University of Texas at Austin is one of Top University in USA. Pretty much you will find UT Austin in top rankings for all the programs.

  • UT Austin Offers 86 PhD and 154 Masters degree programs.

I have collected Average GRE Scores of few of the programs (Engineering and Sciences) from UT Austin Graduate School admission page.

Revised GRE Scores data haven’t been published (or updated). Till then use the existing data and use New GRE Score Conversion table to find Revised GRE Score.

Average GRE Scores for University of Texas is split and displayed in the following format

  • Major
  • Number of Applications -
  • Average GRE Verbal -
  • Average GRE Quantitative -
  • Number of Students Admitted -
  • Number of Students Enrolled -
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) -
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) -

To get most value from the provided data, pay careful attention to following fields

Number of Applications, Number of application accepted and Number of students who decided to pick UT Austin.

Also, you will notice that Average GRE Scores of applications submitted vs Applications Admitted. This should give a complete picture for prospective students planning to apply to UT Austin.

You will find Average GRE Scores for University of Texas for 16 degree majors.

Major Physics (Masters and PhD)

  • Number of Applications – 393
  • Average GRE Verbal – 524
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 774
  • Number of Students Admitted – 103
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 40
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 575
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 782

Major -  Mechanical Engineering

  • Number of Applications – 817
  • Average GRE Verbal – 517
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 766
  • Number of Students Admitted – 173
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 77
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 573
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 774

Chemistry (Graduate Program)

  • Number of Applications – 640
  • Average GRE Verbal – 510
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 745
  • Number of Students Admitted – 167
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 62
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 553
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 729

Major  – Cell and Molecular Biology

  • Number of Applications – 279
  • Average GRE Verbal – 532
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 730
  • Number of Students Admitted – 61
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 26
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 578
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 721


  • Number of Applications – 316
  • Average GRE Verbal – 575
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 652
  • Number of Students Admitted – 5
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 4
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 684
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 698

Major  – Writing

  • Number of Applications – 998
  • Average GRE Verbal – 619
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 588
  • Number of Students Admitted – 16
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 12
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 632
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 593

Major Petroleum Engineering

  • Number of Applications – 468
  • Average GRE Verbal – 455
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 745
  • Number of Students Admitted – 85
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 52
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 512
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 772

Major OR and Industrial Engineering

  • Number of Applications – 194
  • Average GRE Verbal – 508
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 766
  • Number of Students Admitted – 61
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 21
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 564
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 783

Major – Computer Science

  • Number of Applications – 893
  • Average GRE Verbal – 558
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 780
  • Number of Students Admitted – 144
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 54
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 593
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 789

Major Aerospace Engineering

  • Number of Applications – 277
  • Average GRE Verbal – 533
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 760
  • Number of Students Admitted – 79
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 31
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 589
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 769

Major Biomedical Engineering

  • Number of Applications – 154
  • Average GRE Verbal – 521
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 755
  • Number of Students Admitted – 31
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 18
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 586
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 768

Major Civil Engineering

  • Number of Applications – 937
  • Average GRE Verbal – 477
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 757
  • Number of Students Admitted – 302
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 116
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 511
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 763

Major Chemical Engineering

  • Number of Applications – 570
  • Average GRE Verbal – 526
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 768
  • Number of Students Admitted – 102
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 39
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 613
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 784

Major Electrical Engineering

  • Number of Applications – 515
  • Average GRE Verbal – 533
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 778
  • Number of Students Admitted – 37
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 13
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 576
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 792

Major MBA – General

  • Number of Applications – 2282
  • Average GRE Verbal – 558
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 710
  • Number of Students Admitted – 558
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 258
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 535
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 780
  • Average GMAT – 690

Major Maths (Masters and Phd)

  • Number of Applications – 418
  • Average GRE Verbal – 558
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 775
  • Number of Students Admitted – 65
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 36
  • Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 563
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 765

Major – Geological Science

  •  Number of Applications – 364
  • Average GRE Verbal – 504
  • Average GRE Quantitative – 709
  •  Number of Students Admitted – 117
  • Number of Students Enrolled – 71
  •  Average GRE Verbal (Admitted) – 600
  • Average GRE Quantitative (Admitted) – 765

Questions or Comments

If you have additional questions about Average GRE Scores or need information about required GRE Scores for other universities, post your comment below.

  • reshma

    Dear sir,
    My gre score is 297 but AWA IS ONLY 2.Is there any chance that i ll get a gud university?

  • bharat

    my gre score is 318 cgpa at 8.3 can i get ms in electrical engineering at u of texas austin

  • varun

    My GRE score is 301, toefl not yet, Engg aggregate of 67.64% (mech). What are my chances of getting admission at Ohio State University?? Please help…


  • yogesh

    i have got 393 in Gre score. i have 73% in the ECE and 67% in 10th and 55% in diploma ECE.
    in which university i get admission ?
    it is any problem of get the visa due to low score of gre??

  • ranjith kumar

    i got 286 in GRE….verbal 132 and in quant 154…
    i have an aggregate of 69.2 in my graduation . should i retake the test ??
    is the score good enough to get admission in good universities….plzzzzzzzzzz reply

  • ranjith

    Hii !! suggest me US universities for MS in clectronics (2012 fall).
    My GRE-286 (V-132 & Q-154)

  • dev

    i just took the gre got 156Q and 145V is that enough for phd in mechanical…..

    plz help

  • taj

    is there any website like this where i will come to know about SAT?? please guys inform me…!!!!!!!!!

  • Gouri

    hey, my GRE score is 296/340 …is it enough to get an admission in any good University for Electronics and telecommunication ?

    • Manoj

      Yep you will get. But its wise to take GRE again since the score is very low.

  • http://yahoo KIRAN SIVA

    Hi HSB,
    I wrote GRE older version and got 910( after conversion to new version it counts to 294)
    and toefl is 62, I have completed my ENGINEERING in ECE with a descent percent(73%), so plz suggest me some universities for this score, also if any one know abot the ELS prog, please explain me…

    • Manoj

      Its better you take GRE again. Even if you get admit from some univ, due to low GRE score you might get into problem during VISA Interview. Do think twice before applying with this GRE score. Its a high risk from my point of view. What if you are rejected in visa interview after spending lot of money in applying to univ’s? Its just a word of caution.

  • hitesh

    Hii !! suggest me US universities for MS in clectronics (2012 fall).
    My GRE-286 (V-135 & Q-151)

  • Syed Mamnoon Akhter

    I have 800 in quantitative and 31o in verbal. Can any guide me please for US universities?

  • Greeshma

    Hi All,
    I got 141 in verbal and 158 in quant,can any one of you guide me if i can get into any B-schools near by New Jersey state.

  • MohammadReza

    Dear Sir/Mam

    I have got 311 totally score in GRE and a week later I will have IELTS exam , also my MS. GPA (Mechanical Engineering) is 3.75. Moreover, I published some Journals, two books and many conference paper. Please help me with notice to this point I don’t have IELTS certificate, how can I get admission in USA UNIVERSITIES. Which Universities are best choice for me.
    With best regards,
    If Possible , then let me know how ? and some details for apply

  • sushma

    we should write both gre &toefl or only gre enough

  • sushma

    if we get gre score low then can we get admissions in universities

  • Kiran Siva

    Hi guys,
    I slotted my TOEFL date by feb 11th,can any 1 plz suggest me the gud materials for TOEFl,now i am working on with the PRINCETON 2011 edition..

    • Manoj

      No preparation required for TOEFL. Just have a look at the test material that is available as download in ETS. Its just more more that enough.. :) Hope you booked TOEFL at a good center..

      • NARSIMHA


        • Manoj

          Once you register in ETS site for TOEFL. You will get access to a page where you can download sample. Alternatively you can even check out this link: But if you follow this link you need to download. So better go through the site once you register

  • Sam

    Hi, I got 141 in verbal and 145 in quant in revised gre.can I really get admission for master in information technology to any USA university?

  • Harsh

    can ny1 plz tel how d new policies of us nd uk affect d admission for m.s. programme.

  • swapna

    hi HSB,
    I’m swapna. now I’m doing my 3/4 (IT). I want some information about my M.S.
    I want to do my MS in any state university.Now need following information.
    1)what are the best state universities in usa.
    2)what the courses i can do .
    3) what is the GRE and TOEFL score required those universities.

    • Abinesh

      Good career. It all depends on your GPA, GRE, TOEFL scores along with SOP. If you are good at all you can get good state university with good scholarship. I am also applying for it. I am gonna write gre by march for 2013 fall intake.

    • Manoj

      You are asking the same questions that I wanted to ask someone before 6 months.. :) :) Just surf sites like,, You will have more than enough info in a week.. :) all d best..

  • majio

    Pls, who knows anything about the university of rhode island?

  • Harsha

    Hey guys… I wanted to apply for MS Mechanical/Material Science/Aerospace for Fall 2012.
    I am giving GRE on 16th Dec and TOEFL on 11th Dec.
    Expecting GRE score around 1100-1300.

    The thing I am worried about is, the university deadlines.
    What universities do I still have the chance ? , wherein assuming I get the GRE scorecards on 1st week of Jan 2012, what all univs can I apply ?

    I am looking for research based MS (not course based) and more preferably Phd directly (If I have the chance).

    My profile is
    74% B.Tech Mech Engg (till 6th sem, from KL University,Andhra Pradesh).
    Good research work :4 papers in international journals and 1 paper in intl conference. (2 more under review).
    Good SOP and LoR’s.
    12 th : 79%
    10 th : 84%
    Internship at Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML) and Mahindra & Mahindra (R&D).

    Please suggest me the suitable universities for my profile.( keeping the deadlines in mind)

    Thank you

  • mayank kale

    Dear HSB,

    I have secured 270/800 in verbal section and 760/800 in quant section. I know good universities in US is not going to offer me MS in Computer engineering although my CGPA is 8.75/10. what about europe???? should I go for University of Freiburg , Germany. Is this university is good?????
    sir please show me right path.

    — Mayank Kale

    • mahdi

      hi dear
      you know top university will get you more sallary
      so get the gre exam for another time .you have a good gpa
      so let yourself test top university

  • mayank kale

    Dear HSB,
    I have secured 270/800 in verbal and 760/800 in quants.
    I know good universities in US is not going to offer me MS in computer Engineering. so I am opting for Germany. What about University of Freiburg. please guide my path sir.

    – Mayank Kale

  • Sumaiya Sultana

    Hello HSB,
    it is really a pleasure to me to get information from you……………… thank you for this ……………..
    here i came to know about GRE but what about academic requirement? would you please tell me what will be the minimum academic result to get chance at ‘University of Texas’?

  • sri lakshmi

    hello sir , what is the correct month to write gre exam , when will i get amitted if i give exam in the june 2012 ,plzz suggest me ..

    • Manoj

      If you take exam by June 2012, you can get admitted at the very next semester, i.e spring 2013. Better to prefer fall(fall 2014) compared to spring..

  • Avinash

    Hey HSB,

    I heard that MIS program is also very famous in this university. Can you please post the average GRE score required to get into MIS? Meanwhile I have scored 600 in GMAT having 3 years of IT exp.

  • Dennis

    Hello Gentleman,

    Thanks for the useful information. More of that will be appreciated.

  • gcdinesh


    I want to pursue my MS IE in UT austin, i have got 141 in verbal and 146 in quants and AWA 2.0.. Acads got 70%. Will i get an admit in this university..Please help me out someone

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Nidhi


    My RGRE score is 305.. Could i apply to UT-Austin? I have a CGPA of 9.67/10 and a Toefl score of 108.. What are my chances?

    • HSB

      Just by looking at GRE, no its not possible in UT.

      • Nidhi

        Hmm.. So which other universities could i try?

  • manoj

    i am veterinary science graduate,seeking university which having and animal science subjects for M.S and Phd and should have funding policy for international students………………….plz suggest if you know any…………..many many thanks

    • monika patel

      pl.give me all information about p.hd riquriment gre .exam.

      • monika patel

        for bioscience subject

  • ANUJ

    hey my revised verbal score is 144/170 and revised quants score is 154/170
    so is it possible for me to get admission in engineering field

    • ajay

      hey which university u took…..i have same score (almost) as urs??

      • dileep m

        hii ajay..
        my gre scores are verbal(138/170) and quant(158/170)
        hey can u suggest me some any universities in u.s.
        and my branch is informational technology

  • raghav

    Nice post…
    But more importantly to be admitted to UT Austin one generally requires an average CGPA >3.8/4.0 (at least in chemical engg). This is a highly sought after and hence highly selective research based school.
    Best of luck to all appers.

  • shreemathi dhamodaran

    hi hsb,
    please tell me good universities in US offering Master in electronics and instrumentation engineering..

  • Prasanna

    HI!!! I got 293 (verbal-138,quant-155)in new Gre out of 340,I have done my B.E from electronics and telecommunication branch.Please suggest me universities which are good for embedded/robotics with this score…..willing to apply for fall2012 please reply…….

    • anup

      It’s 7th December today and you are already in the timeout zone, and if you haven’t done your research well before taking GRE and till now, my advice would be to go for the fall-13 session..

      • HSB

        Take GRE before mid Feb, you will be able to apply for Fall 2012.

  • Anwar

    Dear HSB,

    kindly post the data of Geoscience majors of US universities, if available.
    I haven’t found even a single blog for the above mentioned majors.

    Thank you in advance,

    • HSB

      Geological Science added.

  • cutigal

    hi hsb,
    i am from bioinfo
    and shrlsted some unvis for bioinfo ms
    1.Rochesther institute of technology
    university of sciences
    3. george mason-virginia
    4. NJIT

    please tell me ,whether all these univs are good and the cut offs

    thank you

    • HSB

      Wait for the post tomorrow, its exclusive to Biotech graduates.

      • DC

        Looking forward to that!

  • Amit

    Hey I got 293 in new gre ..which clg is preferable for me to do master in electrical or communication engineering.

  • manasa

    Hi HSB,
    My total average revised GRE score is 1250(using conversion table)
    But I see the average score for Mechanical Engineering department is 1283.
    But I have an aggregate percentage of 81.09 in B.Tech.
    Do I get admission with Funding?
    Please reply me. please.

    • SBA

      if you want your profile to be evaluated go to

      • manasa

        Thank you FYI.

    • sumi

      yes u wll get

    • Manoj

      Never ever worry for GRE score too much ya. Of course good GRE score is required, but you no need to give importance for 50 mark difference. Just go ahead and apply. You have a decent %