Top 10 Universities For GRE Score +1100

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Fall 2009 is on its way and many students are scrambling to find schools to send graduate school applications before deadline. If you happen to read the comments for different articles, many students trying to find Universities to apply. Some of them will request to select universities based on Ambitious, Moderate and Safe.

Top 10 Universities – GRE Score 1100+

From the request I got, here’s top 10 US Universities where student are planning to apply for Fall 2009 semester with GRE Score above 1100.

  1. Georgia Tech
  2. North Carolina State University
  3. University of Texas at Arlington
  4. SUNY Albany
  5. Rochester Institute of Technology
  6. University of Texas at Dallas
  7. SUNY Stonyrook
  8. Univ Southern California
  9. University of Houston – Main Campus
  10. Clemson University

Other Top 10 Categories

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