US F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers

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Thanks to a reader  who posted answers to couple of  F1 Visa Interview Tips. Following article was posted as a comment.

I had same questions like you when i was applying for USA . The answers can very from a person to person and profile to profile. According to me there may be two following kind of answers

Question: Why only USA

  • Try to convince VO that USA is the most advance and pioneering country in your area of study . to make this argument effective give example of some inventions made in the USA in your field . Also include the more detail as you think appropriate I am sure that you will find some thing in your area
  • Second and the most important thing through out the interview is that try to convince the VO that after finishing your study your job opportunity in your mother country will be even brighter than before . That is the only way by which you can convince that you are not potent immigrant and you will abandoned the USA after your study, other wise the VO will deny the visa on the basis of 214(b)

Generally the F1 student visas are denied on the basis of three grounds

  1. potent immigrant ( under the immigration and nationality act 214b )
  2. insufficient balance ( less than fees of the first year in your state bank of India pass book )
  3. poor academic background ( like less than 50 in toefl and less than 800 in GRE)

In your case if you have good toefl and GRE so the third cause is not the case. Try to manage the first years fee in your pass book of government bank like State bank of India

  • Third,try to convince the VO that you have good opportunity in India so you are going to come back

Question : Why only fall semester?

Try to convince the VO that till now you did some other study like some computer course . But be careful that VO will ask about connection of your current opted program in the USA and your computer courses at that time you should be able to demonstrate the evidence for the connections like how that computer course is helpful in your future studies . ( this is the method by which you can show your carrier tie )

If you are doing job in company than you can say like this . till now i did the job in my xyz field but now i feel that apart from my experience if i do master from xyz university and when i will come back to india i will have even better job opportunities than now. Remember come back to India phrase i the key to crack the visa interview

But again the VO will ask you about your designation of the Job , the proof of the salary ( salary sleep etc ), time period of your job . and many more things and if they think that your job profile is not GOOD and if they smell some NEGative in your profile than they will deny your visa within one or two seconds without any delay . Because even VO knows that in India only handful of them are having good salary like 50,000rs or 60,000 rs per month
For this question i would suggest you to use first approach about (computer courses and not about job as it is risky). Also , i have the second approach to crack this question.  Convince the VO that after your two years of stay when you will come back to India let us say in August ( Diwali time ) the hiring in the job market will be maximum because that is the time when the most senior officials in the company take voluntary retirement at the end of their service period. So when you will come back to India you will have greatest job opportunity .

Again don’t forget the phrase the come back to India. That is the way that you can show intention of coming back to India and your tie to your mother country and your carrier.

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