University of Maryland Baltimore County a Cheater. Really?

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Interesting comment posted in the Facebook Page about University of Maryland Baltimore County and how they handled graduate school application arrived after deadline.

I have applied for Spring 2011 in the last week of September.Deadline mentioned in their web site was June 1 2010.Hence I called the university first ,they told me that university has extended the deadline up to October 1st.

Today,When I emailed them regarding checking Application Status,I got an astounding reply from them saying that my application is considered for Fall 2011 instead of Spring 2011 because I have applied too late after the deadline.

I have recorded the conversation in my mobile phone in which UMBC’s representative is explaining me that their university has extended the deadline from June 1 to October 1st and I need to apply early.

What should I do? I have already sent them email and they have forwarded my query to admission committee asking them to consider my application for Spring 2011. This shows the reputation of the University,how careless they are in their profession.

University and Reputation

First, lets talk about university and its reputation. You cannot say they university has bad reputation, just because your graduate school application was mishandled. It was a mistake made by their admission department (or maybe single employee) and looks like they accepted the mistake and working to reslove the issue by reconsidering your application for Spring 2011.

Universities handle 1000′s of application per year and few mistakes happen. There is nothing you can do about it. If you feel that university has bad reputation, why are you still trying to get admission with them?

Mature as a Student

I posted an article few months back explaining why foreign students in US Universities are unique. Life ain’t easy and you have to face situations like this and several other new scenarios. You have just reached 25% of your milestone to get degree from USA. Still you got long ways to go, including

  • Getting Admission
  • Visa interview, stamping
  • Travel
  • Learning to live a new life in new world
  • Studying

Learn to face disappointments and get ready to face life again. If you feel cheated, frustrated, make up your mind to face more challenges.

Phone Recording

It’s ill-legal to record phone conversations without letting other person know that you are recording it. When you are in US and try to record phone conversation without other person knowing it, you are going to get in trouble.

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