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3 Weeks to GRE Test and Still Searching for Verbal Words

Aditi Sharma GRE 1 Comment

With just three weeks to GRE, I continue to search for more and more words.

Being an engineering graduate, I am quite confident about the quants part of the exam.

The main thing that worries me is the verbal section which needs a very extensive vocabulary. I have been going through Editorial section of various newspapers in the hunt of new words. I know just going through the 3,400 word list would do good, but I am not a big fan of mugging up something.

The real meaning of a word can only be understood in the context and what is better than reading for that case. I had initially planned to study for nearly 2 hours in a day, but considering the busy schedule, I was not really able to keep that up.

3 Weeks to GRE

So, I tried to study mainly in the weekends and a good read for 2 hours should do good. My first priority is to complete the Word Power Made Easy which is immensely helpful to build the vocabulary and I am planning to complete it before 2 weeks of my exam.

In the week before the exam, I am planning to go through the root words for one last time and planning to take a couple of practice tests. All the study before the exam would become useless if there was no exam practice. The biggest challenge in the GRE is going to be the straight 4 hours of silence.

I would have to get used to it at least once before the exam, so that I don’t fall asleep during those crucial four hours. I have not yet received the official power prep material and once I get it, I am planning to take the same practice test for twice or so.

I have heard from my friends that the practice exams are the one that get your mind straight and let you concentrate during the main exam. So hoping for the best of weeks ahead, I am signing off.


Tips to attack the last 3 weeks to GRE

  • Practice Quants (unless you consistently get 168 to 170 in practice test)
  • You are not going to improve your vocabulary in 3 weeks that you haven’t done all your life. Stop wasting time in memorizing words now.
  • Spend time improving your reading comprehension
  • Take Powerprep atleast 4 to 5 times.
  • Don’t need to wait for the CD to arrive in mail. Download it from ETS/GRE site.

Remember what Ashish said at Simple Approach for GRE Prep

Let us first discuss about the GRE Math Section.

This one should be easy, for anyone from an engineering background.

But then, I am not talking about scoring 165-ish on the Math section.

You must be aiming for a 170 on 170. Even 169 should be a disappointment.

Why? Simply because, you have no reason to lose marks here!

By now you should have completed several practice tests. If not no worries, starting taking one GRE test for next 3 weeks.


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