Guest post by a student in Germany names Alexander (Bachelor of Science) Industrial Engineering with specilization in Electronics at the Fachhochschule Landshut.

Tuition fees were disestablished in most Bundesländer (German States).

You pay in just 3 State in Germany tuition fees.

You pay in Hamburg, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), and Bayern (Bavaria). ~ 500 Euro a semester.

For example – Tuition fees:

  • Fachhoschule Landshut (University of Applied Sciences Landshut) 300 euro /semester
  • Location: Lower Bavaria, about 80 km away from Munich.
  •  TU München (Technical University Munich) 500 Euro / semester
  • Location: Upper Bavaria, Munich.
  • TU Berlin (Technical University Berlin) 0 Euro / semester
  • Location: Berlin
  • FH Westküste (University of Applied Sciences Westküste ) 0 Euro / Semester
  • Location: Schleswig-Holstein, Heide, about 100 km away from Hamburg

In Any Case you have to pay some fees for the Studentenwerk (student union): It is about 60 Euro per semester

My advice:

Go to a smaller Town. Not the biggest Cities.

The Costs of Living were cheaper in smaler Towns. You get to know the people much better and the mentality.

And you might have more money to Visit bigger Cities for partying. But be assured in Smaller Towns are good parites too.

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  1. i want to study at aeronautical engineering in canada.what is the living cost and tution fees in canada?????????

  2. hiiiii i am in last semester f btech plzzzz give me details f B schools in germany and fee criteria and cst f living there

  3. Hi ,
    I am just done with my btech in Electrical & Electronics Engg from NIT Calicut ,India . I wanted to know what all factors should we look for while selecting the university ?? how different is technical university from university of applied science ??

  4. I need learn in Germany university without fee please help me so If give these chance I know more effective

  5. I am interested in studying aeonautics specilaization in MS, Please guide me regarding universities & fees.
    Thanks a Lot– Anand

  6. I have a degree in political science and conflict resolution and I want to study masters on international relation..wat r d things I need to do

  7. As far as my info goes, RWTH aachen charges around 3,900 euro per semester for some international course(ie courses taught in english). These include CAME,PSE and combustion engines
    Course fee for GPE(global production engineering) in TU Berlin is about 14,000 euro.
    The semester fee of 220 is an addition to above course fee.
    So, the fee also depends on the course nd is not the same for every course

  8. I seriously do not want to study in Germany because, going through the posts of those who study in Germany, I feel like those guys are more intertested in Partying than studies.

    I am seriously waiting to see any posts by anyone who is studying/studied in germany about the research in Embedded Systems and VLSI areas..

    Cost of Education is low but, As to what I heard, Germans give first preference to Their people while recruiting .. How sad it is ??

    Thats why I say.. Go to US for a better life..

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! this shows how much you know about Germany… I’m from Mechanical engg, but i’m sure ppl who are in electronics would love for you to go to US cos there is one less competition for the actual ppl who like to go to Germany to “PARTY”!!

      and to make it clear, you should know good German if you want a job there.

  9. I have got an admission in TU Freiberg (CMS) . And have applied for Ruhr-Bochum (Computational Engineering). I would like to know about the city/town of Freiberg and Bochum. As in how easy/difficult it is for living there and also are these places a uni town, in the sense that you find more students around? It would be of great help if you can give me a ballpark figure of the living expenses in these two cities.

  10. I wanna know which university better in construction engineering ?!
    I’ve studied civil engineering in egypt and wanna continue my studies in Germany
    Is there any requirements like specific GPA, TOEFL or IELTS???

  11. I am thankful to Admin of this blog and all the members of this blog for their contribution to thi blog. The information is really really helpful to much extent.

  12. Its quite interesting.. thank you for the inputs. i think HSB can start a seperate blog for Germany…

  13. i am currently studying in germany and as far as my experience goes the FEE is still in those state around 500 euro per semester plus you would have to pay anything from 200-250 euro extra for a student card which includes free public transportation in your state and student university with 0 tution fee you still have to pay the same amount of money i.e. 200-250 and yeah living in the big cities like hamburg berlin or frankfurt will be a bit expensive but don’t go for a very small city you can apply for any university in NRW and cities like cologne,dusseldorf,essen,aachen are the best places to in cities like berlin,frankfurt you can eaisly get indian food supply like flour,okra, other stuff to and life in interesting their to.

    • Hi! Mr Ashray, I am persuing BE(3/4 2nd sem) in MECH, I want to know the minimum eligible percentage in BE and the no of cleared backlogs eligible for persuing MS in GERMANY. Is percentage between 60-70 is eligible in any any univer in GERMANY.

    • Hi Ashray,
      I would like to know more about for masters education in germany like how to apply for masters degree in Mechanical Engg.Do they require a strong academic score?

  14. I wish to apply for Master of Laws (taught in English) so could you advise me which university and how much does it cost per year? Besides, my TOEFL is 76 and I am about to re-take soon. Many thanks.

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