F1 Visa Rejected Student’s Message to You and Visa Officers

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Following Comment was posted by Ketan for the post below. I just feel like banging my head on the door. Yes, there are frustrated people like Ketan who sends Message to Visa officers.

Don’t Blame Visa Officer for US Visa Rejection – The statement is completely false.

I understand that judgement in 1 min is very difficult however partiality and mentality of VO can be judged very easily. I’m sharing my personal experience….

I got rejection 3 times

1st time VO gave me reason

Your interview is good but unfortunately this time I cannot grant you VISA. No specific reasons he mentioned….

2nd Time: VO accepted my VISA First and then Rejected…
After Rejection

I told: Sir I respect your decision but please let me know why my VISA is rejected after accepting….

VO: Ahhh….Welll….Hmm…Mr Ketan….Unfortunately this time also I am unable to grant you the VISA….
Me: Y
VO: Well….Here is of no doubt that your interview is perfect…but unfortunately I am bound to follow the rules and regulations as per US norms which all the VO’s are bound to follow…..If personally I would be there then I can grant you the visa as per your todays performance…but Sorry…..I can’t grant…Better Luck Next Time……

3rd Time:

VO: Mr Ketan, as I see your previous records….
You applied frequently for VISA
You have not changed your previous university and program. So Unfortunately I cannot grant this time….

But Friends….My VISA interview was very perfect all the three times…..But I noticed every time… VO gave VISA to all the girls. Not even a single girl was rejected.

A Message to Visa Officers

You people are very having proud and you think you are the best in the world. This is completely ridiculous and false. But remember one thing, we Indians have performed dramatically outstanding in every sector that your president Mr Obama is compelled to think about it. He stated, Beware of Indians otherwise they will occupy your jobs….So you people now recognize who is the best.

If you cannot grant the US Visa then Go To Hell…..We Indians are not completely relying upon you. We people have performed and gave outstanding results that Entire world is inviting us for our inventions.

A Message To All My Friends

Please support me If you think I am right. If one’s not getting VISA….It doesn’t mean The Journey’s Over… But Its a Challenge. They should be realized for what they did to every student. Friends do something very special that even those people have to take appointment from us.


Message to You

  • You are the one who is at door step of US consulates asking for Visa.
  • Again read the 2 points in the  post for which you posted the above comments.
  • Your view of perfect interview is not same as Visa officers view and you feel you are always right.
  • What kind of message is that to visa officers? Hope you are not being serious

“Indians are not completely relying upon you.”

Then why are you so desperate to get visa to USA? Plus, you words say, we are still relying on you.

As Visa officer said during your third interview. Nothing has changed from last 2 interviews. Do you expect to get visa?

And you call that as perfect interview?

I know you are frustrated with 3 rejections. But, that’s what destined to happen to you. Life is a challenge. Use this frustration to do fuel creative work. It’s of no use in sending big messages to visa officers. They are doing their job.

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