GRE Exam Score is mandatory if you are planning to get admission into good university in US. But, its will always be a tough decision to decide when to take GRE.

Before you decide to take GRE Exam, it takes lot of thinking and discussion with friends and family members, if you want to study in US.

Some students take GRE and then decide if they want to go to US and some students make up their mind they definitely want to go to US and prepare for it. But, ultimately you got to take GRE Exam.

When to Take GRE Exam

There are many factors that has to be taken into account before you can decide to register for GRE Test date. Education Testing Service (ETS) has made the GRE registration process very straight forward. So, GRE Test registration should be least of your concern.

  • How strong is your Analytical Ability
  • How good are you is your Verbal Skills
  • Did you take any practice GRE test to see how much you can score with your current skills
  • Do you want to study in US in Fall Semester ( Aug/Sep) right after completing Bachelors Degree (Apr to May)
  • Do you want to study after taking 1 semester break and attend Spring

After you decide on above factors, then based on that you can decide when to take GRE.

US University Deadlines

Basically, you have to reverse engineer the time frame after you know answers to above said factors. Fall semester startsĀ  in August/September months. Schools in US have varying deadlines. Most of the students think all the Universities will have similar/same deadlines to send application package. But, that’s not true. There are 1000′s of Colleges and Universities in US. Every single collegeĀ  have different deadlines. There is no single database to find the University deadlines. You have to spend long time browsing within college website to find the deadlines.

Some schools have deadline in Nov of previous year for Fall semester that starts in Aug of following year. Some schools accept applications till late May. So, it really depends on the university.

When to Take GRE to Attend Fall and Spring Semester

There will be two separate article with timeline that will help you decide. There s previosu article that explains about when to Take GRE, but in next 2 article, you can get more detailed information.

  • When to Take GRE Exam for Fall Semester
  • When to take GRE Exam for Spring Semester



  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiii sir iam taking my gre on dec nd my tofel on jan of 2013 can i get admission on fall 2013????????????????

  2. sir
    now i’m in final year.i’m planning to write gre in this year december.can i apply for sring,fall sems in 2013

  3. Hey ppl!!.
    I took GRE first in Sept 2010 ( 770, 510, 3)….Many people commented that this score will not be sufficient for top-notch univs….And hence, I gave another try in Sept 2011…..Unfortunately, Verbal scores came down by very high margin; quants score remained almost same; whereas the analytical score increased by a good percentile….Here is my summary of results…

    OLD GRE: :
    Verbal: 510 (154)
    Quants: 770 (161)
    Analytical: 3.0

    NEW GRE:
    Verbal: 146
    Quants: 159.
    Analytical – 4.0….

    Now what should i do?…Is it advisable to take GRE more than 2 times?….If I start applying wid these scores, will the univs take the latest score or average of two test scores or best of three?…

    Please advise

  4. Hello everybody,
    how r u doing?
    GRE is for masters.IF u want to go for studies in US, some universities are also accepting TOEFL, please concentrate on TOEFL as well.
    If u get less marks in GRE and stand with a good score in TOEFL, it would be very much helpful. Without GRE scores also u can get admissions into US, thats not a big problem.But it costs u more. All the best guys.
    It would be better to have a good percentage in academics on par with the GRE score. Apply as early as possible to confirm ur admission into a reputed university.

  5. hi sir..i am doing my 6th semester now..i hav many family problems.and my bad luck even am weak in studies,i definetly want to do ms in us sir..but happend is happend,i will definetly do well now as if am doing my 6th sem in ece i would like to appear for gre and tofel exams…please reply me sir..

  6. hello,
    I am a B.Tech Electrical graduate with 73% applying for MS in spring 2013, which major should i choose for better job opportunities in USA ?
    please help me out…….

  7. Hii I’m living in USA on f2 visa as a dependent.I’m planning to take a GRE exam.
    I’m wondering, when should I take the exam to enroll spring semester.
    I appreciate your help.

    • Hey Shayana,

      I think u r on H4 visa, and not F1.

      Anyways, you should check with the schools that you are planning to apply. The deadlines vary by school. But in general, I will suggest taking GRE (and ToFEL) to the latest July last week or Sept 1st week should be ok. It leaves time for your score to be forwarded to the schools.

      I wish you all the very best.


      • Hey Megha, thanks for reply.
        I’m on f2 visa.My husband is student here.
        I’m planning to take GRE in Aug second week.would it be fine?

  8. hii sir
    i am doing my btech final year and wrote gre for 3 times and if i wrote next time means 4 th lime is there any problem and when to take exam for spring

    can you plz help me sir

  9. does anyone know the range of application deadlines for US graduate schools ? I want to apply to fall semester 2012 ,desperately in need of help!!!

    • hello anna ,different universities have different deadlines ,so u hve to check out their websites……….

  10. Hi,i am doing b.e ece. I will finish my b.e at 2012. I want to know when should I take gre exam and also my marks are all low is it ok to write gre. Since I have low marks I need to do masters thts my plan can u help me out

  11. Hi,

    I have 1.6 yrs of experience as software engineer – Hewlett Packard .I am planning for MS -Computer Science. My academic details are : SSC- 74.3 %, HSC- 78.1 %, B.SC(M.E.Cs)- 79.1%,MCA – 78. 3 %. I would like to know which sem is best (Fall or spring) to get financial aid? and how much score GRE/TOFEL is required to get aid?

  12. hello hsb,

    Just now, i'm doing B.E. in biotech . I'm planning to go U.S. for M.S. in genetic engg. So,which universities/ colleges are best for that and also tell their GRE and TOEFL cut offs. And also mention the fees and aid from respected Universities/Colleges.


  13. hi hsb and all the fans. m a 7th sem b.e(ece) student n will complete my bachelors by may 2011. i have a 80+ % in my 10th as well as 12th n my cgpa till date is 9.0. i have scholarships from the tamil nadu government.As my 7th sem exams are scheduled to be held in november,so i registered to take gre by december ending. will it be too late to apply for fall'2011?? n pls giv recommendation regardin wen i shud tak d toefl test??

  14. hi HSB

    Im planning my gre test in august2010 and i want to apply for SPRING

    can i get good universities for MS in CS

    plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Number of universites that will accept application till end of Aug to Sep will be less, but you can give it a try.

  15. Hello sir,

    I am so confused whether i should go for Ms in us or not…

    Firstly, I passed out my in computer science in June 2009… And its been exactly one year since i passed out. I wanted to get placed in the earlier days after my graduation.

    But now after a gap of one long year, i feel like going for higher studies, mainly MS in US. I had an aggregate of 66% in and yet to write GRE and ToEfl some of friends are suggesting me to write it for spring semester.

    Rite now i have an admission offer from IIIT, Bangalore for PG Diploma Program in Software development…. I am damn confused abt what to do now……

    Please show me the way…………………………………

  16. respected sir/madam,
    i will be completing my graduation in the month of may,2011. immediately after that i would like to go for my higher studies,i.e. M.S. so can u please tell me when should i be giving my GRE exam. it would be very kind of you if you tell me as soon as possible.

  17. hello sir/madam,
    I am doing final year B.E now.I want pursue MS in US.what should i do?

  18. hi,im nikhil and i'm planning to write gre 0n jun 2010, will that be good to get myself into spring admissions,if not could u pls xplain me the procedure to get admissions for spring and i wuld also lyk to know about the colleges offering M.pharm or M.S. in pharmacy courses reply me as soon as possible

  19. hello sir/mam

    This s malathi.i am doing my BE currently 8th semester.i planned to persue my higher studies in US for spring in biomedical Instrumentation.when is the correct time for me take GRE

  20. sir, now i m stding in 4th b tech now i want 2 write gre can u plz give me the details when i have 2 write and what is the process

  21. Sir,
    I'm currently completing my F.Y.BSC ( COMPUTER SCIENCE). So, I want to know that when I should give my GRE and TOEFL. Want to know that what are the requirement for getting Scholarship.

  22. Hello Sir/Ma'am

    I am pursuing BE with aggregate 71.. I am in 6th sem currently and want to know when will be the correct time for taking a GRE date.. I'm planning to take date in May 2010…but confused a bit..i want scholarship plz help me out..

  23. I'll complete my BE in apr/may 2010. Im willing to register for gre. Please recommend me a suitable date for registering.

  24. hi sir/madam

    i am seshu dheeraj pursuing my btech (computer science engg).

    i would like to know whether the universities in US will provide finanical aid during spring season

    if so please provide me with some universities

    thanking u

  25. hello sir/madam,
    i have completed Btech in biotechnology this year i.e. june 2009 and im planning to give GRE in Feb 2010.
    i want to do an MBA in biotechnology. could you please suggest some good univ for it and the criteria for scholarships in those univ??…

  26. i want to do ms in vlsi i done my BE in 2009 is it best to take gre in june 2010

    i have not yet prepared well for october which is the best date for me kindly send me dates to register for gre then for toefl

  27. hi,

    i have almost two months to prepare for my GRE exam. Please suggest some study plan to score better.

  28. Hi,

    I am BE in IT and have an experience of 1 year. i have now decided to pursue my MS from USA. I want to take my GRE date but i think i am late. could you please suggest me when should i take my GRE date at its latest? i was planning to make it as November 1st week. Also, could you help me with admission deadlines for major good universities?

  29. is it good to write gre in nov for fall intake..i can apply to any univ i wish know…or else will take a month before in october…pls suggest me….

  30. Hi Im taking my taking my toefl test on aug 2nd what could be the best time to take GRE for to get admission in Jan 2010!!

    please suggest me a date and if it less time please suggest me preferable books to reach good score!!

    • Hi Sailaja,

      As per taking GRE so as to get admitted in Spring2010 (Jan) you will have to check with the universities. Every university has its own final date for accepting the applications.

      But on an average for Fall10 as per my knowledge u should take GRE on or before 15th Sapt.

      I hope this may help u.

      • In the 2nd last sentence i have incorrectly written Fall10, instead of Spring10.

        Sorry for that

  31. Hi,

    I’ve completed B.E in 2008 and want to do MS in computer science with scholorship so is it ok to take GRE in August-09 for spring 2010 admissions

  32. hi,

    my dream is to study in us im doin my final year BE COMPUTER SCI ENGG i will finish my course apr/may 2010 but i feel i hav less time to prepare to write my gre exam this sep/oct to join fall intake im aiming o score high marks i feel i need time i thought i would go in spring intake it advicable? there scholarship in spring in take?

    3.when do u advice me to take ?

    4.what are the disadvantages in spring intake

  33. Hi there,

    I have completed my Engineereing and having a 2+ job experience.

    Right now I am in US on my H4, that is dependant visa.

    I am planning for Spring 2010!

    I just have started with my preperations and I am confirtable to give GRE in 3-4 months. That is August/Saptember 1st week!

    I haven't fixed the date yet!

    Will it be ok to appear GRE in Aug/Sapt 09 for Spring2010?

    If No, then suggest me a date, for Spring 2010!

    If Yes, when should I submitt applications to Universities? That is deadlines and all.

    • @Megha – Do you plan to attend school near the place you live? If so, check the school's website for admission deadline for domestic application.

      • Hye thanks for your reply!

        But if the area is not a concern, what will you suggest?

        Also can you suggest me a non technical, i mean managorial course for doing MS?

        I am having computers as engineering background!

        So something related to that?

  34. Hello sir/madam

    I am doing BE and currently in final sem with aggregate 70.3..

    I want to take admission in JAN 2010…so by what time i should give gre….

    And also i want scholarship….pls help me out…

    • Try to take GRE and TOELF by June 2009. Score above 1300 will increase your chances of getting Scholarship.

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