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Many students are applying to Canada due to recession in US. Recently Alberta, Canada was processing Permanent Residency for H1B workers in US in fast track.

Blooming Economy in Alberta had created mad rush and many H1B workers who are waiting in US for many years to get Green Card decided to move to Canada.

If you are considering applying to Canadian Universities, following Top 5 Universities in Canada will help you with University search and selection.Programs and degrees awarded in Canada is different from USA.

Best Overall 5 Universities

In its 2006 survey, Maclean’s, a leading Canadian news magazine rates the  best overall by National Reputation Ranking. The top  five in this category were:

  1. University of Alberta
  2. University of Waterloo
  3. McGill University
  4. University of British Columbia
  5. University of Toronto

Top 5 Universities in Canada – Time

The Times Higher Education Supplement rates the top 5 Canadian universities  (world rankings in brackets):

  1. McGill University (21)
  2. University of Toronto (27)
  3. University of British Columbia (50)
  4. University of Alberta (133)
  5. McMaster University (155)