Top 10 H1B Jobs, Sponsors and States in FY 2013

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Department of labor published statistics for H-1B visa specialty occupations based on Labor Condition Application (LCA).

Statistics include the following data

  • Number of Applications received
  • Applications processed
  • Top 10 H1B jobs
  • Top 10 states for H1B workers
  • Top 10 employers requesting H1B Visa

Note : These statistics would include new applications and H-1B transfer between employers and other instances when new LCA is required.

Before submitting H1B application to USICS, employers are required to submit Labor Condition Application (LCA). Here’s a brief overview about why LCA is required.

After LCA is certified by DOL, then employer can file H1B Visa application along with certified LCA.

LCA is required during

  • New H-1B application
  • H-1B transfer to new employer
  • Change of work location under the same employer (like consultants when projects change).
  • H1B Renewal ( Extension)
  • H1B Amendments

Following statistics is based on LCA applications submitted by employers during one of of the above situations with H1B applications.  Now you know the reason for why number of LCA application’s are much higher compared to total number of available H-1B quota per fiscal year.

Top 10 H1B Jobs, States and Employers 

h1b lca statistics 2013


Top H1B Job is Computer Systems Analyst which has almost 100,000 more applications compared to next job role of Computer Programmers.

Likewise California leads the list of States with 160,313 applications. That’s double than next state of New York.

Wipro leads the H-1B employers with 102,218 H1B LCA applications.

5 Interesting Facts

  1. Good number of LCA applications were denied and withdrawn
  2. Most employers in top 10 are consulting companies
  3. 7 out of 10 jobs are related to Computer and IT industry
  4. Remain 3 Jobs are in Finance Related
  5. Wipro Filed most H1B LCA application in Q4 of FY 2013

I found something interesting about Wipro’s data. Above data is for FY 2013 (all 4 quarters).

Till Q3, Wipro had 38,925. Here is the link to LCA data till Q3.

Q4 it jumped from 38,925 to 102,218 which is 63,293

Total LCA in Q4 is 80,983. Which shows majority of the Q4 applications were filed by Wipro in Q4. I guess they had to move lot of their employee’s to new projects and work site.

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