100 Universities – MS and PhD in Chemistry


Raghuram Sukumar Universities

Following is the list of universities offering Graduate Programs in Chemistry (Masters and PhD). Refer to universities website for graduate school admission requirements, admission deadlines.

  1. Boston University; Boston, MA
    • PhD in Chemistry
  2. Auburn University: Auburn, AL
    • Ph.D., M.S  Analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry
  3. Brigham Young University; Provo, UT
  4. Brown University; Providence RI
  5. California Institute of Technology: Pasadena, CA
  6. Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA
  7. University of Nebraska; Lincoln, NE
  8. University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, NC
  9. University of North Dakota; Grand Forks, ND
  10. University of Oregon; Eugene, OR
  11. University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA
    • PhD in Chemistry
  12. University of Rochester; Rochester, NY
    • PhD in Chemistry
  13. University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC
    • PhD in Chemistry
  14. University of Tennessee; Knoxville, NY
  15. University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX
    • MA, PhD in Chemistry
  16. University of Texas; Dallas, TX
    • PhD in Chemistry
  17. University of Virginia; Charlottesville, VA
    • PhD in Chemistry
  18. University of Wisconsin; Madison WI
    • PhD in Chemistry
  19. University of Texas; Arlington, TX
    • MS, PhD in Chemistry
  20. University of Utah; Salt Lake City, UT
    • PhD in Chemistry
  21. Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, VA
    • MS, PhD in Chemistry
  22. Virginia Tech
    • MS, PhD in Chemistry
  23. Washington University in St. Louis; St. Louis, MO
    • PhD in Chemistry
  24. Wayne State University: Detroit, MI
    • PhD in Chemistry
  25. Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Worcester, MA
    • MS, PhD in Chemistry; MS, PhD in Biochemistry
  26. Yale University; New Haven, NY
    • PhD in Chemistry
  27. Case Western Reserve University: Cleveland, OH
  28. Clemson University; Clemson, SC
  29. Colorado State University; Fort Collins, CO
  30. Columbia University: New York, NY
  31. Dartmouth College: Hanover, NH
  32. Duke University: Durham, NC
  33. Duquesne University; Pittsburgh, PA
  34. Emory University; Atlanta, GA
  35. Florida State University: Tallahassee, FL
  36. Georgetown University: Washington, DC
  37. Harvard University; Cambridge, MA
  38. Howard University; Washington, DC
  39. Indiana University; Bloomington, IN
  40. Iowa State University; Ames, IA
  41. Johns Hopkins University: Baltimore, MD
  42. Lehigh University; Bethelehem, PA
  43. Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA
  44. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Cambridge, MA
  45. Michigan State University; East Lansing, MI
    • PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Theoretical Chemistry
  46. Missouri University of Science and Technology; Rolla, MO
  47. New Mexico State University; Las Cruces, NM
  48. New York University; New York, NY
  49. North Carolina State University; Raleigh, NC
  50. Northern Arizona University; Flagstaff, AZ
  51. Northeastern University; Boston, MA
  52. Ohio State University; Columbus, OH
  53. Ohio University; Athens, OH
  54. Oklahoma State University; Stillwater, OK
  55. Old Dominion University; Norfolk, VA
  56. Oregon State University; Corvallis, OR
  57. Pennsylvania State University; University Park, PA
  58. Portland State University; Portland, OR
  59. Princeton University; Princeton NJ
  60. Rochester Institute of Technology; Rochester, NY
  61. Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN
  62. Rutgers State University of New Jersey; Camden, NJ
  63. Sam Houston State University; Huntsville, TX
    • MS in Chemistry; MS in Forensic Science
  64. San Diego State University; San Diego, CA
  65. South Dakota State University; Brookings, SD
  66. Stanford University; Stanford, CA
    • PhD in Chemistry
  67. State University of New York; Buffalo, NY
  68. State University of New York; Stony Brook, NY
  69. SUNY College of Environmental Science; Syracuse, NY
  70. Syracuse University; Syracuse, NY
  71. Texas A&M University; College Station, TX
  72. Towson University; Towson, MD
    • MS in Chemistry
  73. Tufts University; Boston, MA
  74. University of Alabama; Birmingham, AL
    • PhD in Chemistry
  75. University of Arizona; Tucson, AZ
    • MA, MS, PhD in Chemistry
  76. University of Arkansas; Fayetteville, AR
    • PhD in Chemistry
  77. University of Akron; Akron, OH
  78. University of California; Berkeley, CA
    • MS, PhD in Chemistry
  79. University of California; Davis, CA
  80. University of California at Irvine
  81. University of California at Los Angeles, CA
  82. University of California; San Diego, CA
  83. University of California; San Francisco, CA
  84. University of Cincinnati, OH
  85. University of Florida; Gainesville, FL
  86. University of Georgia; Athens, GA
  87. University of Idaho; Moscow, ID
  88. University of Illinois; Chicago, IL
  89. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Urbana, IL
  90. University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA
  91. University of Kentucky; Lexington, KY
  92. University of Maine; Orono, ME
  93. University of Maryland; College Park, MD
  94. University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  95. University of Miami; Coral Gables, FL
  96. University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI
  97. University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN
  98. University of Mississippi: University, MS
  99. University of Missouri; Kansas City, MO
  100. University of Missouri; St. Louis, MO

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