How to Get F1 Visa Without 221g (Visa Interview Experience)

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HSB reader sent the following US F1 Visa interview experience for Masters in Biotechnology (Biotech Management).

me : Good morning
vo: Good Morning

Vo: Can I have a look at your doc?
me: sure pls!

VO: what kind of univ is <univ name>?
Me: its a nationalised public univ?

VO: What  is your field of specialization?
Me: biotech business management

VO: What’s that?
me:  explained.

VO:  What is your dad s annual income?
ME: said

VO: mom?

VO: your undergrad marks
ME: said

VO: your visa is granted . collect it next week
ME:thank you!

I said biotech business management as my field of my specialization.. 5 of my friends got pink slip saying cell biology, cancer biology, immunology as their field of specialization.

If you have attended Visa interview recently, please forward your interview experience. It would take few minutes for you to send a write-up, but it will help 1000′s of other students.

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