30 Universities for Masters in Pharmacology

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Many students have been asking for list of Universities for Masters in Pharmacology. Here is a list of 30 Universities in US that offer Masters Degree in Pharmacology.

Graduate Admission requirements will vary between universities.

Make sure you spend enough time at each University, before decide on  5 to 7 universities to apply. [ Difference Between PharmD, PhD and Masters in Pharmacy]

30 Universities for Pharmacology

  1. Neuropharmacology & Neuroscience, Albany Medical College
  2. Toxicology, Utah State University
  3. Pharmacology, Cornell University
  4. Pharmacology, Creighton University
  5. Pharmacology (Roswell Park), SUNY at Buffalo
  6. Pharmacology, SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn
  7. Pharmacology, SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse
  8. Nephrology, Virginia Commonwealth University
  9. Pharmacology & Toxicology, Virginia Commonwealth University
  10. Physiology and Pharmacology, Wake Forest University
  11. Pharmacology, A T Still University of Health Sciences
  12. Pharmacology, Temple University
  13. Interdisciplinary-Toxicology, Texas A & M University
  14. Toxicology- Intercollegiate Faculty, Texas A & M University,
  15. Medical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Texas A & M University System Health Science Center
  16. Pharmacology and Toxicology, Dartmouth College
  17. Pharmacology, Drexel University
  18. Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Duke University
  19. Pharmacology, Duquesne University
  20. Pharmacology & Toxicology, East Carolina University
  21. Pharmacology, University of Virginia-Main Campus
  22. Pharmacology, University of Washington-Seattle Campus
  23. Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  24. Pharmacology, Vanderbilt University
  25. Pharmacology, Baylor College of Medicine
  26. Pharmacology, Boston University
  27. Pharmacology, Case Western Reserve University
  28. Pharmacology, Columbia University in the City of New York
  29. Pharmacology, Cornell University
  30. Pharmacology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
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