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Following comment was posted by Anjan at F1 Visa. Looks like he was not at his best and never able to recover from the mistake. I have always said that your first F1 Visa interview is your bets bet. After spending lot of time, money and effort, you should never say I did everything I can, but I wasn’t well prepared for the US Visa  interview.

F1 Visa Interview – 1st Time

I have been denied my F1 visa thrice . The first attempt was a total blunder.

I was literally trembling and was not able to give any answer properly. And in this interview I mentioned that I would be taming up thermal sciences as my major for my masters program.

Everything about this interview was a mistake because of my unpreparedness .

F1 Visa Interview – 2nd Time

Then came my second interview. This time I was confident and was doing very good until I mentioned a different specialization subject (robotics and nanotechnology).

I never knew that they would be taking a feedback of every other visa interview we attend.

He asked me that “I mentioned thermal sciences” last time (which was just 8 days back) and what did you change your mind n a week?

I told him that I was interested in Thermal sciences, robotics and nanotechnology.

I was open to any of the subjects. He rejected my visa because I changed my specialization.

F1 Visa Interview – 3rd Time

Then came the third attempt.

She asked me about the change I made regarding specialization the last time.

Then I told “I have decided to go ahead with thermal sciences because I’m more interested in subject and my final year project was thermal related. It has a lot of scope for extension in my masters as well”.

Again I got my visa rejected.

Before asking this she asked about my project and I gave her brief description ( she didn’t pay any attention to what I was telling her ).

I wanted to know how can I convince them that I have decided to take up thermal sciences as my major without any second thoughts?


I know it’s tough, but looks like life have different plans for you.

I don’t suggest going for Visa again.

Take a break, spend couple of years working, then see if you can give another try.

I have updated the F1 Visa Interview Experiences page. Check it out and try to learn from the mistakes and others experience.