This is How I Convinced My Reluctant Dad to Study in USA – Yamuna Lagadapati

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I sat down with Yamuna Sri Lagadapati from University of  Texas at Tyler. We had an honest and open conversation about her experience. As you watch the video, you can see why her dad wasn’t ready to send her to Study in USA. Yamuna, then convinced her dad and what happened since then.

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Here is a summary of the topics discussed in the interview

  • Why University of Texas at Tyler
  • First semester experience
  • Typical student’s schedule
  • Why I wanted to study in USA after 2 years work experience in India
  • Dad’s opposition for my higher studies in USA
  • How I convinced my dad to let me study abroad
  • This is my dad’s current reaction
  • Teaching Assistant Experience : Taking under grad courses for online students.
  • Research work
  • Visa Interview Prep tips
  • My 15 seconds F1 Visa interview experience
  • Campus safety
  • Cyber Security Conference ( 3rd place)
  • Fun Side : Black Friday Shopping
  • Cost of Living (very cheap)

What do you think about this interview?  DOn’t you agree that her dad made the right decision to send her to study in USA.

Not many school provide an opportunity to let a Master’s Degree student teach Under Grad Students. But, that’s the kind of opportunity awaits you at University of Texas t Tyler.

Do you have any questions for Yamuna? If you don’t have questions, you can say “Thanks” to her if you  found this interview helpful.









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