Question – When should I take New GRE? I have decided to take the New GRE test and I’m unable to decide the best time to take the New GRE.

Taking New GRE Test

Its already July 2011 and New GRE will be offered from August 1, 2011.

So, you less than 30 days to take the old GRE. If you have already decided to take the New GRE Exam, then you should consider following 4 scenarios

  1. Take New GRE before 50%  off offer expires
  2. Depending on college admission deadlines
  3. New GRE Exam is uncharted territory
  4. Take New GRE when you are comfortable with your preparation

New GRE – 50% Discount

I wouldn’t recommend you to take New GRE just because you have 50% discount.

If you have are confident to crack the new GRE, then you can definitely go within first 2 months. But, it depends on 3 factors

  • Target  New GRE score
  • Current GRE score level
  • Ability to reach target New GRE score by GRE Test date

At Your Peak Form

Imagine a Bell curve. You should take New GRE when your skill level is at peak.  It certainly depends on your allocation of GRE prep time and commitment to reach your peak form just before the exam.

I have seen so many students who mistime the GRE test dates.

You need to know your schedule well in advance and free from other time consuming activities.

Don’t try to take new GRE when you have major project deadlines or exams around the same time.

When to Take New GRE

Other 2 factors include your college admission deadline and you may want to wait for GRE rest takers to post New GRE experience.

So, when should you take New GRE?

  • Ample time to prepare
  • No other major time commitments
  • Comfortable level in getting high GRE Score

Your previous GRE test scores will be reported in New GRE score sheet. Its good to show progress in GRE scores, if taking GRE multiple times.

In addition to above listed 4 scenarious, you may have other situation limiting your ability to full prepare for New GRE.

Don’t take New GRE if you are applying for Fall 2012. You can wait till November or December (if you can wait that long). By then more students should have taken the New GRE.

Update 1 -

I consider the GRE Test takers taking New GRE in first 2 months are guinea pig.

From what I understand, ETS would need statistical data for new GRE test takers before verifying and validating new GRE test scores. [ Refer to New GRE is Multi-Stage Test]

Several blog posts have been published explaining why New GRE reading comprehension will be tough. So, taking New GRE without knowing the experience from other test takers is something I wouldn’t do.

If you have deadlines for GRE score submissions, then you should have planned accordingly.

  • Test Between August 1, 2011 – September 8, 2011 – Scores will be mailed around  November 8, 2011

When GRE cores will be mailed only in November first week, why rush to take New GRE in August, September and October?




  1. hi everyone,

    i recently gave ma GRE on 31st oct in wich i got low score range of verb:280-380 and em planning to retake GRE in dec but dates are not available so em planning to take in jan first week and em trying to apply for fall :( . so can any do suggest me that it wont be probs for me to apply for fall if i take GRE in jan first week?? plz do reply em in mess…!!!:(

  2. How do i start,is it by  first getting admission or an offer into a school in U S or i can just go into  the GRE test writting.

  3. hi hsb,
    i wanna apply for the phd program fall 2012 in pharmacology, can you suggest me whether i can give Gre by october this yr…is it feasible or will it be too late ?
    Kindly reply soon..

  4. hi…guys,im planning to write the revised gre test on oct 17th and my toefl on oct 28th,so i just need u’ll to suggest me whether the time would be enough for me to be admitted to fall semester or should i take it early …..ur suggesstion would help me a lot….

  5. hi…guys,im planning to write the revised gre test on oct 17th and my toefl on oct 28th,so i just need u’ll to suggest me whether the time would be enough for me to be admitted to semester or should i take it early …..ur suggesstion would help me a lot….

    • see as u have chosen oct 17 for ur gre , then the result will be out in dec 1 , so if ur selected universities have their deadline in jan then nothing to worry about. as ur toefl will be giving the result in 2 – 3 weeks time. so u have enough time for doing other stuff.
      if ur chosen universities are having a dead line in december or earlier then its going to be a toutch and go thing. other wise its fine enough.

  6. hey guys i am planning to take the gre date in december starting and toefl in october……i want to go for fall 2012 semester for ms….wouldn’t it be too late if i take the tests on the above mentioned dates to go for fall semester?????plzz give ur precious suggestions i would be very thankful….

  7. hey guys i am planning to take the gre date in december starting and toefl in october……i want to go for fall 2012 semester for ms….wouldn’t it be too late if i take the tests on the above mentioned dates to go for fall semester?????plzz give ur precious suggestions i would be very thankful….

    • u must have gone through the ETS site telling ablut when will be the results be declared. so if r planning to giv in december then the result might be in the month of jan . do see when exactly the results get declared according to ur test dates. further which universities u have thought of do they have deadlines which suits ur test dates . if so then no problem if not then u might have to take an early date.
      okay then byeeeeeeeee

  8. can you tell me for how many marks the new pattern will be..?as the old one is for 1600…i dint understand the marks for each section?please send me in detail

    • hi there see each section is of 170 marks each. so total is 340 quant and 340 verbal. awa is of 6.

  9. can you tell me for how many marks the new pattern will be..?as the old one is for 1600…i dint understand the marks for each section?please send me in detail

  10. sir,
    as its going to take time to get our GRE scores , can i apply to american universities with my GMAT scores for jan 2012 intake

  11. Thanks for such an informative blog! If i take gre in the end of october and get my score cards around 20 th nov..will i get ample time to apply for fall 2012 ? I have observed some colleges have deadline in january and some in december? Also , is there any advantage if your application reaches early from deadline instead of reaching near to deadline

  12. hello hsb…
    first of all its a great blog… helped me a lot,specially all the FAQ’s. thank you HSB… :) well,i have just started preparing for my GRE exam which i intend to appear in the first week of NOV 2011… if i do so then when can i go for my MS… in july 2012? please reply… :)

  13. i have done Msc in botany, B.ed and M.phil in environmental sciences. i want to appear for GRE test please let me know what is the appropriate time for it. Guide me about the subject list, paper pattern. thanks

  14. hai guys i take my gre and tofel tests on nov of this year………. i want to go jan of next year… is it sufficient time for me r not….. plzz made suggestions guys

  15. Dear,
    I am a student of Economics and I have completed my masters from Tribhuwan University , Nepal. I have secured seventy five percent in my masters aggregate. I am taking Gre coaching and have taken the dates for gre exam on sept 23. Happy school blog is a nice place for students however i find that this blog has very less number of users with economics background, there fore there is a paucity of suggestions which economics students can value much. Almost all the posts are either related to Engineering or science background. There is literally no literature for students from humanities background. What are the chances of SOUTH ASIAN STUDENT with economics background geting into us universities?, is a question that ponders me much.
    A few pieces of suggestion will be of utmost help to ameliorate me from the recent pain of ignorace that i am going through.
    Thank you
    Hari Sharma

    • hi there i am also from the economics background , what i figured it out that many universities in US ask for a good Quant score like some top 20 univ ask for near 800 quant . for awa its 4 to 5 . also the GPA of the previous degree. so if u r giving on sept23 then the result comes in 3 week of nov . so depending on ur score u should select the univ. like go for 30 to 50 placed univ.

  16. can i knw,y ppl tkng the new gre in the first two mnths are referred as guinea pigs…i want a detailed xplntn..and also plz do note tht ,writng gre is nt the only work tht students hav…..they need to do so much of multi tasking… achieve thier goals

  17. hello HSB
    Will it be good to take the new gre in november for fall 2012?
    I have heard that most universities have deadlines around dec15 or jan15. So will i get enough time to apply?

    Please reply.

  18. i have completed my Msc with chemistry but I want to pursue MS in computers. So which are the courses i need to take and what is the list of univs that would suit me as regards financial aid and good quality of education and good weather. Please let me know when i should take the new GRE.

  19. hello HSB
    i have booked my gre date for sept 29
    and i have just started preparing for the same recently
    but i cant still get the confidence to study..i mean what to study and how to study..
    pls help me regarding this

  20. hello hsb..
    i took my gre in july 1st week and i secured 750 in quans and 430 in verbal(1180)….i am very confused whether to apply to schools with the same scores or to take up new gre and boost my score up…when i saw the average scores of the schools i wanted to apply my quans score is matching their and my verbal is not,they hav an average score of 1200 to 1250……i am confused pls help me with your valuable suggestion…i have now entered my 4th year of Engineering…

  21. reading this post i feel like im doomed- my date’s fixed for august, my preparation has been sub par to say the least. i can upload my pathetic scores in a few days for all of you to see and analyse how difficult this new pattern is. but what really worries me is that i plan to give the test again, since i feel i can certainly improve my score. i’ve figured out the pattern and a fairly good score (with hardwork and blahblah) is achievable. would it leave a bad impression on my application?-the fact that i took it again? is it generally not advisable?

    • HSB
      I sort of did the same thing.I booked a slot in september.Was that a wrong step? No chance we can get a decent score now? Also if someone can tell the proper differences between the old n new pattern clearly,i ll be grateful!
      what would be a fairly good score in new pattern??

  22. hi HSB,
    i did b.e in petroleum engineering in petroleum engineerin from pune. I have an aggregate of 58% . I have won one national paper presentation competition and have done internship under the ministry of petroleum. My Gre score was (1330=570v+760q). Would it be advisable to retake gre in september or shall i apply with the same scores.

  23. Hey ,
    new gre score will be out of how much like it was out of 1600 in the current pattern..?

    • i have completed my +2 grade now i m going to join B.E(I.T) and want prepare for gre so from when i can start taking coaching for gre???????? and what score is the better to get admission in top universities in usa and how to adjust timings for B.E(IT) AND FOR GRE?????????? at same time my percentage in +2 grade is 64% so please help me regarding this hpoe will reply……….thank u

  24. Good Morning HSB
    My name is Priyanka.i did master’s in Food Science & Technology with 73% marks from Haryana(India).I got 1180(560-V,620-Q) in GRE.I want to do Ph.D. in Food Science & Technology from US.i want to know about the Indian students with Food Science & Technology subjects interested to study at US or already doing study there.
    One more important thing what shoud i do for good scores in TOEFL?how do i prepare for TOEFL.please guys reply.dont ignore my message.

    Have a nice day……..
    Thanks & Regards

    • Hi Priyanka, I’m yet to go this Fall to Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) for MS in Food Safety and Technology. Though I don’t really know much about Ph.D. options . I would say you would need definitely above 100 to improve your chances for getting admits. As for the preparation, I didn’t do much, just went through online materials and sample tests and also the mock test which ETS provides free of cost. This I did a few days before the test. I would really like to know how you found the masters program here. Do you plan to go for Spring ? When did you complete your masters?

  25. hi all,
    Thanks for the info!
    I am planning to take mine around October 1st week.
    When will I probably get the scores .Most of the good college deadlines is in December.

  26. You have mentioned not to take new gre until november if we are applying for fall 2012….I have already taken a date in sep for new gre pattern….International Application deadlines for many good universities are around dec and jan -2012. So…what’s u r say on that?

  27. You said “Don’t take New GRE if you are applying for Fall 2012.”. Why ?
    I guess deadlines for Universities are around December – January .. are there any other reasons ?

  28. Hi HSB,
    My june’s GRE score was 1030 and I have one more year to complete my B-tech.So, I wish to take the exam again in the revised pattern.When do you suggest the perfect time for me to take it ,considering the time to prepare well as my old score was not upto the mark.

      • Thank you for the valuable suggestion.I would be glad if you help me in choosing the perfect period to take the exam.
        Thanking you.

      • why is it …no new gre for fall 2012 admits … ???

        please answer this …. i scored 1290 ….planning for another try in october ….
        fall -2012

        • Did you really read the blog post above? Looks like you just read the single sentence and posted the comment.

          • Obviously , I had gone through the whole of the article …..but still i couldn’t realize y u had posted that line …..

          • hi HSB.
            What i understand from your post is that ” It is better to give the NEW GRE after october if one wants to apply for FALL 2012″.
            If i understood it correctly please confirm my post.

            Thanks HSB.

              • i got 820 score .so i need to take again new gre but is it i ll score new gre marks bcoz it tough than old gre.hw much score is necessary to get good schler ship

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