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In this edition of Average GRE Scores for Universities (Part 1) and Average Test Score for GRE (Part 1), you can find the average GRE scores for University of Florida for students with admissions in graduate school.

The University of Florida was founded in 1853, and has been recognized as a “Public Ivy”.

UF is currently ranked 49th overall among national universities in the 2009 U.S. News & World Report rankings.

Getting graduate school admission at UF is tough, but I have seen few of my friends who got admission there but later decided to attend low profile schools, since tuition fees at UF is expensive.

However, if you have college admission from UF, then go for it.

The University of Florida is the flagship university of the State University System of Florida and is one of the largest universities in the United States, with 51,913 students as of fall 2007.

Researchers at the University of Florida developed the world famous sports drink Gatorade.

Average GRE Scores for FLorida

I have listed the mean GRE scores for many college departments and you can read the scores in the following order:

Department – Number of Students – Average GRE Verbal – Average GRE Quantitative

Since  the scores are listed per department, it’s much easier to see what chances you have to get admission in the specific master’s degrees.

Aerospace Engineering    24    494    735
Agric & Biological Eng    10    496    708
Biomedical Engineering    10    559    765
Chemical Engineering    27    442    771
Civil Engineering    61    474    743
Computer Science    6    447    725
Computer Engineering     112    543    776
Electrical/Computer Eng    102    528    763
Environmental Eng Sci    25    541    694
Industrial/Systems Eng    109    456    718
Materials Sci & Eng    41    504    760
Mechanical Engineering    65    503    744
Nuclear Eng Sciences    16    547    766

Animal Molecular and Cellular Biology    3    450    583
Microbiology & Cell Science    3    440    690
Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology    2    600    685

Architecture    47    453    617.87
Mathematics    26    557    726
Philosophy    5    584    734
Physics            21    506    756

Pharmaceutical – Pharmacy Health Care    11    393    630
Pharmaceutical Sci-Med Chemistry    2    *    730
Pharmaceutical Sci-Pharmacy    5    502    676
Pharmaceutical Sciences    39    490    628

Average GRE Scores Year 2006

Department – Number of Students – Average GRE Verbal – Average GRE Quantitative

Aerospace Engineering    10    508    714
Agric & Biological Eng    8    430    753
Biomedical Engineering    18    592    757
Chemical Engineering    21    489    748
Civil Engineering    54    482    736
Computer Engineering     56    557    775
Computer Science    3    440    783
Digital Arts And Sciences    2    560    715
Electrical/Computer Eng    117    541    769
Environmental Eng Sci    17    498    689
Industrial/Systems Eng    69    476    725
Materials Sci & Eng    53    521    761
Mechanical Engineering    42    488    745
Nuclear Eng Sciences    10    524    755
Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology    5    498    690

I couldn’t make it in more readable table form due to time involved in creating table and the amount of data involved.

If you are looking for more information about the average GRE scores for other degree programs, departments, and for previous years 2005, 2004, and 2003, you can visit the source, UFL website.

You might also want to read why it’s a huge mistake to search for schools based on GRE cutoff scores.


  1. Hello HSB,
    I am a final year E&TC student frm Pune University. Please suggest me with my chances in some of the universities tht i have shortlisted.
    engg avg- 61%

    Universities are-

    1. university of maryland–college park(public/26,026)
    2.Texas A&M university–college station(public/22,800)
    3. university of masachhuets, amherst
    4. university of georgia
    5. Iowa state university
    6. North carolina state university
    7. ohio state university
    8. indiana university, bloomington (job good)
    9. university of minnessota-twin cities (electrical)
    10. university of colorado boulder (telecomm) of florida
    please suggest me if any other good university u think shd be in my list.

    no papers published but I have taken part in many college events like paper presentations, robotics.
    have done certifications in- C,JAVA,Embedded systems & rtos
    currently placed in Accenture and will have a year of work exp till i join the uni. Applying for fall’13.
    thnxx 🙂

  2. my gre score is 1100
    toefl 75 out of 120
    btech 70 %
    program ms in industrial engg
    i hav applied in
    nyu poly
    unv of houston
    asu nd ufl
    in which unv there are more chances of admit

  3. Hi i have completed my GRE with 293(v-145 q-148)
    I’m intrested in MS in networking.
    Is Wichita good for networking or do suggest any other colleges for networking

  4. I am Avantika Iyer. Currently I am doing my 4th year in Btech (IT) IIT KANPUR.

    I have scored 1590 in GRE and am expecting my TOEFL results.

    I would like to do MS in Computer science with specialisation in Computer Graphics. Please suggest 5-6 good US universities where I can get admission to MS program with above subjects and also have an opportunity for obtaining scholarship / financial aid.

    I have scored 96 % in ISE and 94 % in ICSE . I have consistently scored more than 80% in my Undergraduate program. I am a Microsoft student partner and have presented Microsoft programs in various Forums. I have complieted my Java Certification program.I’m socially very active and have received an award from the President of India for the same. I wish to pursue my higher studies in the field of Computer engineering itself. Could you possibly review the colleges I have shortlisted and let me know of my prospects of getting into them? It would also be great if you could suggest universities that match my profile.

  5. Can u plz suggest some universities which offer courses in computer science.

    Following are my scores:

    GRE: 1000

    AWA : 2.5

    TOEFL: 87

    BE: 72%

    projects: 1

    12th std. : 76%

    10th std: 81%

    plz suggesst me as soon as possible at 5-6 univ.

    thanks in advance.

    warm regards.


    I am planning to give GRE some 2 months ahead.
    Please tell me what is the criteria of US universities’ score… i mean if a university demands for 81 score.. what does that mean??
    Kindly tell me the breakup fo this score with weightage of GRe nand toffel

    1. Hi mubeen, I am also preparng for gre and may be we could mutually help each other.

  7. Hiii,i am ankit i plannig fr ms in pharmacy in spring intech how much minimum score in gre and tofel required please guide average percentage in b.pharm is 60% please guide me

    1. hello ankit,
      i am applying for fall 2013 for ms in pharmacy but can u tell me which dept in pharmacy have u applied for and which universities??

  8. hi,

    I got a gre score of 313, verbal: 147, quant: 166 and AWA: 3.5 ….. and a TOEFL score of 106. I have my Btech CGPA: 8.4 (Electrical Engineering). I am applying for MS in Electrical Engineering for the Spring session 2013. I have applied to the following universities:
    1. University of Florida
    2. Arizona State University
    3. Iowa State University
    4. Texas A&M

    I will apply to 2 more universities. Can you please suggest 2 universities to which I can apply and also what are the chances of getting admitted to the above four universities I mentioned.

  9. hi,
    i am pursuing integrated M.Sc pharmaceutical chemistry i want to post dactoral fellowship in pharmacology in usa what is requirements for it please give replay

  10. hi praveen shetty here.
    i have got gre mark 284 out of 340.i want to do MS in electrical engineering. please tell me any universities offering MS for my GRE marks only in florida

    1. Hi,
      I got 299 out of 340.Iwant to study MSin computer science.Please tell me offering this course universities.

    2. please tell me which are better universities for MS study in computer study with my GRE score 299 out of 340 .My TOFEL MARK IS 99.

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