If there is no budget deal by midnight Friday, US Government will shutdown. About 800,000 federal government workers will be out of job. What will be the impact to our readers?

  • F1 Visa – US Consulates will be closed
  • H1B Visa – New LCA cannot be filed.

US Government Shutdown – F1 Visa – US Consulates

US Consulates and Embassy come under Department of State. While the diplomatic and security aspects of the Department of State (DOS) operations would continue, visa applications would likely not be processed in the event of a shutdown.

Which means that the US consulates will not be open for visa appointments and processing. This would impact students going for Fall 2011 or other visa stamping, depending on duration of shutdown.

You could encounter long delays in obtaining visas to USA, possibly extending beyond the shutdown itself as consular offices are forced to reschedule canceled appointments.

This shutdown impacts those who have planned their travel for H1B Visa and F1 Visa stamping. Consider postponing your international travel or at least plan for delays.

US Government Shutdown – H1B Visa

Unlike the USCIS, the Department of Labor (DOL) does not charge user fees for its services. It is thus expected that the DOL will cease processing PERM labor certifications, prevailing wage determinations greencard, and other immigration-related benefits.

To apply for H1B Visa, LCA application have to be approved. If DOL closes, then new LCA cannot be filed. So, new H1B Visa 2012 applications cannot be submitted.

If LCA is already approved, H1B Visa capplication can be submitted to USCIS. Since, USCIS is run based on fees.

In addition to above immigration related impacts, several other departments, websites will not operate. Stay tuned for more updates related to government shutdown.


Sevis I-20 is handled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and its not clear if ICE will continue to issue I-20′s during Government Shutdown.

Stay tuned for additional updates regarding US Government Shutdown  and impact on immigration related activities.

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  • dd

    @HSB, Kindly, update us about the recent US budget, whether this will affect to get graduate (PhD) assistantship or not for the coming Fall session.

  • mohammad

    This news will give more detail about the federal shutdown

  • Congress

    no shutdown.. a deal has been struck

  • http://www.facebook.com/umank Umank

    So, no partial Gov shut down for now..

  • Deep

    The latest news:

    President, Congress strike short-term budget deal, avoid shutdown http://www.11alive.com/news/article/186687/8/Pres

    Congress Strikes a Budget Deal, Averts http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/04/08/congre

    President Obama Announces Budget Deal To Avoid Government Shutdown http://www.mediaite.com/tv/president-obama-announ

  • Hari Veturi

    HSB, could you please keep us updated? :(

    • HSB

      As of 12:09 PM – No budget deal.

  • aves

    Oh..really a bad news…

  • sagar

    we have summer internship in june.july. Will that be affected?

  • mohammad

    How long the USA embassy will shutdown, if it shuts down for 6 months i need to apply for january intake instead for fall. But I already applied for fall intake 2011

  • Fashola

    I think we should keep our fingers crossed and hope patiently. President Obama, on CNN, said they are making progress. I guess things will get resolved pretty soon.

  • Aadesh Banthia

    Oooh Man!!! I'm regular follower of HSB, I'm currently in Caribbean and have my visa appointment on 12th April in Barbados. Where can we find latest update about and how long it might take to get things back on track. Pls keep us posted.

  • venky

    My I20 has been issued and will be despatched, im appearing for fall 2011.

    How good are the chances that this will be solved soon?

    Also, If the already scheduled dates are postponed, what happens to ppl like who are looking to apply for visa during mid-may or may end.




  • Shariq

    This is shocking!!! I hope they get their budget deal or they should try to get an alternative so that students are not affected at all.

  • HSB

    Deadline for shutdown is Friday Midnight (US Eastern Time). If lawmakers don't reach a deal on Budget by then, government will shutdown.

    7:54 AM – As of now, there is no deal on budget.

    • Ranit Ghosh

      I am about to schedule for a VISA Interview date in May. I am really worried. I have my I-20 and other relevant documents. I am extremely worried. I would appreciate if you keep me posted apropos the updates.

      I pray that the situation is resolved…..Can't think otherwise…….

  • Musoni

    OMG! I was planning to schedule an appointment for interview on may,we need additionnal updates how about delay , i received i-20 for fall?

  • Avinash Kumpati

    What is the current situation and impact? How long this is expected?

  • Prabhakar reddy

    I planned for this fall 2011……..but what's this shutting down?? I don't understand. Please help me with this.

  • Hari Veturi

    OMG!!! Is that true or is that just like….. That would be a serious criteria… :'(

    • avi

      deal worked out. chill guys.things are back to normal

      • Ankita Dash

        how r u so sure the deal has been worked out