12 Universities for IELTS Score 5.5 [ TOEFL 46 to 59]

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Looking for Universities in U.S. that accepted IELTS Score 5.5 and above for U.S.A.? Here is a list of 12 universities that will accept an IELTS score of 5.5 and above.

But, before we look at the watch this short video that explains the following

  • The English proficiency requirements
  • Minimum IELTS (or TOEFL) score Requirements
  • Options for Low IELTS Scores
  • Apply for Universities or ReTake the Test?

Universities listed below are a generic list and it may not offer the programs you are looking for, but gives you an idea of what to expect during the admission process.

You can also find the corresponding TOEFL scores (Internet-based, computer- and paper-based tests).

Yesterday, we published the post, 15 Universities for IELTS Score 6.5 and above.

Universities – IELTS Score 5.5

  1. University of Missouri (TOEFL 61)
  2. Ohio University (TOEFL 61) Conditional Admission
  3. North Dakota State University (TOEFL 71/525)
  4. The University of Texas-Pan American (TOEFL 61; Paper 500)
  5. Central Michigan University (Conditional admission – TOEFL iBT 61 to 78; PBT 500 to 549)
  6. The University of Louisiana at Monroe
  7. Southern New Hampshire University (TOEFL iBT 71; PBT 530)
  8. New Mexico State University (197 CBT; 71 iBT; 530 PBT)
  9. Kent State University (TOEFL score 525, 197, or 71; MELAB – 77 or IELTS score of 5.5)
  10. Murray State University
  11. Washington State University
  12. Oklahoma City University

TOEFL to IELTS Score Conversion Table

toefl to ielts score table


As you can see in the first part of the above TOEFL to IELTS table, your score range is 46 to 59 in TOEFL.

  • Decide if you want to retake the test or apply for Bridge program in better universities.

If you decide to retake the IELTS test, then make sure you are really putting in the required effort to improve your English Language skills.


  1. I have been completed my bachelor degree in Accounting in Eritrea in 2014 and I scored IELTS 5.5 recently.Now, I need to send me list of universities that gives full scholarship .Thanks for your support and I really to listen your feedback.



  3. Sir i got 5.5 band is there any university where i can take admission

  4. Send me the name of list of college accepting ielys score over all 6 not less that 5.5

  5. Hi,I wrote the ielts I got 5.5 band and am looking for a university in Canada which accept this grade and I want to pursue pediatrician doctor so kindly me please.

  6. i have completed my bachelor degree in 2013 in 49.64% and my ielts score is 6 in overall plz list me the college where can i apply

  7. I have 5.5 band for the TOEFL test.please want to Kno if I can have universities in the u.s that offer MBA speciality entrepreneur

  8. my overall band is 6 ,am i eligible for any art university in (MA)?

  9. I had 5 as band score in IELTS please can i have some universities which could accepte me with this score in postgraduate programs? Thanks

  10. Please Send me List of universities for master program ,around the European countries which accept IELTS score of 5.5 bands.

  11. Hello Friends !
    I got 5 bands no less in each then 5 .
    is there any University for Admission in USA ?

  12. I Have been writing this ielts for more than 4 times now! I score 5.5 each time I seat for it pls send me any good university that can accept my score if possible, I will highly appreciate it. Thanks

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