Ignore These 7 F1 Visa Interview Tips at Your Own Risk

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Following post was shared by Bolanle.

F1 Visa Interview Tips from Bolanle is short must read.

I was interviewed today at the U.S Embassy here in Nigeria and I got my visa.

Getting there early as possible matters a whole lot as it eases of a little nervousness,i went through series of security check and i finally got into the main interview room.

I met a whole lot of people but i decided not to be nervous course i might end up being denied. My number was called and i went to meet the consular and gave him a warm hearty smile and greeted him, he responded back too.

He asked questions on why i wanted to study in the U.S and what strong tie i had with my home country.

I gave him good answers and all he said was “GREAT” and he checked my bank statement and told me to come back for my visa…i was swell happy.

Tips you should know;

  1. Try to be calm when answering questions.
  2. Always put on a smile and maintain eye contact when the V.O asks and expects you to answer questions.
  3. Never argue with the V.O or show you know more than they do,make your answers brief and simple.
  4. Make the interview an interactive session.
  5. Know full details about the school/schools you applying to.
  6. Before submitting your DS-160,make sure you know full details of what you filled in.
  7. And lastly start and back all you do with prayers for a happy ending.

All the best and a very big thank you to H.S.B!

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  1. Yes, Happyschool is the best, I consulted the website for every step towards my admission. I am happy, thankful to GOD and the blog for making my dream come through.

  2. Hi bolanle, congratulation am very happy for you. am also from nigeria. can you pls tell me the questions the VO ask you and ur ans pls it will realli help me alot. i also ave interview nxt month. PLS GET BACK TO ME ASAP

    1. The V.O actually asked me 20questions in all……..some are;;;why u.s-i told him that my parents has always had the plans for me to study abroad right from a very tender age so as to have an edge over my mates here in a Nigerian University as there are advancement in research and technology about my course in the U.S.He also asked me to explain about my course which i did.He asked of my bank statement and sevis fee.He asked what questions came out on my maths section-i replied arithmetic,algebra and geometry.

  3. Hi H.S.B & Readers of H.S.B. . !!

    I am pursuing my Bachelors Degree(Finished 3rd yr) in Computer Science with a current aggregate of 72 %. My % of S.S.C & intermediate are 85.5% and 75.4%. I’m looking forward to pursue my Masters in USA after the completion of my Bachelors Degree.
    I am planning to start my Masters in Fall 2013. I kindly request you to suggest the right time to appear for the GRE and TOEFL tests so that i can get myself into TOP universities like Carnegie Mellon University, University of Texas Austin, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, UCLA, UCSD , . . etc. I also urge you to tell me if i am very ambitious in the university selection and if i don’t have a profile suited to those universities at all.

    Thank you for your valuable suggestions in advance. 🙂

  4. congrats! Thank God for u, pls which of the states, which school did u apply to and pls can u really give in details your questions and answers it will really help out pls.

    1. Hi, please can you help me with d list of schools with low tuition fee in the united state. Schools that require a minimum bank statement for their entry

    2. Am not sure about that.why not contact the universities section of H.S.B

  5. Bolanle, am also from Nigeria, and am going to US for Ms in Biotechnology. What evidence of ties to your home country did you present, cos I don’t know what to present. Thanks

    1. I told the V.O about mt mum’s privately owned hospital that am coming to take over it after graduation.

      1. Congrats Bolanle! Welldone and Thank God. I also got an F1 visa today to study Biomedical Engineering(Bachelor) at Louisiana Tech University,Ruston. Its really fantastic to know that a fellow Nigerian is also going there too. I’ll like us to get in touch,it could be via facebook,twitter,email…anything.I’ll be expecting your reply.Anyother students going to Louisiana Tech?.Goodluck to all who are yet to do their interviews. Trust in God and he will go with you.

  6. Finally! Nigerians are commenting. I love this blog so much. It has helped me a lot. Congratulations Bolanle, am happy for you. Please can you reply Ade’s question “What evidence of ties to your home country did you present?” My interview is in August I would like to prepare all my documents in time. Thank you.
    Thanks HSB!

  7. Congrats…….and Thank God.
    I also have interview for my F1 on July 18 in Lagos. I also pray to have a ease interview as yours and get it granted by d special grace of God.
    Once again Congratulations.
    Can you please indicate the kind of program you applied for, if your program is Associate Degree or Bachelor or Master .

      1. o.k thats good………….yu can please inbox me to get intouch .

  8. Hi Bolanle,

    Congrats, God is good. I am in Ghana and I am also preparing for my interview

  9. One thing left is that …..we also need Nigerians to share there Visa interview Experience here not just geting peoples experiences..even if rejected some more people can learn from your own mistakes and tighten up….just like Bolanle did.though she was issued, i dont think she is up for response after sharing that experience. ..so we can make it a universal thing and not just people from indian doing it all….Thank you!

  10. Actually i was asked 20 questions in all.they were about my purpose to the U.S,how i got to know about my school,what work my sponsor does,what plans i have after graduation,the resumption date of my school and the rest that i can’t remember for now.I actually applied to 4 schools and gained admission to three but my school of first choice is Louisiana Tech University Ruston,Louisiana……..its one of the 35 most comprehensive research universities in the U.S and also a tier 1 national university.

  11. Congrats Bolanle,
    I have been trying to post my Interview experience on the blog but if i submit i dont get reply.dont know ow,maybe u sud explain to me.thanks

  12. Hi Bolanle,I also gained admission to study in Louisiana Tech University,Ruston.I’m a Nigerian too.Please,how did you show or say to prove that you’re coming back to the country after studying.

  13. hi ade, congrats on your admission . Im a nigerian also, i graduated with a GP of 3.65 in microbiology in 2006, pls, i want to go for my masters in biotechnology. What school,did you apply to,Please does your school require TOEFL,GRE score. And what school do u recomend.. I count on you.expect a reply ASAP.

  14. Hi all, I had my f1 visa interview in lagos on the 8th, i must say the truth..i got it bu God’s favour because even people thet were more prepared were refused, God just went before me, The VO didnt ask me alot of questions..just whch skul? why the skul? what i’v i been doing since my bsc, whos sponsoring me and stat of acc..and to think dt i didnt do gre nor toefl…mehn twas jus God nd i know He will grant me favour all thru…in us…Thank you Jesus!!!!

    1. ya am Ethiopian and am preparing for my M-1 visa interview to study commercial pilot training in USA.my interview is on tomorrow and i need u to share me some of ur experience.

  15. Congrats! My fellow naija people.Make una check nairaland-dot-com. Just type in us student visa enquires and see testimonies about experiences in Lagos and Abuja. No dey dull!

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  17. Please how do I prepare for f1 visa;
    a) is it advisable to say my hubby is a green cardholder in my application? He is based in US… Came for our wedding in April this year but went back.

    b) if I have all the required documents from my place of work, will the VO approve my visa?

    I graduated 2005 ( elect/elect eng) with 8 years working experience.

    I have been given admission to study computer science and information system.

    Please Bolanle or any other person should put me through…..

  18. Your Comment *please am applying for my student visa interview on January, and am going for political science in city university of New York. what should i say to be my strong tie here in Nigeria and it’s my auny that’s sponsoring me, should i tell them it’s my aunt or parents as i will provide the statement of account?? thanks

    1. Author

      They will have to make sure why your Aunt is sponsoring and you don’t intend to be potential immigrant. So, have strong answers.

  19. I have completed my b.pharmacy in my bachelors degree…then I took mba in masters so which is effect on visa issue&athetoid ask previous time my visa interview asked49-12 but I didn’t answer at that time..&one I apply ahain in this time also they ask related to maths questions

  20. am going to the states an associate level student. Wht if the consular ask why nt bachelor instead of associate. what should my response be. because a friend said because he’s father ask him to start as an associate but he denied of visa because of that
    response. I need Ur answer please…

  21. Went for my F-1 student visa interview today, and it was Awesome. God’s favour was with me cause I was given my without delay, and with few questions asked.

    1. Ose, whould you like to share some tips about the question you were asked? We would love to hear them thanks.

  22. I’ll be going for my interview next week, what are some of the common questions for f1 visa interview?

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