10 Steps to a Great Statement of Purpose

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You can write a great statement of purpose by following these 10 simple steps

  1. Find your strengths and weakness
  2. Write down your list of strengths
  3. Write what you have accomplished using your strengths
  4. How will you use your strengths in education
  5. Determine the relationship between your strong points
  6. Describe your accomplishments using real life examples in short paragraphs
  7. Edit and re-edit your essay to remove unnecessary words
  8. Your SOP should have an Introduction that creates curiosity
  9. Write a Body that conveys the message with examples
  10. Ending with a few sentences to explain the meaning of the events and incidents you’ve described.


  1. Hello all…please suggest me a nice introduction which would be suitable for an application for Phd. I have done my Masters in Dietetics.

  2. Dear,

    Can you please help me to write a motivational statement for MSc. programme in Food Science.

  3. Will any presentation of paper in an international conference and publication 0f paper in an international journal increase the chance of admissions

  4. beloved HSB
    what a deep thinking article,
    if the student community can just follow the suggestions that abide in success will lead them to a better future, in education and as well as living, orderly,
    way of life
    a better world to love and live
    thank you for your ceaseless effort
    in educating one and all who cares comes to this blog
    once again warm greetings
    with thanks and immense gratitude

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