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Following comment was posted at I’m Fascinated about Living in USA, but What About My Parents?


Do you really think all of those going to US are doing so for mere Money.

I know that after 5-8 u will be paid 3-4 Lacs per month in India.

But my personal reason to Choose US over India is not money but the real reason is I am treated as HUMAN BEING and not any number (I would use ‘dog on the road ‘here).

Who wants to live in a country where when u go out the home, you know if you met with an accident on the road – no one come to your aid, you will bleed to death on road and all people will do is surround you and see you die but no one will take you to hospital as they don’t want any police intervention in their life ?

Who wants to live in a country where you are just a number on the road and no security for your loved ones ?

Think of the accident scenario happening with your loved ones. Who wants to work in a country where you have to work on a project in the industry in which you have no interest, your interest in particular field is not entertained; for the same job you have there are thousands and thousands of person in line who are actually willing to work at a lower pay?

Why would the company bother about you?

Here people don’t wake up in the morning and go for job but they are exploited to hell.

In the end you say you are not able to stay with your family members, how many of us while working in IT company actually gets time to actually do so?

We work 10-12 hrs/day(bit optimistic here) and when we come home all we do is eat/sleep for the rest hour s.

Would you not like to be working in a country where you can come home at 5 pm each day ?

Take your family to club, movies or for some dinner/entertainment, give time to your spouse and your children, attend PTA and able to enjoy your life with your family.

Isn’t that what every one wants in the end ?

In India if you are working, forget about the family, we don’t even have time for ourself – we won’t have time to even ponder where our life is going and all we will remember is we have worked some X years.

When you become old not will be on your death bed, most of the working class people will think that if only We had given more time to Family?

NO one thinks if only I had worked 1 more hour on that project. Do you want to live in a country where any goonda/person comes and slap you and you won’t even go to the police from the fear what they will ask/do and what if the goonda/person comes to know ?

Leave all this – do you want to live country where all people talk about is Cricket and Movies, for they have no other topic?

You should know only around 15 countries play cricket and Movies are shit here with no story ( Same old love story stuff from 50s).

If you want your sons/daughters to grow up in this kind of society – you are very welcome.

Nobody wants to live in a country where you are not treated as HUMAN BEING but a resource which is to be utilized to the max.

In the office (exploitation of your mind for cheap pay), taxes and corruption (Govt. taking your money – but you don’t see what difference your payment of tax is making in the country), pay bribe to get a simple thing as Passport which in realty is your RIGHT.

You can easily see your Right being thrown in the gutter and all you can do is watch.

People exploit each other for they know there are no rules and laws that will stop them.

No body can sue you for the wrong you have done.

If you really want to want to Live in this country – there are only 2 professions – Civil Servants (You have some respect here – though not sure what future you kid have one you retire) and Politics (Only these people are safe).

In the end what I wanted to say that MONEY IS NOT even 5 % of the main reason.

I would really love to be in a country where you know that some one will come to look after you when you dial 911 irrespective of your social status – whether you are shit-cleaner or President.

This was my personal opinion, I know most will try to show patriotism here but deep down in their heart they also feel this way. MONEY IS NOT IN THE PICTURE.


Adding my thoughts to above Real Reasons.

About 12 months back,  my little kid was inside the car on driver’s seat. My wife left the keys in the back seat. without realizing the keys are inside, she closed the doors.

  • Minute 0 – Right after she closed the door, this kid hit the central lock.
  • Minute 3 to 4 – So, we called 911
  • Minute 4  – Started Hearing Sirens
  • Minute 5 – Fire Truck Arrived.
  • Minute 7  – Door unlocked
  • Minute 10 – We gave our kid to those firemen to take a photo.
  • Minute 11 – I asked them do we have to pay you? They aid nothing, you can drive home. No need to sign any papers or anything. Just drive.

My parents were visiting us and my dad said, if this were to happen in India, police will be standing by to get some money from us.

This is one small example of how people are treated with respect. It’s not the money, as the above poster said, its more than that.

Here is another experience of a person who called 911 – I called 911 for $4.50 Internet Fraud.

For those who haven’t been to USA, the view you have is only through the movies and TV programs.

You will realize the beauty of this country only when you experience and live it. One day I would have to move back to India, but when the day comes, I will try to spread the good things I have learned here to folks around.