. hope this sheds some light on you.

    • Hi Manoj,

      First of all I wish you good luck with ur masters degree in any of above universities.

      Both universites are good but the educational system of UT at Dallas is same as other UTs like UT at Austin which is a great university.

      But anyway, have some research about both of them as Rajesh said and make the final choice on your own.

      At the end, Can I ask you to put your GPA (4-scale if its possible) here, and your TOEFL and GRE (V+Q+AW) scores as well ? I would appreciate that.

    • ya Rajesh is right! Try to decide on your own… University finalization is such an important decision. you don’t want to be blaming others for a bad selection(if at all it goes wrong).. so try to USE the INTERNET in MEANINGFUL way… Go to your department’s research page and check out their research,faculty,facilities,proximity to the city and reputation… I can see the obvious choice from your two admits,but still You must find the best choice yourself… All the Best!

  19. @HSB this is a really good article which should satisfy most of the students questions regarding sufficient GRE scores. Most importantly yu have explained well with a nice analogy too

      • Hi HSB thanks for ur suggestions, I know about wordpress but need to learn it. Joomla I have developed several sites for college too. So I am very familiar with that. I will be making my site shortly. At present I have just installed a demo

  20. I concur. Admissions and aid totally depends on your profile as a whole but not solely on test scores. Good understanding of university selection process helps a lot to decide on the universities to apply for one's profile.

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