When To Take GRE?

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GRE Exam Score is mandatory if you are planning to get admission into good university in US. But, its will always be a tough decision to decide when to take GRE.

Before you decide to take GRE Exam, it takes lot of thinking and discussion with friends and family members, if you want to study in US.

Some students take GRE and then decide if they want to go to US and some students make up their mind they definitely want to go to US and prepare for it. But, ultimately you got to take GRE Exam.

When to Take GRE Exam

There are many factors that has to be taken into account before you can decide to register for GRE Test date. Education Testing Service (ETS) has made the GRE registration process very straight forward. So, GRE Test registration should be least of your concern.

  • How strong is your Analytical Ability
  • How good are you is your Verbal Skills
  • Did you take any practice GRE test to see how much you can score with your current skills
  • Do you want to study in US in Fall Semester ( Aug/Sep) right after completing Bachelors Degree (Apr to May)
  • Do you want to study after taking 1 semester break and attend Spring

After you decide on above factors, then based on that you can decide when to take GRE.

US University Deadlines

Basically, you have to reverse engineer the time frame after you know answers to above said factors. Fall semester starts  in August/September months. Schools in US have varying deadlines. Most of the students think all the Universities will have similar/same deadlines to send application package. But, that’s not true. There are 1000′s of Colleges and Universities in US. Every single college  have different deadlines. There is no single database to find the University deadlines. You have to spend long time browsing within college website to find the deadlines.

Some schools have deadline in Nov of previous year for Fall semester that starts in Aug of following year. Some schools accept applications till late May. So, it really depends on the university.

When to Take GRE to Attend Fall and Spring Semester

There will be two separate article with timeline that will help you decide. There s previosu article that explains about when to Take GRE, but in next 2 article, you can get more detailed information.

  • When to Take GRE Exam for Fall Semester
  • When to take GRE Exam for Spring Semester
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