How To Score 30/30 with TOEFL iBT Speaking Practice?

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After posting 5 Reasons for Low Score in TOEFL iBT Speaking, many students shared their thoughts on why they got low score in TOEFL iBT Speaking section.

Few shared their comments  on how they are getting TOEFL speaking practice.

But, one comment stood out of all and it’s worth sharing it with much wider audience on how to practice for TOEFL speaking section

Qaiser Says

I scored 30/30 on the TOEFL Speaking section.

I believe the best method of practice is to record your responses to Barron’s/Kaplan’s/ETS’s TOEFL speaking practice questions and then listen to them.

Then listen to their sample response and try to figure out the differences.

This way, you will try to elevate your response’s quality to that of the Sample. You shall see significant differences within a week in TOEFL speaking section.

P.S. my practice time for the whole TOEFL was not more than 5 days, total score is 114.

What Qaiser said is absolutely right.

If you are going to take TOEFL without speaking practice (Record, listen and improve) in TOEFL Speaking section, it’s very hard to speak in front of the computer microphone for the first time.

First – You will have TOEFL exam tension, then on top of it you have to take notes on the TOEFL passage, then speak your response.

So, if you haven’t practiced for TOEFL speaking section before, you are going to sound terrible when you speak. So, practice is the key to get good score in TOEFL speaking section.

There days, all cell phones these days come with a voice recorder, use it to record your response and review it.

Pick up sample TOEFL Speaking practice questions and passages. Record your answers, review and make improvements to your mistakes.

It’s natural for anyone to fell awkward to speak to a recorder, but if you need high score in speaking section in TOEFL, you got to overcome that feeling. Keep practicing till you feel comfortable talking to a recorder.
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