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For the first time someone have asked the syllabus for specific Masters program. It’s obvious to see why someone is asking for syllabus.

Universities in India will have one common syllabus for all the colleges and departments.

Each major will have pre-defined syllabus. So, students will know what courses will be offered during 4 year degree program. So, its natural to think same pattern will apply to colleges/universities in US. But, that’s not the case.

Degree Requirements

Every department within the colleges in US will have pre-defined degree requirements that have to completed before degree will be awarded. For example – to get MS in CS you will need to complete 36 Credit Hours of course works. But exact courses that have to take is not pre-defined.  In a semester, Professors will offer different courses.

  • Professor A will offer – Software Engineering
  • Professor B will offer – Database 1
  • Professor C will offer – Advanced Software Engineering

Likewise, most of the professors will offer classes.  So, you will have to take 12 courses to get 36 credit hours. If you complete 12 courses, then Masters in CS degree will be given to you.

Course Work & Semesters

Every semester you will have lots of options of coursework to take. If 40 professors are in the department and if they offer 2 courses each, you can select among 80 courses. Majority of International students take 3 courses per semester. So, you have choice to select 3 courses from 80 courses offered per semester.

For example, if you want to major in Computer Network, then you can study majority of 12 courses related to Computer Networks. So, bottom line is – there are no  specific syllabus for each degree. Its very flexible in US Universities. Number of courses offered in a semeser will vary between universities and number of students in the department.

MS in CS Syllabus?

There is no single syllabus copy as universities in India have.Y ou are going to waste time by searching for one. Instead of searching for syllabus, find what areas of Computer Science interests you and find schools that have good research in those area. For instance, you can search for Software Engineering, Database, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Operating systems and so on.