Wrong Date of Birth in TOEFL Exam Data

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I am a regular reader of HSB from past 9 months and found your website immensely useful while preparing for GRE / TOEFL.

My problem is that the date of birth shown in my TOEFL account is wrong. When I created my TOEFL account I entered my DOB wrong. (instead of 11 Oct 88 I entered 10 Oct 88). I cannot change/edit it now.

I didnt notice it till my date of exam.

The examiner showed me my mistake but allowed me to appear for the exam. I scored 107 marks which is pretty good I guess. Now I am worried that later I may face problem while applying for college admission. Should I contact TOEFL officials or should I leave this matter here only.

I am concerned that if I contact TOEFL authorities they may delete/block my account and I will have to appear/ prepare again for TOEFL. I dont want to appear for the same exam again and again!  – Saurabh.

Wrong Date of Birth in TOEFL

  • Did they correct  your date of birth in TOEFL record at test center?

If  date of birth is not corrected, then you can contact ETS/TOEFL.

I believe you can fax them your copy of passport for ETS to edit your record. Post your comment  below after you follow-up with ETS customer service.


    1. This is not a solution. your coment is really useless. We should go for another. !!

  1. Hey saurabh, I had the same issue with my DOB in the toefl score card. I had contacted the ets and toefl authories , and got it corrected. The procedure is simple , just call toefl USA , then mention them about this problem.They will give you a complaint number plus their fax number. Fax them a letter mentioning a change of date of birth and also fax them your passport copy. The problem will be sorted in few days.
    The real problem is even if you get all this done , their system has some kind of error that prevents the wrong date of birth to be corrected in score card, though it gets corrected in your toefl account.
    The bottom line is give your toefl again and this time write the correct date of birth.

  2. Hey there, i faced the similar problem but in GRE. My date of birth is 29 dec. By mistake while filling the form i entered 26 dec. Though the official at my center allowed me to give me exam he also told me to email ets about the correction in date of birth. I emailed them my problem. They replied me after 10 days that i have to send proof and they provided me their fax no. I sent them the fax and also sent them the notification about that. After 10 days they said that they havent received my documents and must wait for another 15 days. After 15 days i sent them an email that the wrong date of birth still persists, they said that i have to start the process again. Ever after 2 months of struggle i didnt get any correction in my date of birth.

  3. I did not had my passport when i reached toefl center. Still they allowed me to appear for the exam, scince confirmation letter from ETS did not have such point. but now i am worried if they cancel my score. please let me know if they can cancel the score later once examination is done…

  4. please give me a solution i have same problem as saurab i contacted ets and followed all the procedures they said and yet my dob is not changed my toefl date is approaching please give me solution

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