Complex Job Search Process in 5 Simple Steps

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Does your job search process look like browsing movies in Netflix?

I was browsing Netflix using Wii for a comedy movie. Always I end up watching a completely different movie in different category. Usually end up picking the movie recommend by Netflix.

But for job search, do you know what kind of job you want and which company? If you don’t have a target job type and company, you will end up searching in random and wasting time.

Like Netflix recommendations, you have to come up with list of preferred companies and positions that fits your profile.

5 Keys for Job Search

Consider three of the key job search items

  1. Identify your target companies
  2. Identify target job roles
  3. Build connections in those companies (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  4. Then find the hiring manager and HR contact for that position.
  5. Ask your connection to print and hand over the resume to hiring manager.

If you follow the above process, chances of  getting interview call increases. Then its your talent and skills that will get you the job.


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