4 Reasons Why USA is Not the Land of Opportunity

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Many people from other countries regard the USA as the land of Opportunity.  Is it really worth it to come and stay in the USA?

You Will Pay Through the Nose for Your Education

Tuition costs are rising quickly.  Between out of state tuition costs, living expenses, travel expenses, Visa Expenses, and Lost wages, the cost of coming to the USA as a Foreign Student, the costs are only getting higher.

If you have to borrow money to pay for those expenses, then that will only amplify the costs you have to pay back. Sometimes those student loans will eat up to 30-50% of your after tax income after your graduate. For Years – 3 Options After Masters in USA – Job, Studies or Pack Your Bags

You Will Have to Wait for Years to Get Your Green Card

You will likely have to wait for many years to get through the process of getting your green card.  It used to be that if you came to the USA and got a master’s degree in a computer field, you would have a fast track to a green card.

Now, many companies wait for the H-1B Visa to be near expiry before beginning the process of applying for a Green Card.  Depending on the mood of your company, you could be classified as EB-3, even with a Master’s degree.

Is it worth spending 8-10 years at the same company, in a relatively similar job to get that Green Card?  I’ve seen it happen to colleagues at work.

You will be Living a Middle Class Lifestyle in the USA

I will grant you – Middle Class in the USA is different from other countries.

What it likely will mean is that you will be able to buy a home in most parts of the country.

You likely will be able to buy a car or two, and support your family, and pay your bills.

The costs of services in the USA can be very high indeed.  Daycare will run over $1000 USD/month in many parts of the country, especially those with high tech positions.

usa middle class
No Money in the Pocket. Photo Credit

The cost of a cleaning service will be over $125/visit.  Eating out is incredibly expensive.  There will be very definite limits on what you can do with this income.  Add in the costs of flying to your home country every year or two – at $1000+ per plane ticket per family member, and I think that you get the idea.

You can read similar argument about middle class by Chandru at Don’t Come to USA, If You Are Highly Educated and Successful in Your Life

If you were to stay in India, or China, or Brazil,  you likely will be able to live a very cushy lifestyle.  You likely will be able to afford servants, housekeepers, drivers, and more on a fraction of the salary.

Food in the USA is Very Different

One of the Chief complaints I have heard from so many of my friends from other countries and cultures is that the food in the USA is not as good as anywhere else.

It is a universal comment.  Yes, it is possible to get used to it, but it is very different, and not always the least bit pleasing.

If you come here, chances are very good that you will spend a lot more time cooking, and since you likely will not have a cook, you will be doing that cooking yourself.

Is it Worth it to Come and Stay in the USA?

I will point out that life in the USA has many charms, but it is not always better.

You have to really ask your self- Is it Worth it to Come and Stay in the USA?

Are the Costs worth it?

Is your Career Really going to be enhanced that much?  Or will you Miss your family, hate the food, and not enjoy the country that much?

Yesterday, Moen Sen wrote an Amazing Article This is What stole my heart about USA. Today, we you saw a different perspective about USA.

Do you think it’s worth it to study in USA?

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