Why 1 Year MBA in Europe is Better Than 2 Year MBA in USA?

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European MBA programs are typically 1 year program, whereas American MBA degree is 2 years.

In recent years, American B-Schools are experimenting 1 year programs to compete with their European Counterparts.

In the recent interview with Wall Street Journal, Frank Brown, Dean of INSEAD  talks about Advantages of Accelerated MBA programs in Europe.

Here is a quick summary of the above interview

1 Year MBA Programs

  • Saves Money
  • Less Time out of job market
  • Intensity of the Program (10 months), 6 days a week in school
  • Accelerated – US Schools Experimenting with shorter programs
  • 90% International Students are high % in Europe Schools.
  • Move between campus and spend 2 months in Wharton (with INSEAD MBA program).

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  1. In USA we get 29 months OPT which will help us recover the costs incurred (tuition/fees). In europe rules are not clear, they do not allow us to stay after completion of course.

    1. 29 months of OPT only for STEM students and not for everybody.

      Europe rules are mostly cleared and it is depend on in which country you have studied your course. As per new rules, majority EU countries now have Blues Card policy where student can apply with local degree & job offer without any more documents. Blue Card is initially for 3 years and is extendable. You can call your dependent family and can move to any EU country after 1 yr for better job.

      If your agent or you are not knowing the facts about EU, you should search for the answers.



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