US Flight Baggage Allowance (2x 23Kgs)

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Update this page with latest Check-in Baggage information for Travel to USA from India.

I happened to find from on of the groups that Cathy Pacific / Singapore airlines flights to U.S is still allowing 32 kgs per bag. Its good thing.

Most of the airlines wont allow more than 23 kgs per bag. I will find what other airlines are still allowing 32 kgs.

If you wonder why they reduced to 23 kgs? Its simple..less weight… less fuel consumption. With oil per barrel is around $77 if they want to maintain lower cost per ticket with increasing fuel cost, only way is to reduce the baggage weight allowance.

In Lufthansa, if you have to carry 32 kgs instead of 23kgs, you will have to pay Rs2,500. Make sure you check with Airline about baggage allowance. Here list of items to pack for USA

Update on Baggage Allowance

Updated on Oct/2010

  • These days very few airlines allow 32 kgs per bag.
  • Some US based airlines will charge baggs check-in fees
  • Some US based airlines allow one free bag (for check-in)
  • 23 kgs/50 lbs per bag for check-in
  • Plan your expense based on this additional baggage fees
  • Jet Airways doesn’t charge baggage check-in fees (2x 23kg bags)


  1. how much weight does lufthansa allow these days? is 2×23 equal to total of 46kg or is it 2 bags combined total of 23kg??


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