Did you read the  title right?

Useless College Majors?

Yeah, that’s correct.

There is a recent report by  National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) 2012 Job Outlook study, which surveyed almost 1,000 employers on their future hiring plans.

Based on percentage of employers who are planning to hire, college degrees that are useless was calculated.

Same report listed following degree as most useful

We recently saw one more article on 5 Hardest Jobs Openings to Fill in 2012

As you can see Computer programers are in demand and several folks get 4 to 5 job offers even before graduation.

But, there are college degrees that will not have similar demand in near future.

Read the pages below to see 5 College Majors That Are Useless

Useless Degree #1 – Agriculture




  • Number of Students Awarded Degree in 2008-2009: 24,988
  • Typical coursework: Crops, plant diseases, animal husbandry, basic veterinary science
  • Total Number of Agricultural Managers in 2008: 1,234,000
  • Projected Change in Number of Jobs 2008-2018: -64,600
  • Percent Change: -5

Useless Degree #2 – Fashion Design


  • Number of Students Awarded Degree in 2008-2009: 89,140
  • Typical coursework: Fashion history, sewing, tailoring, color, design, pattern making
  • Total Number of Fashion Designers in 2008: 22,700
  • Projected Change in Number of Jobs 2008-2018: +200
  • Percent Change: +1

Useless Degree #3 – Theater

  • Number of Students Awarded Degree in 2008-2009: 89,140
  • Typical coursework: Theater, acting, directing, design, playwriting, communications, dramatic literature
  • Total Number of Actors/Producers/Directors in 2008: 155,100
  • Projected Change in Number of Jobs 2008-2018: +16,900
  • Percent Change: +11

Useless Degree #4 – Animal Science


  • Number of Students Awarded Degree in 2008-2009: 80,756
  • Typical coursework: Animal breeding, reproductive physiology, nutrition, meat and muscle biology
  • Total Number of Animal Scientists in 2008: 3,700
  • Projected Change in Number of Jobs 2008-2018: +500
  • Percent Change: +13

Useless Degree #5 – Horticulture

  • Number of Students Awarded Degree in 2008-2009: 24,988
  • Typical coursework: Crops, plant diseases, agricultural business and economics, crop and fruit science
  • Total Number of Farmers and Ranchers in 2008: 985,900
  • Projected Change in Number of Jobs 2008-2018: -79,200
  • Percent Change: -8
  • J

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    As far as am concerned everybody cannot be a computer engineer and I believe individual should have there own area of specialisation which made the world to be a better place.

  • sid

    BABAR why do you think Aeronautical and Aerospace should be added, do you have any appropriate reason for that because according to me these are most successful engineering degrees.


    I think Aeronautical and Aerospace engineering should be added..

  • Avinash Singh

    Sam would you take offense only if someone from your community was called names. I am an Industrial Engineer for the record. If I might apply your logic I believe you are being paid by HSB to defend its stance. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it. Don’t be so thick and jump to conclusions. And this article makes it sound as if the sole purpose of learning is to end up in a job which pays you a huge salary. I don’t read the original publisher’s work. I read HSB and I believe HSB has a responsibility whenever it posts anything. Either you are saying that HSB pays no attention while posting the articles or HSB undermines the contribution of people from these fields to mankind. I again repeat I expected a better choice of words, which I find not. And I also do believe that HSB has done an incredible job when it comes to helping out students. But this is precisely the reason that I am disappointed. HSB has a great fan following and some of those would be people pursuing these degrees. Their dream might not be to earn six figure salaries but to excel in their fields.

    • Rajkamal

      Hi Avinash ,
      Please remember that this was a report by National Association of Colleges and Employers and not HSB. HSB just posted it in the site to make others aware of the report. The goal of education should be “learning” and not money alone and I agree to that but what is the purpose of learning alone and not earning anything or earning very less? How can you survive? There is no point in blaming HSB for posting this. Think.


      • Avinash Singh

        Hi Raj ! If you actually read carefully HSB uses the word useless. If that is not the case then I take my words back and apologize. Please know that no field of education is useless. End of.

        • sam

          @ Avinash – I think you have to take it back- here is the link http://education.yahoo.net/articles/most_useless_degrees.htm?kid=1KWNU
          from original article.- Any field of education is important but the original article is based on salary and investment return. If we look at the article for example we all would be without food if we follow, since they say agriculture is useless field, then what to say of scientists working in development of new strains of food. so take the article for reference purpose and not personally.If it was not for Norman Borlaug probably world would be in hunger, he started, just an example.

          • Avinash Singh

            Sam you made it personal by intelligently jumping to a conclusion. I just replied in the same vein. Even if HSB did not use the word “useless”, care should have been taken so as to not appear endorsing the same views. Any right minded person would object to such language and that is what I did. Anyway I will stay true to my word. Apologues HSB for misdirecting my anger. To Sam I would just say – simple words by a simple man. If you were not writing in haste to get back at me, your response would have made much more sense.

  • Sarah

    As an animal science major, focusing on veterinary technology, I’m offended that any site would repost an artical that is not only based on out dated information but also seems to be solely conjecture and the opinion of one man and this site then try to pass this artical off as fact. With my major, as ‘narrow’ as it is, I can work in any number of private practices, at a zoo, wildlife refuges, research facilities, animal assisted therapy, pharamacology, sales of products, the FDA, as a meat inspector….the list goes on. I believe that anyone that persues a degree deserves respect for. hopefully going after something that they are passionate about.

  • Bandalibaga

    All the degrees mentioned as useless are so important and do generate a lot of wealth for the individuals and the nations for those individuals who optimumly apply the knowledge and skills mastered in the specific areas of study. A degree is useless if one cannot apply it to survive either in a specific area of speciality or outside that field. All degrees can be useful if we are ready to apply the knowledge gained .Do not acquire degrees to help you seek jobs only,but be ready use your degree to create jobs where you can as well.Either way is possible and profitable.

  • sarbari

    if any 1 does masters degree in science through distance course will he be able to appear on gre? will His higher age be a factor?

  • Aditya

    I strongly condemn the usage of the word ‘useless’ .

  • Avinash Singh

    Shame on you HSB for calling a field of education useless. You have disappointed me by using such language. You neither have the authority nor the expertise to call a degree useless. Expected a better choice of words here, which I find not.

    • HSB

      Dude – I have included link to the source of the article (which was published in Yahoo) + I’m don’t have the orthodox feeling of education filed should have such and such title. Just because I said college degree are useless means hiring is not going to decreased or if I had positive title hiring would be high.

    • sam

      C’mon man- Its a posting by HSB and not a research by HSB, shame on you Avinash. If you want to comment you should comment and fight out the original publishers.
      But I came to a definite conclusion that you belong to one of those mentioned field of study. am I right?

  • prashant

    This is ridiculous. Selecting a major is and should be an individual choice and ranking them is very subjective. I am not sure what were the criterion to rank these subjects and simply hope that it was not based on average salary.

    • Gayatri

      I completely agree with Prashant. Articles like these only come out because people are solely influenced by the salary offered by certain industries. What nobody has the foresight to see is, if everyone was so taken by the money offered that they all decided to be software engineers, and we had no farmers in our nation, then we’d all be very rich and starving. One seeks out a major based on one’s interests and likes.. if a Naseeruddin Shah was influenced by such an article, then the film industry would really have suffered a huge loss. And that is just one example. Every occupation is just as important as another.

  • http://www.saionweb.info sai

    I don’t know , how this works out in the other degrees, but i think all those data in the report was very specific to farm managers, animal scientists , etc. Atleast in computer science, you have lot of options after getting a degree like software engineer, user-interface engineer, database specialist, etc. May be those factors were not taken into account. You can never say a degree is useless. There are always the things you want in life and how you want to go about it.