U.S. Department of State publishes Visa Bulletin every month. It contains the Priority Date for Employment Based Visa category. Each country is subject to certain cap per year or those aliens who are subject to the annual immigrant visa quota, the priority date determine when they can file an application to adjust status to permanent resident (Form I-485).

Previous article listed the latest Priority Dates from May 2010 Visa Bulletin. You can see there is a wait time for 9 years for Indian citizens. But, there are other factors that determine how long it would take to get Employment based green card. One such factor is number application is queue for specific visa category.

Current EB Inventory

AEB2 Wait Time – Green Cards per I-485 inventory published by USCIS on March 2010 show long wait times for EB 2 and EB3 category for Indian nationals

  • EB1- 414
  • EB2 – 39,081
  • EB3 – 59,636
  • EB4 – 28
  • EB5 – 10

Only 2802 Immigrant EB2 and EB3 is available per year.  Now, you can do the math to find how long it would take to get Green Card in EB2 and EB3 category.

EB2, EB3 Waiting Time

  • : 39,081 / 2802 = About 14 years
  • EB3 Wait Time – Green Card: 59,636/ 2802 =  about 21 years

If you want to green card without 14 or 21+ years wait consider doing PhD. With PhD you increase your chance to apply in EB1. If you like to know more about

  • green card wait times
  • visa priority dates and cut off dates

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  • giuseppe sollecito

    is a 500,000 enough investment in broward and palm beach county to qualify for eb5 visa.

  • S J

    I have witnessed myself people getting green card after 8-10 years!