When Should I Take New GRE?

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Question – When should I take New GRE? I have decided to take the New GRE test and I’m unable to decide the best time to take the New GRE.

Taking New GRE Test

Its already July 2011 and New GRE will be offered from August 1, 2011.

So, you less than 30 days to take the old GRE. If you have already decided to take the New GRE Exam, then you should consider following 4 scenarios

  1. Take New GRE before 50%  off offer expires
  2. Depending on college admission deadlines
  3. New GRE Exam is uncharted territory
  4. Take New GRE when you are comfortable with your preparation

New GRE – 50% Discount

I wouldn’t recommend you to take New GRE just because you have 50% discount.

If you have are confident to crack the new GRE, then you can definitely go within first 2 months. But, it depends on 3 factors

  • Target  New GRE score
  • Current GRE score level
  • Ability to reach target New GRE score by GRE Test date

At Your Peak Form

Imagine a Bell curve. You should take New GRE when your skill level is at peak.  It certainly depends on your allocation of GRE prep time and commitment to reach your peak form just before the exam.

I have seen so many students who mistime the GRE test dates.

You need to know your schedule well in advance and free from other time consuming activities.

Don’t try to take new GRE when you have major project deadlines or exams around the same time.

When to Take New GRE

Other 2 factors include your college admission deadline and you may want to wait for GRE rest takers to post New GRE experience.

So, when should you take New GRE?

  • Ample time to prepare
  • No other major time commitments
  • Comfortable level in getting high GRE Score

Your previous GRE test scores will be reported in New GRE score sheet. Its good to show progress in GRE scores, if taking GRE multiple times.

In addition to above listed 4 scenarious, you may have other situation limiting your ability to full prepare for New GRE.

Don’t take New GRE if you are applying for Fall 2012. You can wait till November or December (if you can wait that long). By then more students should have taken the New GRE.

Update 1 -

I consider the GRE Test takers taking New GRE in first 2 months are guinea pig.

From what I understand, ETS would need statistical data for new GRE test takers before verifying and validating new GRE test scores. [ Refer to New GRE is Multi-Stage Test]

Several blog posts have been published explaining why New GRE reading comprehension will be tough. So, taking New GRE without knowing the experience from other test takers is something I wouldn’t do.

If you have deadlines for GRE score submissions, then you should have planned accordingly.

  • Test Between August 1, 2011 – September 8, 2011 – Scores will be mailed around  November 8, 2011

When GRE cores will be mailed only in November first week, why rush to take New GRE in August, September and October?


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