9 Top GRE Books to Crack the Revised GRE Test

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In this article you will find Top GRE Books, reviews and recommendations for GRE Test Takers.

Revised GRE Exam preparation takes time and effort, but with top GRE books, you can certainly enjoy the GRE Preparation and Ace the New GRE.

There are several GRE books published related to Revised GRE test prep, here is a list of  Top GRE Test prep books that will help you improve your GRE Test Score.

ETS have started offering Revised GRE and with slight change in GRE Preparation approach and right set of Top GRE Books, you can crack the Revised GRE and aim for perfect 340 in GRE.

One of the frequently asked question – How many GRE books to buy?

  • 2 Books for General Strategies
  • 1 Book for each section
  • 1 or more books for GRE practice tests
  • Few Test Prep practice software

Top GRE Books 2013

Set 1 – Following books listed based on the order of preference.

5lb Manhattan  Book of GRE Practice Problems (Video)

Top GRE Quantitative Books

Here are few books for GRE Quantitative Sections – Strategies, and Practice Test.

  1. 500 GRE Math Flash Cards (Manhattan)
  2. Manhattan GRE Prep Books – ( Includes Books for Algebra, Word Problems, Trigonometry)
  3. Nova GRE Math Prep Course
  4. Kaplan GRE Exam Math Workbook

GRE Books – Verbal

Here are few books for preparing for GRE Verbal section. Most students will have to spend more time on Verbal section prep than math section.

After identifying your weak Verbal sections, pickup few books to improve you specific weak sections within verbal.

Best GRE Test Prep Books

So, which books to buy? You can buy

  1. Manhattan GRE Prep Books – (Must Buy)
  2. Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test  (Must Buy)
  3. 5 lb Book of GRE Practice Problems (Must Buy)

That would cover in-depth coverage materials for New GRE Prep.  For Practice, you may have to buy Kaplan and other test prep books.  Of the 9 books listed above, try to buy atleast the Must Have books. If you are serious about improving your GRE Score, you should have atleast the 4 Must Have books (GRE Best Books)

Most students will just have Barron’s How to Prepare for GRE or Kaplan GRE Exam book and ignore other books.  If you have good Verbal and Math skills, then you could get away with just one book, but if you are scoring between 800 to 1200 in practice tests, then try to buy above listed GRE Test Prep books.

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