I have read so many comments about people still trying to find about H1B Visa application status and wondering if their application is wait listed, where the receipt will be sent.

USCIS has clearly stated in previous correspondence and from AILA News conference and updates, there are No wait listed applications. Almost all the H1B Visa applications that were not selected in lottery were returned to Attorney’s.

H1B Applications will be returned only to the attorney or person who filed the application. I can think about few possible reasons why many are still waiting to hear about your H1B Lottery status

  1. Your consultant must not have heard from the attorney about your rejected application
  2. Attorney could have informed to you employer/consultant, but they haven’t informed you
  3. Attorney could have received the rejected application back from USCIS, but yet to inform your employer.
  4. It could also because you have been not following up the H1B Lottery process, Updates from USCIS, updates from AILA website, Forum messages and other sources.

One thing that annoys me is, I have been updating the results about the H1B process for last 2-3 months and explaining whats going on with USCIS, but blog visitors read one article, and still being ignorant of H1B Visa lottery selection process, try to get information from one article, which is not possible.

There are regular readers who have been following up the process, who knew all details about H1B lottery, receipt details, who have been reading all the updates in here are well informed. Its sad and I feel bad to say this, but that’s the reality.

If you looking for some kind of information, you have to search for it, just by writing comment and spending less than 1 minute reading an article will not get you results.

Can I still wait for H1B Results?

It’s my understanding that USCIS have already sent all the receipts to H1B Applications selected in the lottery and rejected applications were almost returned back.

USCIS will complete returning all the applications back by next week.

Can I re-apply for USCIS to reconsider my application?

I was so mad when I read that above question as one of the comment.

And I did really wonder how people can be so ignorant about H1B visa process, when they have applied for H1B Visa. But, answer is no, you will have to apply for H1B next year.

I was little harsh on people who were ignorant of the H1b Process. But, thats the reality and congrats again to those who got selected in the lottery and hope for the best in Next year H1B Lottery ( maybe ).

  • [email protected]

    Raghuram Sukumar, I am with you on the can we re apply statement? These applicants are supposed to be “above average” uni pepole who either cant read or are just too dam lazy to read!… i am still waiting for my application results (17 may) am am loosing all hope!

  • Mahesh M

    Check this link, which add more light on wait listed petition..read last two paragraph


  • bandi

    Below is the response i recieved from my manager

    As they do it every year, this year too USCIS did things a little differently than last year. Last year they had sent out all notices together whether receipt notices or rejections. This year, they first sent out receipt notices then started sending out rejections, we got two packets of rejections but are still waiting a reply on about 25 cases out of all filed so we don’t know whether they are holding those for waiting list (which was in talks earlier) or is there another reason

  • Marguerite

    Hi, I have a question about immigration visas.
    I know a family who is taking there son to get a visa both the parents are residents of the U.S. but the 16 year old kid isn’t so I was wondering what his chances were at getting approved was and how long it will take until they could come back.