For the first time someone have asked the syllabus for specific Masters program. It’s obvious to see why someone is asking for syllabus.

Universities in India will have one common syllabus for all the colleges and departments.

Each major will have pre-defined syllabus. So, students will know what courses will be offered during 4 year degree program. So, its natural to think same pattern will apply to colleges/universities in US. But, that’s not the case.

Degree Requirements

Every department within the colleges in US will have pre-defined degree requirements that have to completed before degree will be awarded. For example – to get MS in CS you will need to complete 36 Credit Hours of course works. But exact courses that have to take is not pre-defined.  In a semester, Professors will offer different courses.

  • Professor A will offer – Software Engineering
  • Professor B will offer – Database 1
  • Professor C will offer – Advanced Software Engineering

Likewise, most of the professors will offer classes.  So, you will have to take 12 courses to get 36 credit hours. If you complete 12 courses, then Masters in CS degree will be given to you.

Course Work & Semesters

Every semester you will have lots of options of coursework to take. If 40 professors are in the department and if they offer 2 courses each, you can select among 80 courses. Majority of International students take 3 courses per semester. So, you have choice to select 3 courses from 80 courses offered per semester.

For example, if you want to major in Computer Network, then you can study majority of 12 courses related to Computer Networks. So, bottom line is – there are no  specific syllabus for each degree. Its very flexible in US Universities. Number of courses offered in a semeser will vary between universities and number of students in the department.

MS in CS Syllabus?

There is no single syllabus copy as universities in India have.Y ou are going to waste time by searching for one. Instead of searching for syllabus, find what areas of Computer Science interests you and find schools that have good research in those area. For instance, you can search for Software Engineering, Database, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Operating systems and so on.

  • lakshmikanth

    can anybody tell me if a (finance) guy eligible for MS (comp. sciense , MIS.. etc) in USA ?
    Thank you

  • hepsibah

    hi.. am doing ma bca
    could i able to do ms in abroad after bca??
    and also please tel me the difference between ms education and career in india and usa.

  • Harsh


    I read earlier posts in which various specializations were mentioned for M.S. in C.S.

    From those, I have shortlisted these -

    Distributed Database
    Computer Networking
    Information Security

    Please tell me -
    Which is the most demanding(plenty of opportunities in U.S. as well as India AS COMPARED to others) where salary is also good?
    Which specializtion is available in MOST of the GOOD universities?

    Please do reply…

  • priya saxena

    i am in 2nd year doing with cs .i want to do MS .which exams do i have to qualify.please give me the detailed procedure.

    • Niyathi

      You need to write gre(graduate record exam) and TOFEL

  • anush

    i’m doing my B.E (ISE) 2nd sem in Bangalore ,want to do MS for better salary so which course should i choose? Which are the exams that I should take up for entry in top universities abroad.. Which books are preferable for preparing for these exams?

  • Gunj

    Currently in TE Electronics
    planning to pursue Ms. in USA or UK.
    i am interested in Embedded systems.
    can you suggest me some courses & universities.

  • Ravali

    I am doing 3rd in Electronics and Communication Engineering.I want to do MS in CS.What is the procedure for transfer of the branch?

  • Nilesh Prabhu

    I have completed my BE(EXTC), Then Post Graduation Diploma in Advance Computing (CDAC).

    I am looking forward for MS IN Computer Science From Indian Institute.

    1)Is there any Indian institute which provide MS In Computer Science Or Computer Application?

    2)What is selection process for MS in India?

    3)What is syllabus for same?

    4)what is fee structure?

    Please help me with above question . I have search lot for it. but did not get much information about it.

    please guide me

  • Hemant

    Hi Eveyone,
    I want to Do MS in Network Security can anyone help me in which category does it falls(Means Computer Science OR MIS OR ….etc) and what subjects does it include's. Thank you


    Hemant Rashimalalu

  • srinivas soma

    Please give me one sop for applying network design and computer Management programme & for ms in computer programme

  • rhushikeshsaoji


    Can anyone give me the overview of the syllabus of MS in MIS in USA what exactly the course contents…what are the deadlines for applyting for fall 2010 because m not able to search it due to my GRE i know i can do it myself but cant do so please help

    thanking you

  • vishwas tejnath

    Hi.. how is the scope for freshers for the time being to enter into the universities?If so,can i know the requirements?

  • Anupam Chugh

    Hi ! I applied for fall'09 to six universties amongst which 3 were dream and three average. I got admit from one only, that too they rejected as i didn't communicate inbetween for a month(thats what i think).How long should i wait for the results of other universities?

    Since i am in canada now, i plan to study further here only.I wanted to go to US as I thought that education there is the best. How do u compare US & Canadian education?

  • abdulahi

    my name abdulahi i am somal i interest to one of to study copmuter science so that how can i applly. in addition requirment and procedur

    Best Regards