How Much Does it Cost to Study in Germany – Tuition Fees

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Guest post by a student in Germany names Alexander (Bachelor of Science) Industrial Engineering with specilization in Electronics at the Fachhochschule Landshut.

Tuition fees were disestablished in most Bundesländer (German States).

You pay in just 3 State in Germany tuition fees.

You pay in Hamburg, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), and Bayern (Bavaria). ~ 500 Euro a semester.

For example – Tuition fees:

  • Fachhoschule Landshut (University of Applied Sciences Landshut) 300 euro /semester
  • Location: Lower Bavaria, about 80 km away from Munich.
  •  TU München (Technical University Munich) 500 Euro / semester
  • Location: Upper Bavaria, Munich.
  • TU Berlin (Technical University Berlin) 0 Euro / semester
  • Location: Berlin
  • FH Westküste (University of Applied Sciences Westküste ) 0 Euro / Semester
  • Location: Schleswig-Holstein, Heide, about 100 km away from Hamburg

In Any Case you have to pay some fees for the Studentenwerk (student union): It is about 60 Euro per semester

My advice:

Go to a smaller Town. Not the biggest Cities.

The Costs of Living were cheaper in smaler Towns. You get to know the people much better and the mentality.

And you might have more money to Visit bigger Cities for partying. But be assured in Smaller Towns are good parites too.

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