10 Social Media Sites for Job Search

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In the current job market in economic recession, finding employment takes a lot of effort and luck. But utilizing the power of networking can make job search much easier.

Building your network only when you’re conducting job search will be less effective. You have to be adding more professionals to your network every day prior to actual job search.

Social media sites help a lot in building relationships and finding new contacts. I recently came across a very detailed article that explains how to use social media sites to find you a job.

If you are actively looking for work, then you should have realized by now how tough the job market is. There are very few openings available, and far higher number of people is applying for the same position.

Because of these, getting your resumé directly to the hiring manager will increase your chances of getting an interview call.

Applying directly through companies’ career page will not give the desired results and it’s a time consuming process, too.

If you are in H-1B status or OPT, then there is not much time left and you are going to be out of status within a few days or 90 days for OPT.

Social Media Sites for Job Search

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most powerful tool of all available social media sites in terms of job search, but Twitter is developing at a faster rate.

Using Twitter, you can talk directly to hiring managers. As of now, there are 8 social media sites that will help you to find jobs in this difficult economy.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Plaxo with Simply Hired
  3. Twitter with blog or LinkedIn URL
  4. Jobster
  5. Facebook
  6. Craigslist
  7. MyWorkster with Indeed
  8. VisualCV
  9. JobFox
  10. Ecademy

So why are you still waiting? Head on straight to the Top 10 Social Media Sites for Job Search.

Merely creating accounts in all the above sites will not get you even close to finding a job. You must have a good plan on how to use all the above sites.

Dedicate a few hours to each site every week. Find out how to use the sites and utilize the power that each site has to complement to your current job search methods. Good luck!


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