Question –  What is the maximum score in TOEFL iBT?

TOEFL iBT Maximum Score

TOEFL Exam consists of following 4 sections

  1. Reading
  2. Listening
  3. Speaking and
  4. Writing

Each section is scored to a max of 30 points.

  1. Reading  (0 -30)
    • Low (0-14)
    • Intermediate (15-21)
    • High (22-30)
  2. Listening 0-30
    • Low (0-14)
    • Intermediate (15-21)
    • High (22-30)
  3. Speaking 0-4 points converted to 0-30 score scale
    • Weak (0-9)
    • Limited (10-17)
    • Fair (18-25)
    • Good (26-30)
  4. Writing 0-5 points converted to 0-30 score scale
    • Limited (1-16)
    • Fair (17-23)
    • Good (24-30)

Total Score of 4 sections -  0-120

So, the TOEFL iBT Maximum Score is 120. Universities will have minimum required TOEFL Score to be considered for admission. If you don’t have the minimum TOEFL Score, you may get conditional admission.



  1. Hi, I got a score of 111 on TOEFL. I practiced for 5 days, about 3 hours a day. TOEFL is easy if you are able to speak and write clearly in english.
    I wish all of you all the best.
    I did not study from any book specifically. I took 4 practice tests from Cambridge-TOEFL-IBT cd.

  2. got my toefl ibt scores today -117!!

    R 29, S 29, W 29 and L 30. I was so worried about my speaking, needed 26 but got a 29! My speaking section didn’t go perfect, just get the basics right..understand the question and answer as you would normally talk. Good luck guys!

    • how did u get such a score? please tell me what and what did you study to get such a high score

  3. hello admin, i want to go usa for my higher i want know what is the required score to go usa and get scholarship with it.

  4. Hi HSB, I appeared for TOEFL on 17th Oct, 2010. But till date, I have not yet received my copy of score card. I contacted ETS in December and they re-dispatched the same on 12th December. However, I have still not received it. Please help.

    P.S. – I contacted local post office and also rechecked my address. Everything seems to be okay.

  5. hi every one…..

    last day took gre n scored 1260(780Q+480V)…..

    n going to write toefl on 19th.

    i need to score 90+ so could some one tell how to score the target!!

    thanx in advance

  6. I prepared only 1.5 days for TOEFL as I am a medical student & hardly I get some time 2 spare. I scored 110 so I think anybody who study for a week or so can do wonders!!

    Best of luck 2 u all !!

  7. Hi there, I agree with the comment than scoring high in the TOEFL isn't rocket science. Language isn't my mother tongue (French is). With a few years working in American environment but only one week "test practice", I scored 118…good luck to y'all !

  8. A Pakistani with 114 would be me [26R, 29L, 30S, 29W].

    I merely trifled with it – otherwise, as already stated, it is no rocket science but a basic English test!

    p.s: I am in 6th Semester of B.S.

    • Dear Qaiser Habib,

      I am Mr Khan from pakistan. I am preparing for TOEFL exam. I have M.Sc in Chemistry. Kindly help me for test preparation and practice



  9. Hi sir,

    i want 2 get admission in university of California (Barkley University) what should be my GRE and TOEFL scores.. Is my academic record of B.Tech is concerned in the process of admission. i want 2 get admit in Ms in computer science. Plz guide me sir…

  10. PLease Sir, I am a Nigerian and presently undergoing a master of science degree in England. I just want to know if I still need to write a toefl axam after to do my PHD in USA of completing my MSc and a GRE exam.

  11. Hi, EVERY ONE. I will take TOEFL exam in JUNE 2010. And I would like to take some advices from you. How can I get high score? I know the most important THING IN this regard is to know English well. But I would like to know about your strategies.

    Best regards, M.UMAR

  12. hi! im a pakistani. i took the toefl ibt on nov 1st. i scored a total of 111. reading: 26, listening: 27, speaking:28, and writing:30. I would like to know that what has been the highest score in toefl in year 2009 (a)all over the world, and (b) in pakistan specifically!

    • Hey, I'm an Indian and I've got 114 in Toefl iBT. Reading: 27, writing: 30, speaking: 29 and listening: 28.

      Beat this !!!

      • @Aniqa

        Well, many people all over the world score a perfect 120 on TOEFL, it really isn't rocket science to crack a basic English test.

        P.S.: I got a 117 on iBT in 2008.:)

      • Hi, Ankur. I will take TOEFL exam in January. And I would like to take some advices from you. How can I get high score? I know the most important feature is to know English well. But I would like to know about your strategies.

        Best regards, Sanan Shabanov.

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