USA Student Visa for Fall 2011 – Lamar University – Delhi Consulate

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Two years of Dedicated work paid off. Visa Experience shared by Vaibhav.

Hi to all fellow Readers, here is My F1 Visa Experience for USA

  • F1/June 13 2011/9:45 AM/Delhi_Consulate/Lamar Univ.

Student Visa USA – Interview

The Visa Officer asked me the following question

VO Which Univ?
ME Lamar to Study MS in Engineering Sciences

VO: where do you work?
ME: regular answer

VO :  Where else did you apply into
ME :  7, Lamar Univ, OkSU, Ohio U(there he interrupted me and asked is it OhioSU? I said no its only Ohio Univ)
Univ Nevada Las Vegas, Southern Illinios Univ Edwardsville,  Univ of Central Florida(at this point i forgot the seventh Univ. so i skipped it), North Dakota SU

VO: Interesting Choice how did you come to know about these Univ
ME: Fumbled a bit and said I read about these Univ in technical Magazine publised by ASME(VO: what’s ASME ? ME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers )

VO :  you applied into these univ. just by reading technical magazine
ME:  NO!NO!NO! I like the research going in these Univ in Micro manufacturing sector hence I applied into the same(VO looked Unconvinced)

VO: What is your GRE
ME: 1290.

VO: Q section ?
ME: 740.(I think he had made up decision after hearing my Q section score)

VO: who will fund your Education?
ME: my father

VO: what does he do?
ME: He is a GM at a Private company.

VO: your Visa has been Issued…// and other standard lines//
ME: Thank you very much Sir

Watch out for Counter no 13 (an African American Lady in her mid 50?s was not so easy on issuing VISA even the F1 )

All you have to be confident,noting else matters,do your paper work, VO did not check even my single documents, anyway even if he had asked for something I was ready with it in my harmonium folder.

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