Visa Officer – Why Do You Want to Study in USA?

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I am Gopi, who is a member of this HappyBlogspot. I am an active member of this blogspot for the past 6 months. I have taken my GRE and TOEFL exams and got 1180 and 83 respectively. I have got admission to WKU and received I20 too. I am now preparing for visa interview. I wish to say that your blogspot has given much more information regarding the steps need to be taken and the documents need to be shown. Many said that the officials may ask questions related to Why I have chosen USA for grad studies and why not other countries? And why I opted specifically for this Fall term and all. I do not know how to answer these ques or what they may expect while I answer these. Please give information about this.

Gopi, you certainly have valid set of questions

  • Why I have chose USA for grad studies and why not other countries?
  • Why I opted specifically for this Fall term?

You can find answers to above 2 questions at US F1 Student Visa Interview.

Why do you want to study in USA?

After reading your questions, instead of thinking how to answer your questions, I had different thought process.  I have following questions and comments for you that came from the thought process

  • You mean to say that you applied to US universities or want to study in US without knowing why you want to study in US.
  • Looks like you applied to Fall semester without knowing the reason behind that.

Lets be logical here. In yesterdays article, we had a similar topic about students who are not willing to put effort to find sufficient GRE score for admission. In your case, you have received admission, but have no clue why you want to study in US.

I’m not trying to discourage you or others who have similar questions. But, think logically before asking questions.

If you happen to ask such questions while you are working for an employer or even during interview, think what will happen to your credibility. I have said several times in previous blog posts, that don’t makeup new answers for Student visa interview.

This  article and previous one was criticizing the readers comments, but I saw a genuine reason to do so. It was frustrating to see professional engineers and students who have high ambitions to travel half way around the world, spend lot of money for quality education and life style cannot make right decisions or think logically.

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