12 Things Students Should Do To be Highly Successful

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There is an interesting article in news world this week – 12 Things Killer Employees Do Before Noon.

  1. They make a work to-do list the day before.
  2. They get a full night’s rest.
  3. They avoid hitting snooze
  4. They exercise
  5. They practice a morning ritual
  6. They eat breakfast.
  7. They arrive at the office on time.
  8. They check in with their boss and/or employees
  9. They tackle the big projects first
  10. They avoid morning meetings.
  11. They allot time for following up on messages.
  12. They take a mid-morning break.

Here is modified list for students who needs to follow severl of the things from above list to be successful.

How would you modify the 12 things to fit your needs to be highly successful?

Here is a modified list for students.

  1. Plan what to study the previous day
  2. Get a full night’s rest.
  3. Avoid hitting snooze on your Alarm clock.
  4. Exercise or Play games to get that work out.
  5. Practice a morning ritual (like yoga, meditation, )
  6. Eat breakfast. (College students tend to skip breakfast)
  7. Arrive at the school, meetings, events on time.
  8. Be your own boss.  Seek opinions, but be the decider.
  9. Tackle the big projects first ( Study tough chapters first)
  10. Avoid distraction when productive
  11. Don’t vanish, if someone is waiting on you.
  12. Don’t slog just before exams.

Do you have more tips to add?

Update 1

  1. Avoid getting drunk the night before exams.
  2. Stay off the games and computer when you need to be studying… In fact stay off of them most of the time, since if you’re not studying, you should be networking, volunteering, and getting active in your community

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  1. When you learn something understand every bit of it..It’s really sad to see many people not doing that.Anyways we are going to learn it for exams ,Just that little effort to fully understand the concept can bring inside you the confidence and happiness more than what is reciprocated by good marks

  2. Hi. Please do a review of the above comment. I wrote it using iPod. Thanks

  3. Hood tips, but I’ll add 3 points to it. IMO only

    1. Do a review of the day before planning your time for the next day. All the left tasks if today(if there are some tasks left) should be distributed into other days as well tried to be completed with 3 days of the original plan. Students should stick to a plan and allow buffer of no more than 3 days only. That too for easy tasks.
    2. Get motivated everyday. I get motivated by watching my MIT wallpaper at office and at home and get to the most productive time. One can get motivated by anything. Like watching “the beautiful mind” or “any given Sunday” or listening to a Mozart tune or even by reading a great quote. But keep reminding your self about your dream and keep getting excited about it by sharing your dreams with your close ones ( only very close people )
    3. Try writing a weekly focus task sheet (something which I love to do). I use Sundays for analysing my last week and a high level planning for next week. Not only study but in general applied to everything in life.

    Happy Learning 🙂

  4. It depends on the situation whether its committed or complicated 🙂
    btw I mean spend time judiciously without effecting any studies.

  5. All the above points are superb. Just want add one more point that if u have gf/bf try to manage your time well.

  6. I completely agree. All the points are valid and though they seem simple, they help in achieving great outcomes.

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